Blogworld Expo 2009 – The Video Cameras

By now, you’ve figured out that I took a lot of videos while at Blogworld Expo. However, I wasn’t the only person doing it. You can really see the rise of video by the number of attendees using camcorders, Flip videos, iPod/iPhone and digital cameras to record the event.

With the cost of video hardware going down and video sharing sites like Vimeo offering HD embedding, high definition video blogging has become a cost effective reality for millions of bloggers. My own video blogging setup is based around the Canon VIXIA HF S100 with a WD-H58 wide angle converters, DM100 mic and Manfrotto 785B tripod.

The following video features two really cool video blogging setups that I found while wondering the show floor. The first setup cost less than what I was running. The second setup makes mine look like a Flip Mino.

25 thoughts on “Blogworld Expo 2009 – The Video Cameras”

  1. Josten says:

    wow those cameras are unbelievable

    1. You aren’t kidding, those a some serious machines just to shoot simple web video.

    2. Wp templates says:

      Look at those cameras, they must be pro. I am sure I could not handle the second one.

      1. Now days, the cameras are so good, the do a ton of the work for you. It is easy to pick up the more advanced settings quickly if you just play with it.

  2. I am sure John that will be in your next shopping list. $4000 is not a big money for you but I think you spend money on the base of use as well.

    1. This makes me think of John’s Guns or Butter post from a long time back. Having really advanced technology can be cool, but if it isn’t helping make money, is it worth getting?

      Is it an asset or is it a liability?

  3. Lots of nice cameras to use with an affiliate link.

  4. Nice bunch of camera’s. There’s alot of HD camera’s available right now, also very cheap ones.

    1. EarningStep says:

      yeah me to.. it’s nothing if compare with above one…lol

  5. Remco says:

    Love the fact you interviewed the two Dutch guys with their own nifty set-up. You can actually go even cheaper. We run the new Kodak Zi8 camera which has audio in with either a $80 external wireless mic or a $20 wired mic. Add a Gorillapod tripod to it and you have a nice stable outfit that does 1080p video with very good sound. It will set you back between $230 and $290. Not bad!

  6. says:

    Just two of cameras shown? You have written in the post that you shot many… make a good big video of your journey to blogworld expo – so that in weekend all could view…

    😉 Nice idea… isn’t it

    1. Yes John,

      We always look for more and more videos from you John.

      Whenever I see videos on your post. I open in new tab and click to download full and after that see in full screen.

      Quality of your video is much better than other blogger. Any secret reason ? 🙂

  7. Greg Ellison says:

    Those some good setups. Greg Ellison

  8. That camera is amazing!!! What I would give to get a hold of that thing.

  9. They seem like huge overkill for the application, but I guess the same can be said of PCs nowadays.

  10. Tim Jones says:

    Thanks, John. I was wondering what kind of tripod that was that I filmed your session with. Very cool and easy to use!

  11. That’s some crazy gear! Amazing how far we’ve come with cameras these days.

    I have more pictures and videos of my son in the last month than I did for my entire childhood!

    1. You did yourself for your childhood or your parents did.

      In old days we had to shoot through those reels. So that involve three steps. Buying reels, shooting and than printout.

      But today just have and start shooting, attach to laptop and see every photos.

      So technology makes it simple.

      1. I think that was some of his point is that it was harder for his parents to take pictures and videos.

        It is so much easier to work with the new digital technology that doesn’t require film and is far less fragile.

  12. The days of studios and professional gear are fast fading away. Thank goodness for this. Whilst the written word is powerful, video takes blogging to the next level. Most people prefer to be spoonfed, rather than reading themselves, so video is definitely the way forward. With video technology becoming more and more accessible I feel we’re only seeing the bewginning of this trend, with loads more to come.

  13. fas says:

    That is some piece of equipment, lots of $$$$$ spend.

  14. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Wow the 2nd video cam looks cool! But don’t worry John, as long as your shooting and editing skill is good, then nothing more you need to worry about. 🙂

    1. Yeah, a setup like that second one is definitely only for a niche market. I can’t imagine more than 1 in 1000+ who could get more use/value from the second setup compared to the first. You really have to know what you’re doing to make it worth the upgrade (and sometimes knowing what you are doing means knowing you don’t need the upgrade).

  15. I’ve got a similar mic setup as the Sennheiser system the first guy showed. It works really good.

  16. Looks like the Canon 5D Mark II to me, a bit of an overkill if you only need it to make videos for your blog, but an excellent DSLR for still photography, certainly on my shopping list! SY

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