BlogWorld Expo Vs BookExpo America – The Book Vs. The Blog

The BlogWorld Expo New York is held at the same time and location as the BookExpo America show. If you’re a Web 2.0 guy like me, then you might wondered why BWE would need to colocate with BEA. After all, isn’t the book dead?

One of the exhibitors at BlogWorld was Wiley. They’re the publisher of those “Dummies” books that many people buy but never read. The Wiley booth had only a sign and a table. Finding a rep at the Wiley booth was a big hit or miss. Most of the time the booth was empty, and today, we found the booth completely abandon. This allowed Syed and I to take over the Wiley booth to make the following video.

We were feeling pretty smug with ourselves and decided to check out the BookExpo America show floor to see how dead it was. What we saw gave us a rude awakening.

The Book Is Not Dead

BlogWorld Expo and BookExpo are both held at the Javits Center, which overs over 675,000 square feet of display space divided among multiple halls and floors. This is the floor plan for the BlogWorld Expo.

Barely 50 exhibitors had booths at BlogWorld New York. Wiley was booth 308, a double sized booth. This is the floor plan of the BookExpo America.

Any preconceived notion on our part that the book was dead was destroyed when we got into the BEA show floor. It was MASSIVE! The 2011 BEA attracted over 2,000 exhibitors and nearly 30,000 attendees. To put things into perspective, the BEA had more exhibitors than BlogWorld had attendees!

So the book is not dead. In fact, it looks alive and kicking. Will BlogWorld ever get to the size of BookExpo America? No one can say for sure. However, I’ve seen trade shows much bigger than the BEA go from hero to zero in only a few years (COMDEX). The BlogWorld West shows have been doubling in size every year and I expect the East shows to do the same. I hope to be around when BWE finally overtakes BEA.

If you want to win one of those Wiley books, you’ll have to check with WP Beginner. I gave all my books to him. The book may not be dead, but it’s still too damn heavy to carry around!

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  1. With the Kindle, iPad and all these tablets coming in, I also thought of the same thing. But now on my vacation, I realized nothing still beats the feeling of lying down and flippin’ good ol’ paper pages πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes that’s what I wanted to say … Though its quite easy to carry your thousands of books in one thin metal box … Ipad.

      1. Thousands of books, who reads thousands of books?

        1. Collection of thousands of books … Many people have their own library and in that they do have thousands of books.

          Book lover simply do not mind to have such number of collection.

        2. Kevin Kimes says:

          I know a few people who have read thousands of books. Some people can read a full novel in a few days. 100 books/year for 20 years is 2000 books πŸ™‚

          Regarding the digital book formats, those are still books πŸ™‚ I’d say that the “book industry” has adapted well to technology, and though they may look and feel different, they’re not going anywhere.

          As for me, I don’t really like books much. I suppose I like reference and how-to books though, and those are still books. Just not the kind you read all the way through. πŸ™‚

        3. adriansabah says:

          Well, let’s see, I’ve probably read thousands of books on all genre so far. On my own bookshelves there are hundreds of books. Nothing beats having a good book in your hands.

          I find that holding a book in my hands helps me focus on the big idea, and starts the brain turning on how to get there.

    2. PPC Ian says:

      Agreed, I would have guessed the same. But, it does make sense in that people want paper pages. Also, books can be really for educational references, especially computer programming. Its helpful to be able to bookmark, highlight, and take notes.

    3. The book will never die. Nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea and my favorite chocolate chip cookies and reading a book.

      1. Yes agree with you but in past few years paper book is down and when the price of these gadgets (ipad and kindle) will go down more we will be able to see the impact on the sell of paper book as well.

        Still many school started tech based lesson instead of paper book and all.

  2. Jeffrey Kang says:

    Large gatherings usually start out with the same evolution as most “new” expos. It needs some women dressed in scantily clad semi ho mini shorts and 60% cleavage tops. Don’t tell me I’m wrong.

    1. @ jeffery

      I am sure you know how to throw a successful party and event.

  3. Naija Gist says:

    Nope. You are extremely right.

  4. Era of blog world started before 4 or 5 years but books are coming from thousands years and still many people like to read on paper and that’s why ipad and kindle become so popular.

    1. If many people like to read on paper, how does that relate to the iPad and Kindle becoming popular?

      1. @ Penny

        because we love to try our hand on new things. But there is no doubt that in coming days paper book will be less popular … Like because of mobile phone landline phone.

      2. Kevin Kimes says:

        I agree with your puzzled response.

        But, in the case of the Kindle, it’s actually got a look and feel quite similar to paper, at least among digital technologies. Not sure about the newest ones, though. It even keeps what’s on the screen when powered off.

  5. Wow John you are looking so handsome….that is the floor plan for the BlogWorld Expo.

  6. Of course i want a book and it looks alive and kicking.

  7. Steve-O says:

    The paper book is dead. In 2011 Amazon have said “Amazon ebooks now outselling physical books”

    The book is dead, long live the e-book.

    1. If amazon is saying that we have full reason to believe on it because they have data on the base of which they are stating this.

      I would love to check the Url where they have mentioned this. Do you have that resource link ?

    2. Kevin Kimes says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s dead. It’s got a ways to go yet. You can’t have a physical library full of kindles.

      I want my office in my next home to have a library wall, and perhaps one wall of the formal living room as well. Can’t fill shelves with bytes and bits.

  8. exsuit says:

    John – when are you going to hold the Wiley book give-away contest on your blog….sponsored by the Wiley abandoned booth!

    1. When he will have the sponsore because I have doubts that wiley is going to sponsore any such give away.

  9. fazal mayar says:

    people still reads books? just kidding with the current technology its hard to sit a few minutes reading a books we are too hooked on our laptops and gadgets

    1. Yeah people still read paper books … I am also one of them.

    2. Kevin Kimes says:

      Younger generations are reading fewer and fewer books, but there are still many kids who enjoy them. My young brother’s girlfriend is a literature major, for example. There is still hope yet! πŸ™‚

  10. Brock says:

    haha….a “book book”.

    Books are definitely on their way out. With the new push for the ipad and kindle, there are so many alternatives to paper. We are moving in to the paperless world.
    People must start jumping on the bandwagon or get left behind πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah once these gadgets will become more cheaper than you will be able to see the real impact.

      Sally’s fluency is an example of it that in coming years child will enjoy and learn more faster through ipad and similar gadgets.

  11. I used to be a huge book reader. It’s been a while since I had sat down and read one. I like audio programs because you can do something physical like cutting the grass or exercise and get valuable information at the same time.

    1. Valid point … These technology is also helping us to save our time and all.

    2. Kevin Kimes says:

      I can’t really do audio books, because my mind wanders while listening, and I have to keep rewinding.

      Well, I suppose I even do that with printed and digital books as well, heheh.

  12. flash game says:

    i think ebooks are way better than the traditional books.thanks for the post

    1. fazal mayar says:

      yes but some people still read books. Schools dont use kindles and ipads. πŸ™‚

      1. Make Money says:

        I hate real books….give it to me on a screen and i will be much happier…

        1. Kevin Kimes says:

          Even before I ever had a computer, I disliked the physical aspect of reading. Neck would always get sore, arm would get tired, etc.

    2. Yeah quite agree but still I love the charm of reading books on my couch or on my terrace …

  13. fas says:

    You guys should have shown picture of the book rush.

    1. Yes a video of that would have been nice …

  14. Rick Calvert says:

    great post John! You said it very well and pointed out exactly why we were so excited to be co-located with Book Expo America. Traditional media and new media are on a direct collision course. To their credit BEA recognizes that too and that is exactly why they asked us to join them.

    I actually bought a huge biography on George Washington at the airport on the way to BlogWorld. I love books, but I sure wish I could have bought an e-book version of it for the road and had the hard copy shipped to my house in a single purchase (. Chris Brogan and me were talking about this at the show and he added you should be able to get the audio book at the same time as well. I don’t think that future is too far away.

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      Very interesting that they actually requested your presence there. I think the “collision” here will end up being more of a merger in the end. πŸ™‚

      I agree, I think buying a physical book should give you the digital copy for no extra charge. I bet this will start happening before long, to encourage more physical book sales.

  15. Dave Starr says:

    For years before I left my “dirt-world” job I was tasked with trade show after trade show, year after year. So I haven’t been to one in ages, ever since I stopped “working for the man”.

    I have heard “power-blogger” after “IM–guru_, after “Online-guitar-hero” tout these shows for bloggers and info marketers … I was always thinking along the lines that they were like the trade shows I used to attend in attendance and importance

    One big name IM’er makes a tidy piece of change every year running his own very expensive dirt-based trade show/fan convention (it’s amazing in the dirt-world how many small businesses attend these show where the show organizers make way, way more money than the attendees. Kind of like the guy selling the shovels making more money than the gold miners).

    I guess I should have been asking more specific questions over the years about how much business these “Blog World’s” and such were really doing. Sounds to me as if they have a lot more ‘bark’ than ‘byte’. (But hey, tax deductible, after all ;-))

  16. Deb Ng says:

    I love books, but they don’t work for me. My house is too small for all the book clutter and I don’t enjoy carrying heavy books on a flight, etc. My Kindle and iPad (and even the Kindle app on my Droid) help to keep the clutter and dust at bay, which are kind of saving my marriage, and I can load all the books I need without my bag getting too heavy. Win win.

  17. They both have the advantages and disadvantages, all you have to do is to chose what works for your needs best. But I must say the wider your references the more you can learn.

  18. Stan Dubin says:

    I once exhibited at Book Expo America. It was in Chicago, maybe 8-10 years ago. I had one of those tiny booths, way off to the side where folks might come and visit. I had two of my self-published books with me and I was all excited about getting them displayed, making connections, that kind of thing.

    And I did make connections and it was a thrill to be a part of it. But what I really remember from BEA was the utter massiveness of the book selling world. My fondest recalls were of walking from one side to the other and just seeing the immense activity and interest in books, books, books.

    I am not in the slightest surprised that it’s still a massive scene, perhaps considerably more than what it was 8-10 years.

    is the printed book on a potential dwindling spiral in terms of sales? Will more and more “readers” and “nooks and pads” displace them eventually? I honestly don’t think so. The number of books that major publishers will take on will dwindle (and probably has already) but self-publishers are growing by the minute and a healthy number of them are breaking through.

    Call me a romantic, but I just believe there’s too much history and joy associated with reading the printed book for it disappear any time soon.

  19. choosing the book is the important,we should not see the size of the books

  20. Forex News says:

    The paper book is dead. In 2011 Amazon have said β€œAmazon ebooks now outselling physical books”

    The book is dead, long live the e-book.

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