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BMW Designworks 787 – If I Were A Billionaire

written by John Chow on April 27, 2007



You have to hand it to those guys at BMW Designworks. They come up some of the coolest toys in the world. A separate entity from the car side of BMW, Designworks has had their hands in the design of tons of cool toys for boys; from cellphones to John Deere tractors (everyone needs one of those).

For their latest brain storming session, Designworks thought it would be cool to create a custom interior for the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. BWM Designworks pictured the jet as a cross between a James Bond Villain and a super successful Gen-Xer. As you can see from the following photos, the interior is ultra modern and befitting the DesignWorks look. The bar has a glass floor so you can look down and see your car (a BMW of course). The theater uses a wall of the 787 for the screen.

The interior was created by Designworks to showcase their abilities at the upcoming Hamburg Aircraft Interior Expo. Nobody has actually ordered a Designworks 787 yet. However, I’m sure once a few well heeled billionaires get a look at the drawings, Designworks may get an order or two.





Source: Autoblog

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