Bonus Gambling Deposits from Players Bay

There are all kinds of things that you can buy online. By extension, there are also all sorts of places where you can buy said things. Usually, the onus is on you to shop around and find the best deal, but sometimes you can find services that do this on your behalf.

While you could certainly use some of the available services to shop for custom logos or cheaper web hosting, neither of those is the focus of this review. Instead, Players Bay is marketed as “the first ever deposit auction site.” Need a deposit somewhere? Let them bid for your business.

Do You Want to Play a Game?

It wouldn’t exactly be fair to say that Players Bay is a gambling site, because you don’t actually go here to wager on sports or play some poker. Instead, the idea is that players can start an auction and the various gaming sites can bid on this customer’s business.

Bonus Gambling Deposits from Players Bay

In some ways, you could say that this turns the auction paradigm on its head. When you go to buy something on eBay, the seller posts his item and then buyers can bid to buy it. With this online marketplace, it’s the players (“buyers”) who posts their intent and the various gaming sites (“sellers”) place their bids in the form of bonuses.

For example, after you register for an account, you can put up a post saying that you want to deposit $100 at a video poker site. The different online casinos can then “bid” on your post, perhaps offering a 25% deposit bonus. If accepted, you’d get $125 at that site instead of just $100.

Bonus Gambling Deposits from Players Bay

Interestingly, you’re not necessarily competing against the other players who are using the Players Bay marketplace. Using the above example, the same video poker site can give the same 25% bonus offer to two or more players.

Will Poker Stars Care Enough to Get You?

Perhaps the single biggest hurdle that you may encounter as a user of Players Bay is that the onus is now placed on these websites to bid on your deposit. How likely do you think that big sites like Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker will take the time to seek out an individual $50 deposit from a single user?

As a result, I’m thinking that most of the “winning bids” will come from smaller sites. It’s up to you whether you still think they are worthwhile and whether they “deserve” your gambling deposit.

Bonus Gambling Deposits from Players Bay

How this will translate for other types of sites that Players Bay supports remains to be seen. In addition to poker, you can also use Players Bay for blackjack, horse racing, bingo, mahjong, and even forex.

And the Bonus Link for You

Using what appears to be forum software, Players Bay also has a link directory. You can freely submit the link to your website and, hopefully, gain a little bit of free traffic as a result.

Bonus Gambling Deposits from Players Bay

The system does seem to be a little buggy, however. The first few times that I tried to submit my link, it said that I was entering the Captcha phrase incorrectly. When I went back to check, I see that my link appears twice. It’s debatable how much value this link directory will offer to Players Bay users, but it doesn’t cost you anything to try.

Make Money with Players Bay Affiliate Program

I’m not completely convinced that the “deposit auction” concept behind Players Bay will be terribly successful, largely because I doubt the larger gambling sites will bother bidding on a series of small, single deposits.

If you think that it could be popular, you can try your hand at their 1affiliate program. It offers a 100% commission rate, based on the payout from the casino operator.


32 thoughts on “Bonus Gambling Deposits from Players Bay”

  1. Brian P says:

    Sounds like risky business to me John. I would not take someones word if they are going to give me 50% on that deposit. I would look at reviews at the poker sites or gaming sites and see which ones are reputable.

    I guess you can do that then you can see what companies are reputable but I can see people getting sucked into scams. Dont you think?

    1. PlayersBay says:

      Hi, Peter-Jan from PlayersBay here. We are full time gambling affiliates and work very closely with leading player and affiliate advocates to make sure all accepted casinos are reputable. More specifically, the casinos are reviewed by,, and We are in this for the long term. Moreover, casinos that scam their players tend to do the same with their affiliates. Hope it helps.

  2. PlayersBay says:

    Hello, Peter-Jan from PlayersBay here. First of all thank you for the great review!

    Regarding big poker sites going after small deposits, we have this covered as we offer a bidding alghorithm for the gambling sites to fill in that will bid automatically on every auction that meets the criteria. (You could not know this Michael, I should have told you.)

    We are currently in the process of adding casino operators to our site, and have received very good feedback. I am confident the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker affiliate team will take 1 hour of their time to set up things at PlayersBay.

    Regarding the link directory: This is a paid extension of vbulletin, I will look into the problem. Thanks for pointing out Michael. Most probably it’s my fault for not having looked into the settings yet.

    If anyone reading this considers joining or promoting PlayersBay, please let me know what I can do to make PlayersBay better for you, your friends or your users and visitors. You can contact me via our contact page, leave feedback via the feedback tab on the left, post in our forum or use live chat support.

    Hope to meet you soon,

    Customer Development, PlayersBay

  3. Sounds interesting,but there is world beyond bonuses and cheap deals..What if i put $100 and i get 75% rebate and i end up getting scammed.

    I’d rather pay full amount and look out for the best service on by myself!

    1. PlayersBay says:

      We only accept reputable casinos. Please see my earlier comments.

  4. Interesting new feature, i will check it first.

    1. PlayersBay says:

      Thank you Dana. Let me know how we can make PlayersBay better for you.

  5. videostar says:

    I am not fond of risking.Especially here.

    1. PlayersBay says:

      Hi videostar, what is the risk you see and what do you mean with ‘here’?

  6. My astrologer has advise me not to indulge in such risky businesses 🙂

    1. PlayersBay says:

      Gambling is not a business, it’s entertainment.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        I’m more into betting on sport game at bwin or betclick and share earning with my refferers..

        1. PlayersBay says:

          Betclick and bWin will be added to PlayersBay is their T&C’s are approved. Regarding sharing earnings with referrers, we agree! We have a 100% commission affiliate program for exactly that at Please let me know if there’s anything you need to promote PlayersBay.

          1. Certainly this is entertainment but we saw many kings have lost their treasure in gambling and all.

            In Hindu there is one epic called the Mahabharta in that king lost his wife in gambling as well.

            No offence just telling …

  7. KevinChong says:

    I don’t like this Make money way, I still like using Clickbank, paydotcom to earn money instead of it .

    1. PlayersBay says:

      If you are talking about making money as a player, then you are right: You’re better of doing things with positive expected value. If you mean being a gambling affiliate is something you don’t like, that’s OK too but know it’s a nice community that meets each other regurarly and is devoted to moving the industry forward.

  8. Gambling is a very easy way to loose money, and has destroyed whole families when people became addicted to it, SY

    1. PlayersBay says:

      Addiction is indeed a problem and those people need to be helped. You should never gamble to win money, only to be entertained.

  9. Dean Saliiba says:

    I only play poker for free as I suck at it. 😛

    1. PlayersBay says:

      Can be just as much fun 🙂 Enjoy!

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        I’m not really into poker

        1. PlayersBay says:

          Don’t worry, we have every casino game over at PlayersBay.

  10. Tom says:

    I like it a lot ! I can’t see any downside for the users….a free lunch!

    And by the way, it’s my own choice to gamble, we all play the lotery somethimes isn’t it? Well, poker is the same thing, don’t be so negative

    I love it, my new favourite site! hopefully they’ll reward me for being a fan with a nice bonus 🙂

    1. PlayersBay says:

      Sure Tom! What kind of bonus would you like to get? We’ll see what we can do for you 🙂

  11. muslih72 says:

    Nice blog, i should be apply about topic on my blog


  12. fas says:

    Another second review, hmmmmmm!

    1. PlayersBay says:

      Why? I think the review was just fine.

  13. Gambling is one of the worst addictions that could face any person, and while this concept is great, it just basically allows people to get more for their buy in. Losing $200 when you only put in $100 makes the loser feel less like one, I suppose……

    I worked in casinos, and have experienced the chaos an gambling habit can cause many times over. Sorry, but I can not say anything good on the subject, period!

    1. PlayersBay says:

      It’s true that players need to be aware that gambling is an entertainment expense and not a get rich strategy.

  14. videostar says:

    Bonus is always good.Gambling is always not good.I must think what to say about gambling entertainment.

  15. oes tsetnoc says:

    Gambling always risky

  16. chester says:

    Sounds a little sketchy.

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