Boost Your Internet Business with Fresh eVenture

They say that knowledge is power, but it’s important that you focus on the knowledge that is both accurate and useful. There are countless people on the Internet who claim they can teach you how to make money quickly, trying to sell you on a variety of “get rich quick” schemes, but the fact of the matter is that it will take you some time and you need to learn through experience. That said, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a helping hand along the way.

To supplement the tips and tactics that you may learn here on John Chow dot Com, you may want to check out the blog of Keller Hawthorne, a young entrepreneur who has managed to enjoy a fair bit of success herself. Through this review of Fresh eVenture, we will learn what she has to offer and if the help that she provides really is worth your while.

What is the Deal with Fresh eVenture?

In short, Fresh eVenture is an Internet business blog that aims to guide you through the process of starting, growing and expanding your online business. This can take on a variety of different forms, including how to sell ad space on a website or how to use automated software to help your small business.

Boost Your Internet Business with Fresh eVenture

Whether you are interested in affiliate marketing or blogging, search engine optimization or web design, Fresh eVenture is supposed to approach just about every aspect of starting and growing a successful online business.

So many other of these “make money online” blogs are written by people who have never really made any money themselves, but that’s not the case with Keller Hawthorne. Although she is only in her 20s, she’s been running online businesses for at least four years. Even before she graduated from college, she was already earning a full-time income online. She also managed to get a PR6 on her home page within seven weeks of launch.

Keller also recognizes the importance of not putting all your eggs in one basket. She divides her time a couple of ecommerce stores and a web marketing firm, as well as the blog.

That’s One Fat Footer

Overall, the design of Fresh eVenture is very clean and appealing. You’ll notice that Keller is maximizing her screen real estate without making for a site that shocks you as being too cluttered. This is further demonstrated by the stellar use of a fat footer.

Boost Your Internet Business with Fresh eVenture

In the footer section, you are once again granted access to the main links that sit at the top of the page, as well as smaller sections for discussion, comments, popular posts, Twitter updates, Facebook, and a sign-up form for the newsletter.

Keller is mindful of aesthetics and usability, running a best WordPress design contest on the blog too.

Text-Heavy Content (and a Bonus Toolbar)

Even though the clean aesthetic is pleasing to the eye, I find that the content section on the main page is a little too text-heavy. It would help if some of the articles were highlighted with thumbnail images.

Boost Your Internet Business with Fresh eVenture

You’ll also notice that the blog loads with a special toolbar at the base of your browser. This grants quick access to recent posts, translation, Twitter, the Facebook fan page, and more. It’s quite useful without being intrusive.

Regarding the content itself, the text-heavy approach continues through to the blog posts. Each of the articles is definitely longer than what you’d expect from a lot of other blogs, but the quality of the writing is definitely there.

From getting Google PageRank to using confident self-promotion to grow your Internet business, these articles are comprehensive and approachable.

Come for the E-Book, Stay for the Blog

Boost Your Internet Business with Fresh eVenture

Just as John offers a great free e-book on this blog, Keller has taken a similar approach with her blog. You can get Fresh Start for Your Online Business for free by providing a name and email address. This report teaches you how to “start your Internet business the right way one step at a time.”

If you like what you read there, you may choose to stick around and add Fresh eVenture to your preferred list of “make money online” blogs. Just be prepared to sit down for some longer reads.

76 thoughts on “Boost Your Internet Business with Fresh eVenture”

  1. S Ahsan says:

    great post John!!

    1. fas says:

      Its not John, its Micheal.

  2. Benjamin Cip says:

    Yet another making money online blog I didn’t know! Thank you for sharing this Michael Kwan!

    1. Nick Aviles says:

      You learn something new every day!

      1. very true. However you need to keep a balance between reading and doing. You can’t read&learn all day long without doing anything what you’ve learned. Practice is the key.

        1. I completely agree Andrew. With all of the free resources available to us Internet marketers, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with information. At some point, you must begin taking action.

          Find a blog or resource you enjoy, connect with the writer, sign up for their newsletter and RSS and then get to work. Try not to spend all of your time learning or you’ll never get to the point of doing.

          1. Benjamin Cip says:

            It’s also by taking action that we learn something by ourselves. It’s strange, but I take information more seriously when I read a book I purchased rather than downloading a Free ebook… well it depends on who wrote the ebook though. It’s probably due to the fact that you don’t want to waste your money, and then implement what you’ve learnt in the book to get a ROI.

          2. Richard says:

            Hey Keller,

            Fancy seeing you here. I just wanted to further your point.

            That’s exactly what I found myself doing. I started looking into building website in january of this year. I build my first Drupal community in february and now have over 350 members. But when I got into Marketing I found myself getting into the learning… learning… learning… learning… mode and made no progress.

            Then one day I decided that enough was enough and started producing and interacting. I’ve gotten a lot more accomplished very quickly.

  3. Nice highly informative review. PR6 in only 7 weeks is absolute madness! I’m really excited to have another reputable source to learn from. I always like reading and reviewing the readability and uniqueness of content.

    1. I don’t believe that some one can get PR 7 in 7 weeks. Google updates it’s PR in every 3 months. So, no matter what you do, you gonna take at least 3 months. Although, I would say that the book looks good and color is refreshing. 🙂

    2. Earningstep says:

      real madness.. 7 week for page rank 6… i just can’t believe this..

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        Neither can I…. what’s the secret? maybe links were redirected from another PR6 site. I mean the site admin asked everyone to connect the new site from his redirected link?

        1. Benjamin, I don’t engage in link exchanges – they take too long and aren’t always worth the time.

          My “secret” is updating my content often and consistently. Content in itself will bring high quality backlinks to your blog. Content will also build an audience (who cares if you get a million visitors to your site if you’re not able to keep them there).

          1. Benjamin Cip says:

            Yes, I totally agree with you about that. I sometimes don’t update my blog for about two days and loose traffic and alexa rank significantly. I think I should post something everydays, but I don’t want to write worthless things, so it takes me a lot of time to write something I want to share.

          2. I usually don’t post over the weekends. It seems to work fine for my PR and Alexa Ranking. I completely agree with you – I don’t want to post unless I have something of value to share with my readers. Plus, since my posts tend to be pretty long, I need the 2 day break :).

          3. Money-Era says:

            So just by doing 5 posts/week you achieved this high PR?
            There must be something else…

    3. Nick Aviles says:

      That’s what unique content does.

  4. Teen money says:

    We have something worth here. This girl know what she is doing. Well john I would like to know whether this is your review or copy paste job., I believe this is a copy paste because it is self promoting.

    1. Clue #1 that she knows what she is doing is that she is beginning with capturing the email addresses of new incoming visitors. Every person subscribing is one step closer to making good money online!

    2. Nick Aviles says:

      It’s all part of marketing!

  5. wow is nice information john…i think i’d like to join with you

  6. Thank you soooo much for the review John! And thanks for the feedback on the home page design – I will keep that in mind and see if I can improve it.

    Teen Money – Thank you for your kind words! Definitely not a copy paste review. John was nice enough to visit my blog and write about it.

    1. Rachel Kuptz says:

      What is the name of the footer toolbar that you use? I’ve seen it on a few sites now and haven’t done enough investigating to find out how to get it – I love your site design!

      1. Richard says:

        Hey Rachel,

        Keller’s toolbar on the bottom is Wibiya. You can read Keller’s post about it here:

  7. Ms. Freeman says:

    I had a chance to check out her blog and I agree it is chock full of relevant info. A image or two would break up the test heavy content, but I gt what she is going for. I feel she want her readers to stay and stay focus on the content. Great way to control the bounce rate.

    I’m definitely singing up for the free ebook as well.

    Thanks Mike for another great review.:)

    1. Too many bloggers today are concentrating on appealing to people with a lack of attention span.

      It is nice to see a huge block of text…!

      1. Nick Aviles says:

        That’s true. People don’t realize the importance of a nice block of text.

  8. Blogging says:

    Great review, Michael! “She also managed to get a PR6 on her home page within seven weeks of launch.” is surely something to be proud of in SEO terms, the footer toolbar is something I would like to know more about. Any idea how that is done? Plugin or custom made? SY

    1. Thanks Michael! You can find out more about my toolbar on this post:

      1. Blogging says:

        Thank you, Keller, will do! SY

      2. Nick Aviles says:

        That’s a really cool toolbar!

  9. That toolbar feature is an awesome idea. I want one now.

  10. Doug Dillard says:

    Great review Michael! I have just recently starting visiting Keller’s site and there is lots of great information on it. We are also entered in her Website Design Contest which is driving lots of traffic to our site… which is very nice!

    I find it amazing how high her PageRanking is for such a new site. Very impressive! She also has one of the better About Us pages I have read!

    1. Everybody and their mom is getting into the “make money online” niche. It is time to take the strategies and tactics of the “make money online” crowd and dominate other less competetive niches.

      1. You know, the way I look at it is people connect with some writers and don’t connect with others. So, there may be a ton of “make money online” bloggers, but they won’t grab every available reader out there.

        People will follow bloggers they feel connected to and they can relate with.

  11. LetUpdate says:

    It seems great blog if i read from your review john. And i like about do not put your egg in one basket.

  12. Tao Yang says:

    Thanks , I found “Make More Money Online: 7 Tips for Increasing Your Conversion Rate” post on her blog is very helpful.

    Tom Yang

    1. I especially liked the obvious advice of testing different price points.

  13. Earningstep says:

    nice blog with clean and great theme i think..i agree with other reader that the blog contain nice color .

    1. Nick Aviles says:

      The only way to create a unique theme is to actually do some css editing yourself. Some people don’t have that knowledge.

  14. Make Money says:

    Some nice themes in the “best theme comp” I desperately need a clean fresh look for my site.

  15. Benjamin Cip says:

    Neither can I…. what’s the secret? maybe links were redirected from another PR6 site. I mean the site admin asked everyone to connect the new site from his redirected link?
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

    1. Benjamin, I actually obtained my PageRank prior to launching my contest (where nominees were required to link to the contest page), so that’s NOT my secret. Again, it’s all about content. Why don’t you listen to my Podcast where I explain it all:

  16. Fuckwit, again you are endorsing crap after getting 500 dollars? Not a bad idea for survival john stupid chow. I can’t stand you. I hate you. I hate your fucking blog and your fucking approach to “get rich” you sick man. When will you stop your fucking game you nasty asshole? Stop your biased paid reviews. I feel sorry for the people who come here. You are misleading them you Chinese killer. get well soon John

      1. Ms. Freeman says:

        OMG! How rude!

        Or is he just saying what most want to say, but don’t have the balls. hmmm.

        John you provide great advise and content, I find great value in your blog.

        1. Benjamin Cip says:

          Ms. Freeman… I think he is jealous of the popularity of Kaiser John Chow. I see no point in comming to the site of someone you don’t like just to post about those things Indi wrote above. I see that either like a provocation or a way to generate traffic by writing controversial comments to make people visit his blog.

          1. Ms. Freeman says:

            I’m definitely not clicking over to see what he blogs about, there is probably a virus waiting on the other end…..

          2. Benjamin Cip says:

            I checkhed the site, and didn’t notice anything strange… at least I didn’t take the time to read everything…

          3. Yes but he got the nice layouts …

            Its nice to see that he leave used website option while add such words.

            Otherwise people just say such kind of words without adding their website URLs.

            But however he should understand that not all people are stupid … if John get so much recognition than he have such quality. If you have than show it to us, instead of adding such slag languages.

    1. Wow… Keep coming back for more eh. It just shows that there is a price to pay for being visibily successful. You run across nutjobs every once in awhile.

    2. Indi – I did NOT pay for this review.

      1. I don’t trust you Keller. I know this John Stupid Chow and his hysterical income earning methods. He does paid reviews only. See his blog, its all about money and you poor lot come here to make him rich? LOL.. How come he did you a favour? Now here’s the challange for you Mr. So-called celebrity blogger John stupid Chow, do a review of my site at I dare challange you sick man.

        Review my site here if i’m going to trust you. Honest i’ll agree with you if you prove your credentials by doing a non-paid review of my site. You are a money minded asshole and i know you won’t do it. Care to comment you stupid fellow john?

        1. Indi,
          First off, I’m guessing you’ve never read my blog. The most you’ve done there is leave the hateful (and derogatory) comment for me this morning on a post which had nothing to do with this review. That my friend is considered SPAM. Oh, and calling a woman you’ve never met a “prostitute” isn’t very gentlemanly.

          Second, you obviously have a passion for helping others, otherwise why would you feel so upset over this. My blog is ALL about helping others. Please read some of my articles before judging my work. To spew hatred (and again completely VIAL comments) at me simply because I was fortunate enough to get some attention from a successful blogger isn’t a very productive thing to focus on.

          Building yourself up by bringing others down rarely pays off. There’s room for all of us to build a successful business on the Internet – focusing so much on others may become a deterrent and could hinder your growth.

          1. Ms. Freeman says:

            Hooray for your Chutzpah!!! This lady has definitely earned my respect.

          2. BaySeec says:

            That’s the key success what I want to hear about…

    3. Nick Aviles says:

      Why do you keep coming back to this blog man? Seriously, deal with your hate issues elsewhere.

    4. Richard says:

      Hey Indi,

      Just wanted to let you know that you lot a lot of respect really quickly with a comment like this. You serve to accomplish nothing but lower people’s expectation of you. I really hope that you see the hurt you are doing to yourself.

      Comments like this won’t hurt strong women like Keller who have a purpose they are fighting for or Successful men like Jon who have worked hard for what they’ve accomplished. They serve only to injure your reputaion and your future.

      I don’t want to see you do that to yourself. You are so full of potential. I know that you have some deep passion that if you would but share it with others you could touch their lives and leave an imprint on this world. I’m not just saying that either Indi, I believe it. You have a powerful and strong spirit. Chanel that in a positive direction and you will go far.

    5. Dude, you are obviously jealous. .

  17. Keller is the familar face in blog world and I think I like her because of her warm and humble nature.

    I am adding her blog on my To Read bookmark and let me check this either on weekends or may be when I will get some time.

    I think I visited her blog earlier as well.

  18. Erika Marie says:

    I absolutely adore the toolbar!

    1. Nick Aviles says:

      Agreed, its really good.

  19. Nick Aviles says:

    This is some really good information John. Thanks!

  20. RoseBelle says:

    With anything in life, if you don’t like what you see or read, move on to something else. I find John Chow’s tips useful and who doesn’t want to improve their blog sites to increase traffic and visibility? I think with everything you do, it’s all about keep learning and don’t stand still even if you are on the top of your game. Helping others achieve success is a selfess act. I’ve read a few of John Chow’s comments and always came upon something of help to me.

    1. These are the main mantras for the success of John … he is in busy in telling how he earned and that force people to come again and again to his blogs.

  21. Katie Kutny says:

    Thank you Michael for the wonderful review on Fresh e Venture. It was very helpful.

  22. Katie says:

    Thank you for sharing Michael. Very helpful and I enjoyed the insight. It was a great review.

  23. I have never seen so much of stuff stuffed in Footer, great design indeed.

    1. Yes this one was not at all looking as footer. But people who will come down to that level will stay there in blog for long hours.

    2. Nick Aviles says:

      There’s no such thing as too much!

  24. Informative review. I have been on Keller’s site for a few minutes and have a few things already.

  25. The first time I visited Keller’s blog I came away with a great deal of useful info and she continues to deliver valuable content constantly!

    IMO this review is pretty much spot on including the “text heavy” reference which in Fresh eVenture’s case means “loads of awesome content!” 🙂

  26. ytechcity says:

    Thank you Michael for the wonderful review on Fresh e Venture. It was very helpful. I have visited Keller’s site, which contained many useful tips like “How I Got Google PageRank within 3 Weeks of Launching My Website”, vey nice post.

  27. Volksphone says:

    Everytime i read the comments on your blog john, there is massive extra information. So i want to thank all of this grea community.

    best regards,

  28. Money-Era says:

    Wow, I would be very interested how to achieve PR6 in 7 weeks. Any secret link building techniques?

  29. Yeah I’ll check it out. But the previous commentators are right when they say that it is easy to get overwhelmed with information. Paralysis by analysis. You just have to jump in at some point.

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