Boxing Day Price Increase

The day after Christmas in Canada is known as Boxing day. It’s very much like Black Friday in the US. Boxing day is the day when all retailers put their products on sale and shoppers line up for hours on end to buy what they believe is a bargain.

I’ve decided to use Boxing Day as the day to announce a price increase. Instead of lowering prices, I plan to raise them, starting with the reviews. In the new year, a review on John Chow dot Com will go up to $450 from its current $400 price. If you wish to get a review before the increase takes effect, you have five days to place your order.

Happy Boxing Day! 😈

64 thoughts on “Boxing Day Price Increase”

  1. Mastermind says:

    nice offer for those people who want to do review on next year 😈

    1. says:

      OK, fine! Then I’m increasing my review price too. It’s going from $25 to $30 per review.
      Box that! 😉

      1. Steve! says:

        HA! LOL. I haven’t even been accepted into ReviewMe yet. So my review is worth …..(calculating)….. nothing!

      2. Etienne Teo says:

        Increase your prices for the review everyone.

  2. Mike says:

    That’s dirty.

  3. Web Cosmo says:

    You justed punched us on the boxing day! Glad to know your business doing well.

  4. sir jorge says:

    I knew it was sooner or later that this would happen. People do have 5 days…act now!

  5. KidBlogger says:

    I’ll buy a review… Without any money. 😎 😈

    1. This is exactly the kind of comment I’m talking about in my comment below. 🙄

  6. KidBlogger says:

    BTW John I tried to go at the free webhost you reviewed and it shows a error message 🙁

  7. I’ve been looking at doing the same thing with my advertising prices. To be honest though, John, I’m a bit surprised you’re only raising it $50. I bet you could ask $500 and still get plenty of takers.

    P.S. I sure wish you’d do something about all these useless comments that are pure nonsense half the time. It really kills any sense of community here IMO.

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      I agree about the price increase being small. If someone is willing to shell out $400, they would not have a problem with $500.

      Are the prices of all the other advertising on the site going to stay the same?

      1. KidBlogger says:

        If I would have so much money. I don’t even have money to get a blog host for 4$ 🙁

    2. Zac Johnson says:

      Higher prices, less paid reviews. I think the visitors to JC would also enjoy that as well.

      1. justin says:

        This is what everybody beleives but my experience tells me price increase will not reduce the number of reviews. So visitors will still have to bear with similar number of reviews.

      2. seo audit says:

        I don’t think that will be less paid reviews.Maybe if he raise to 1000 per review, but not with a 50$ increase

    3. I concur. I’d still buy one @ $500.

  8. Hey John maybe you could have done a 50% off reviews for Boxing Day only. It would be nice to see a post on how you scaled your advertising prices as rss readers increased and income went from $2k per month to $27K per month.

  9. Michael Kwan says:

    Glad to hear that you’re taking my advice… now if I can only convince you to raise my rate for actually writing the reviews too. 🙂

    In a sense, this is a Boxing Week sale on John Chow dot Com, because it’s cheaper to order a review this week than it will be the next.

    1. That’s an interesting point, Michael. Do you find it hard to know how much the review you write is worth?

      1. Michael Kwan says:

        Well, the review itself is worth whatever I charge John for it. I think that most people order a review on this blog not for specific feedback, per se, but more for the exposure that such a review could provide. An exceptional review written on a small blog is worth less than a mediocre review on a huge blog… not to say that my reviews are mediocre. 😉

        1. Yeah, the exposure point is a good one, although I think quality reviews (such as yours) are under rated. I’ve had people tell me that they enjoyed reading the review on one of my blogs and to me that’s HUGE. Not only do I make money but my readers actually enjoy reading them as well, it’s the best of both worlds. I think if John hadn’t hired you to write them, he wouldn’t have made nearly as much on them as he has.

  10. That’s evil. But I don’t blame you. 👿

  11. Truly evil. 😈
    I guess dot com moguls have to eat too.

  12. KidBlogger says:

    How much visitors does John Chow has in a month? By alexa I think he receives few million 👿

    1. He’s posted traffic numbers in his Blog Income Report posts. Alexa is absolutely worthless.

    2. Zac Johnson says:

      I’ve also written a couple posts on traffic received from John Chow reviews and ad campaigns. Was always happy with the results.

  13. KiwiPulse says:

    But I thought it was boxing day… 😕

  14. I’m proud of you 😈 You’ve finally done something i’ve been waiting for you to do ❗ Since, people are paying for them anyways, throwing a price increase in their path is still effective for you since the service you are offering is inelastic due to the fact, that there aren’t many blogs out there that can get you as much exposure for the equivalent prices.

  15. P.S. John you need to get that ReviewMe $400 badge changed 😉

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      The new price isn’t in effect yet. 😉

  16. Javo says:

    wow great Chow, for my bad I need $50 more to get reviewed 😆

  17. bob says:

    Hmm…supply and demand.
    If purchasing the review can yield more than $500 of ROI, why not?

  18. Bruce says:

    This is evil John 👿

  19. Ok, seriously people, the “oh john, you’re so evil” comments need to stop. I know you just want to increase your comment count but think about the image you’re portraying to people that read them! I for one have found several new blogs that I’ll never visit because they come across like sniveling, brown nosed, little girls in the comments here.

  20. Nice move, John. Based on your income report for November, you made $4,400 for writing 22 reviews. I’d guess that you’re on track to push out about 20 reviews by the end of December. If you continue that pace in January, you’ll net an extra $500 after the 50% split with ReviewMe. I hope it goes well for you.

    1. Zac Johnson says:

      You should pull the review payment in house for a month and see how many you get, and see if it’s worth what you are actually paying (giving) to ReviewMe for the difference/ad buys. Seems the review me advertising method is slowing down.

      1. Zac, that’s a VERY good point and one that I really think John should try out. I know he says that he gets way more than he ever would on his own but I’m not sure that he’s ever tested it. I’m willing to bet the number wouldn’t decrease by much.

        However, there’s also the possibility that John has managed to get a larger share of the profits from ReviewMe with a special deal or something. It would change drastically if they were only taking 15 or 25%.

        1. Shaun Carter says:

          One way to find out whether he would lose business by doing the reviews in-house and dumping ReviewMe is if the majority of the reviews are being ordered based on visits to this blog, or are they from people who have never heard of and just happen to find him on ReviewMe?

          I tend to believe that the majority of reviews are requested by regular readers so John would not see a large decrease in orders by eliminating ReviewMe from the equation.

          Perhaps John should consider negotiating a better rate with ReviewMe.

    2. Review me takes 50%!? I guess I’ve never checked into that, but that seems ridiculous.

  21. This is probably your worst post ever. I can see if you were in retail or something, but a price increase on a blog review in the New Year? 👿

  22. jame says:

    450 :mrgreen: it’s really too much

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      But $400 is a steal!

  23. iPod Games says:

    yeah, let’s hope that next price increase isn’t very soon.
    Happy Boxing Day!

  24. says:

    Probably on the Holiday season most of them drop their price 🙄 , But you are increasing 🙄

  25. Contest Beat says:

    Hahaha, you are the man

  26. David Chew says:

    A great way to get more visitor. Increasing the price seems a good idea and is worth too for people who want to get review from you.

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      Good to Increase your price to make more revenue over time.

  27. Pure evil. But genius. 👿

  28. Ruchir says:

    Why not $500 John? A 50 dollar increase is too less. And why don’t you offer people to buy reviews from you at a lower cost privately?

  29. KidBlogger says:

    BTW John do you want to exchange links? 🙄 👿 Just joaking :mrgreen:

  30. Etienne Teo says:

    This question was asked years ago and the guys just got an ignore word on them.

  31. I think the price increase is a smart idea. Lower demand just a tad. 🙂

  32. Why? I wish he would have posted the reason why. None of these comments of “this is a good idea” or “This is evil” have any bearing without know why.

    Patrick Allmond

  33. John, please change your top right corner Review Me image to 450 😛

    1. John Chow says:

      It doesn’t go into effect until next 2008.

  34. BonoRiau says:

    Brother u are fantastic…happy new year…hope to be like u in 2008

  35. BonoRiau says:

    heee i just sign up bidvertiser using your link

  36. I wish there was a boxing day or black friday in my country. 😀

  37. I wish I could have $400 right now to buy a review. 😥

  38. BonoRiau says:

    wwooww my adsense start produce income….thanx GOD

  39. Rantitorial says:

    I think I’d better be making a lot more off ADSense before I go for a John Chow review.

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