Bringing Back The WordPress Preview Window

Before heading to Computex Taipei, I updated the blog to WordPress 2.2 (I actually did it right at the airport). As some may recall, I had problems the first time I upgraded to 2.2 and had to downgrade back to 2.1. The main problem was the Top Commentators and MyBlogLog box disappeared. This problem was caused by a flaw in the ExecPHP plugin and the fact that I didn’t turn off the sidebar widget before upgrading.

The sidebar widget problem was easily fixed by turning off the widget before the upgrade. The ExecPHP plugin needed a code change before it will work with the new WordPress build. This fix was posted by Rod Templeton. In order to restore my Top Commentators and MyBlogLog I needed to find the following line of code the ExecPHP plugin:

register_sidebar_widget($name, $i <= $number ? 'widget_execphp' : /* unregister */ '', $i);

Replace the above line of code with this line of code:

register_sidebar_widget($name, $i <= $number ? 'widget_execphp' : /* unregister */ '', '', $i);

After the upgrade, the last thing to do was to bring back to the WordPress preview window. For whatever reasons, WordPress 2.2 replaced the preview pane with a preview link. Fortunately, Roblog created a plugin that will bring the preview window back.

It is recommended that all WordPress users upgrade to 2.2. WordPress 2.1 has a security issue that could allow hackers to get your password.

32 thoughts on “Bringing Back The WordPress Preview Window”

  1. Lance says:

    I hope I can change to WP but I already with for quite a while now. oh well

    1. Jack Books says:

      long live 😎

    2. The sooner you change the better…do it!

  2. 💡 My secret tactic is to have a copy of my blog installed on a separate test domain, but the same physical server, so first I test and correct the theme/Wordpress there, then I move it too my blog

    1. This is actually a nice idea. better yet, if you don’t share the same database.

      Of course, you can always install your own blog on your own PC for private work!

      It’s an excellent solution!

  3. Ahh i guess i’ll have to upgrade after all

  4. Alex says:

    I like more the preview link

    1. Jack Books says:

      yes me either.
      the preview pane make it so slow.

        1. Should speed up posting nicely!


  5. shaun says:

    The preview window is prety helpful i’ll definatly have to upgrade my wordpress when i got the time.

  6. david says:

    thanks for the info!


  7. Robert says:

    There’s another plugin called Exec-PHP that doesn’t appear to have the problem.

    It’s been upgraded for WP 2.x

  8. Chris says:

    If you’re ever in San Diego, I’ll treat you for a beer. Anyways, I think your blog is pretty awesome. I’d be glad to offer you one of my awesome, super soft shirts in exchange for a link. Go here for details or email me.


    Chris Geek

  9. Wallace says:

    actually,i dont have any wordpress blog,
    but thanks for the info.
    i just plan to launch a new site for design inspiration gallery by wordpress…

  10. Matt says:

    What, no link to me for emailing you about the Security Vulnerability?!? LOL, just kidding.

    The preview box was removed because it make the page load slower, and it was an iframe, an iframe! What were they even thinking when they used an iframe! 😛

  11. Hush says:

    I think wordpress gives you a much better platform and flexibility if you are big on customization.

  12. Vijay says:

    Thx John,
    This is what I like about the internet business empire, John is taking booth babes shots and 1L beer shots, and was able to upgrade tp WP 2.2 also.


  13. Charles Lau says:

    For the past 1 week, I have been trying to find out which blog program to use for me to start my business… Been using for quite some time for personal use for my friends…
    I think WordPress rocks! So simple to use and yet so powerful!

    1. WP 2.2 – there aren’t that many other good choices! Plus

      100’s of plugins
      1000’s of themes
      1000’s of widgets

      All to make life a little simpler! Why bother considering anything else, if it’s a blog you’re looking for!


  14. I actually like the preview link. I like having the two pages (the preview and the text box post writing thingy) in two separate tabs.

  15. will you write a step by step tutorial on how to upgrade? I tried once and my blog is almost like yours… but it nuked everything. Good think I had a back up!

    1. Biggest thing to remember: turn off all your plugins BEFORE you start! I had problems when I forgot!


  16. I’m still too chicken to upgrade yet. Need to have my hand held to get this done for sure.

  17. kelly says:

    Is wordpress free for bloggers?



  18. dotnetnuke says:

    hi kelly, yes it’s free for blogger people 😉

    1. kelly says:

      thank you Ismet! I like this template:

      Do you think its possible to upload this template on blogger or do I need my own domain?

      thank you again!


  19. Michael says:

    Thanks I use the preview pane all the time and was upset when it was gone, I guess I’m going to have to go install that plugin now

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