Bought My First DealDotCom Product – WordPress Affiliate Pro

Well it didn’t take me long to spend some money with the new DealDotCom startup. Today they offered a WordPress plugin that I just had to have. WP Affiliate Pro is a WordPress plugin that can turn any keyword into an affiliate link. WP Affiliate Pro can instantly add 1,000’s of affiliate links to your blogs without touching a single line of HTML code and without editing your posts. Other features include:

  • Easily promote new products with a single click of a mouse.
  • Increase your income and click rate with hidden, customized affiliate links.
  • $0 stolen commissions with virtually untraceable affiliate links. Stop affiliate thieves dead in their tracks.
  • Built in click tracking allows you to easily see at a glance which links are getting the most clicks.

You can see the plugin in action on this post. I used it to turn the keywords DealDotCom and BlogRush into affiliate links. Depending on which browser you are using, If you hover over the links, you’ll see the URL is and The reader won’t know it’s an affiliate link. Watch this video and this video for a complete explanation on how the plugin works.

The plugin offers a bunch of customization options. You can define what words gets link, how many times they get linked and what weighting to use in case there are multiple links on a page. The program sells for $97.00 but DealDotCom has it $49.88. I expect this product to sell out just like yesterday’s product, so if you want it, better order it.

*update – The item has sold out. I hope you got one if you wanted one.

102 thoughts on “Bought My First DealDotCom Product – WordPress Affiliate Pro”

  1. That is evil! 😈

    1. Poker Sharks says:

      But you did this anyway John with your ‘go’ method – hid those affliate links perfectly.

      You sure you brought this and aren’t just being paid to talk about it? Hmmm….

      Something fishy going on, but nothing i didnt expect from the great man…


      1. John Chow says:

        Yes, you can hide an aff link with the go method. But can you turn a few thousand keywords in your blog into affiliate links with that? 😈

        1. I was straight in as well, can’t wait to see how it turns out. John a couple more sales and your affilaites will have more than paid for your copy anyway, win win.

        2. It is a great plugin. I am thinking to acquire it too. Any idea on how many blogs can be installed with 1 purchase? (I don’t want to install it on, but who knows, maybe one day i would be willing to do so).

          1. John Chow says:

            There are no activation key or anything like that. It looks like you can install it in all you blogs and it will work, but I haven’t read the license yet.

          2. Why dont you want to have them indexed?

          3. John Chow says:

            Google is very good at catching affiliate links and removing them from their index. If they find a blog with too many aff links, they will place less trust in that blog. So I put no index and no follow on all my aff links.

          4. Hmm sounds reasonable so do you think I should pu no-follow atribute to all my links on my site? Because this site has mostly affiliate links.

          5. Shaun C says:

            Only if you don’t link to me. 😉 😉

        3. I’ve just read the read-me that comes with it and I can’t see anything about multiple site licensing. If something doesn’t state that you’re not allowed then I’d just asume that it’s ok.

    2. Israel says:

      evil is saying it lightly. its extremely deceitful.

      1. Rob says:

        agree wih you

      2. KingJacob says:

        As long as you are sending your users to the sites the link says why shouldnt you get paid for it.

        1. Shaun C says:

          Right. Why is it deceitful? Just because they can’t see it? He just told everyone that, uh, he has it. No deceit.

  2. Ryan DeRamos says:

    Those products sound good. Thanks for the DealDotCom and the BlogRush head’s up’s a couple of days ago!


  3. maurizio says:

    I don’t know why but the DealDotCom link and BlogRush link doesn’t show the url on the windows.status bar. (I’m using FF)

    Anyway I wanted to say that this kind of link aren’t good for Google SEO. Showing an url but using another is considered wrong for them. I don’t think it’s that important for you, as long as you get affiliate sales though 🙂

    1. Yeah – it’s not showing in IE7 either, I just checked.

      Anywhohowha – Looks like a fab product! Naturally, if you’re doing affiliate SEO it’s not the smartest idea, but if John directed all his links to a hosted presell page he could still pick up a bit of value.

    2. Cash Quests says:

      Same. Doesn’t display in FF but when I click it I can see it redirect through the PHP before hitting the intended site. Still, that’s a pretty good product.

    3. John Chow says:

      I don’t want Google to index my affiliate links. All my affiliate redirects have no follow and no index on them.

  4. Cash Quests says:


    Mr Chow please check the post title. You just *bought* *wordpress* affiliate pro.

  5. John, that sounds like a very useful plug-in for WordPress, good investment. I’m anxious to see more products offered by DealDotCom, so far it seems like it will have some great items.

  6. DerekBeau says:

    When I right click on your links with FireFox, I can see the full affiliate link. I think they should have used a .htaccess redirect instead.

    1. John Chow says:

      You can do that but a .htaccess redirect can’t turn 1000 keywords within your WordPress blog into an affiliate link. 😈

      For example, I had posted about PayPerPost a number of times. If I signed up as PPP affiliate, I can use the plugin to change all PayPerPost keyword into an affiliate link.

      1. Angel says:

        Can you exclude certain references though?

          1. Angel says:

            OK that makes it more useful than I gave credit for. Interesting.

      2. DerekBeau says:

        Yes it can… how do you think WordPress turnes 1000 blog posts into neat looking URLs? :mrgreen:

  7. MIchael says:

    I don’t like this plugin, I don’t like the idea of not being able to look at the bottom of my browsers window while hovering over a link and see where the link is taking me. I don’t mind people putting in affiliate links but come on, at least let me know you are doing it some how.

    1. John Chow says:

      It has an option to let you chose what to display when someone hovers over a link, but it just shows a blank in FireFox. Hopefully, they’ll fix that with an update.

      1. That thing is never going to work for all browsers. I know some have security settings ( some by default – IE7 I think ) that prevent javascripts from modifying the text in the status bar.

  8. Janis Elsts says:

    The “DealDotCom” and “BlogRush” links show the redirection URL in my browser’s status bar, and I’m using Opera.

    By the way, this reminds me of the free link cloaking plugin I made. It doesn’t turn keywords into links (yet), but it can automatically cloak existing links and it’s possible to define “static” links that have click tracking.

    … I may be adding a keywords-to-links feature someday 😈

  9. Angel says:

    You can do this for free though, right? Good investment though, considering the number of people who will buy the product now.

  10. Chad says:

    So you’re telling me that DealDotCom is worth trying? Can’t wait to see your financial statements for this new thing…in five months. Then I’ll consider joining even though it will be way to late to become profitable. Oh the irony!

  11. John you could have done the same thing easily using alinks and my

  12. It seems some of my comment was lost somehow, you can still check out my wordpress plugin for hiding affiliate links here:

  13. Jeff says:

    Awesome. Just Bought it.
    Cheers, Jeff

  14. Anraiki says:

    Oh sorry, I did small research to provide evidence to my FireFox Speculation but came with this conclusion:

    Mozilla prevent Java Script from changing the Status Bar. If you want to enable Javascript to change your status bar, you have the option to do so by going Tools > Options > Content [Tab] > Advance [Javascript]

    Then enable Status Bar change. That should do it!

    1. Yeah but that means every visitor on your blog will have to do that.
      Imagine a blog displaying a welcome message when they first come to your blog saying something like:
      “Hi, I’m using this link cloaker that doesn’t work well with your browser security settings, how about lowering them a bit” 😀

      1. Anraiki says:

        Blame Mozilla for stopping the Javascript to change the Status Bar by default.

  15. web affiliate says:

    This program creates html links (should be java or infused like Kontera with no html trace) that all point to “wp-affiliate-pro.php?id=*” None have rel=”nofollow” so you’ll drain your pages of pagerank and have a lot of different anchor texts aimed at a redirect page. In SEO terms thats worse than the “recent comments” links in the right sidebar all having the same “title”.

    This one needs work to make it SEO friendly. A+ for usefulness but D- on being site friendly. Use at your own risk!

  16. Kay says:

    I bet you have created another DealDotCom account from your own affliate link so you can get another 35% extra discount from it. Am I right? 😈

    1. Fou Casper says:

      Hehe… 😈 I don’t think John will forget this “evil” trick.

    2. John Chow says:

      Always think evil!

    3. KingJacob says:

      That is smart and evil I like it .

  17. Damn I’m fast, 2 hours after I made my last comments here and I have an update for my hidden affiliate links plugin. Now it can automatically replace keywords in your posts with hidden affiliate links.

  18. Homeworker says:

    Not sure if I’m missig the point of Dealdotcom, but if I bought the product direct from the company using my own affiliate link it would be under $25. Why is paying $50 to buy through them such a great deal of the day?

  19. GettyCash says:

    Good investment. Turn a few thousand keywords in our blogs into affiliate links 😈

  20. Michael Boateng says:

    The videos says it all. i will go cop my own so i start using it right away.

    Michael Boateng

  21. Farinha says:

    In Google Reader you can see that the link is handled by some PHP code.

    It’s a good thing to be able to turn all those keywords in previous posts into links with just a few clicks, though.

    1. You don’t have to make the links end in .php

  22. lyricsreg says:

    How is this different from an simple regular expression script that you could implement in a few hours ?

    1. Not everyone can write php code, or have the ability or the time to built a wordpress plugin
      This allows you to manage your links in a nice web interface ( using AJAX ) inside your wordpress admin.
      I’m talking about my plugin here, not the plugin John bought, I don’t know how that one looks …

      1. KingJacob says:

        Ive tried out your plugin and I dont really see how the one on deal is such a good deal at 45 when yours is free, Also thanks for the awesome plugin

  23. Did you say it would sell out? I love the scarcity angle on digital products, they are running out of bits and bytes so can only sell xxx amount of product.

    1. John Chow says:

      The publisher tells DealDotCom how many units he’ll let them sell at the discount price. Once that is reach, no more units are offered for sale.

      1. That sounds like kind of Auction.

  24. Drew says:

    Wow, this seems like a great plugin. Can’t wait to implement it when I get home from work. DealDotCom has started off with 2 great products so far.

  25. Jerry Huang says:

    Here’s the free option: aLinks plugin

    Keep wordpress plugins free, i say! 😈

    1. KingJacob says:

      Aye, I agree but if your stupid enough to spend 45-97 on a product available for free, I say survival of the smartest.

  26. This is huge. One of the main hassles of affiliate sales in blogging is managing the link, and when and where you put them.

    I can’t buy it now, but I will look for it in the future. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    1. If you can’t buy it why not look into my free plugin?

    2. Dror says:

      Someone mentioned this already somewhere in this list of comments, but download aLink, it does exactly the same as this plugin and at the custom html setting just add onmouseover=”window.status=’ your message here’;return true” onMouseOut=”window.status=”;return true” to cloak your links.

      Not sure how wp-affliate-pro isn’t just a version of aLink. Now if someone could write one that could be deployed on

      1. Adding that javascript doesn’t really cloak the link. It may cloak it for people but John Chow wants to cloak them from google too. and for that you need to redirect to a html page that has noindex in it’s meta and then redirect from that.
        This is how John was doing the redirects until now .
        My free plugin does that and I guess wp-affiliate-pro does it too.

  27. I used this product in the past , it’s very good. 😈

  28. Marc Lindsay says:

    Hey John,
    Wow great to see you like it so far John, if you think it is good now, you should see the upgrades we have in store for it.

    John I am pretty sure I met you at a seminar this year, did you go to any Seminar’s in Australia?

    It is going to be great, in fact you have my email from this comment, i would love to get in touch with you to see if you have suggestions for it.

    Basically like everything else we do we are going to continue to improve this way beyond anything you would have seen in the WP plugins list, it already beats pretty much all of them hands down.

    Being an avid wordpress user myself I have searched through a lot of plugins.

    Anyhow, cheers for the blog post, get in touch with me, and we’ll chat soon.

    Marc Lindsay

  29. Marc Lindsay says:

    Oh also to answer some of the queries here and to answer John.

    No worries will check into the Firefox and Internet Explorer not showing in status window.

    Also as far as SEO is concerned, I run an SEO company here in Australia and have some wicked cool updates in the works to give a lot of extra options for your linking habits.

    Like I said, got an idea for an update, let us know we’ll add it.

    Marc Lindsay

  30. Great product. I don’t have any use for it quite yet, but sometime…

  31. bweaver says:

    When I see a website monkeying with links, it makes me suspicious of the whole site. While there’s a good argument to make affiliate links look like “innocent” non-affiliate links — since some folks won’t click on them, but if the site owner is hiding them, what else are they hiding? What other tom foolery is going on? However, automatically turning keywords into affiliate links is pretty handy.

    1. Angel says:

      John has been disguising his aff links for a long time. Nobody complained before.

      1. bweaver says:

        So “complaining” now is off-limits? 😀 My point is more general, that when I surf to a site where the links are twiddled, it raises my suspicions. It makes me less likely to click at all. If a valid link isn’t readily apparent, I’d rather go to the trouble to open a tab and search for the link text (or other relevant string) than click something suspicious.

        My point is not to complain about John’s affiliate links specifically, but rather to point out the downside of investing time (and money, in this case) to obscure aff. links. Obscuring links is a valid technique used for valid reasons, but if it has a side effect of reducing trust, that too is a consideration.

  32. steve says:

    I just purchased too. looks like a great product…
    Just hope some of my affiliates but it too! 😉

  33. satproject says:

    Even I want it 😈 😈 😈 Can I get a nulled version? 😉 😉 😉 Joking.. No offence

  34. but this is similar to Alinks – which is free and it has stats
    alinks creates repeated words into links – but I use it to capture keywords and turn it into affilaite links, I think its the same exact thing

    1. Simon says:

      I was just about to say the same thing. Alinks has been out for a while, and is great for deeplinking, and affiliate links. Can’t argue with the $0 price tag either!

      1. As far as I know alings doen’t hide the affiliate links … am I right ?

  35. Jack says:

    I’m using Firefox and I can see the link as:

    Maybe you should work some ‘mod rewrite’ magic in order to make the URL prettier. Probably will work better than javascript. Seems like a decent script though.

  36. PreBlogging says:

    hmmm nice , but I don’t think I will be running off to buy it quote yet. I guess I need more readers/products/money before I splash out.

  37. whydowork says:

    I don’t think this product is robust enough to be selling. I recall when we (reluctantly) placed those annoying kontera links on our forums and had over 30 complaints during our trial either because they added unnecessary load time to the page, or were just plain annoying. Needless to say we did remove them, but I think if you travel down the path of overkill on your advertising initiatives on your site you will lose trust with your audience.

    If you’re going to put an affiliate link, just do it and don’t cloak it.

    If you believe in the product and state that, then no one will have a problem with it. If you’re trying to seem unbiased and skim money off the top by hiding the fact that you’re an affiliate, then a link cloaking solution will do.

    1. KingJacob says:

      Except google who will knock your landing page “quality” if their spider sees too many affiliates even if they are entirely relevant and unbiased.

      1. whydowork says:

        I’m on the side of designing web pages for users, not robotic spiders 😉 It’s up to Google to properly index relevant content, not us to change the way we make pages to adapt to them.
        Search algorithms change far too frequently to waste time trying to keep up.

  38. Etienne Teo says:

    I am sure and confident that the following products will all be slashed 50% off after the first 2 products. Lets wait and see.. 🙄

  39. I could not agree with you any more. And the price they ask for it is a little bit too much I think.

  40. Squeezing the last penny out. How many links do you think you’ll have? I mean if you have a post that mentions say PayPerPost 20x, would you get 20 links? That might become annoying to readers.

  41. 8711 RSS readers. You are going to hit 9000 by the end of month at this rate! You’ll have to bump up your goal.

  42. chap says:

    it sounds great but i wanna know does it work for blogger ?

    have a look at my blog

    1. which part of WP or WordPress didn’t you get ? 🙂

  43. Tariq says:

    I am actually using KB Linker thought I might give ALink a try. The former is free anyways 😛

  44. Pingback: | webpal
  45. TheWild1 says:

    Nice product.. too bad I don’t use wordpress

  46. slantnose says:

    john i am confused, please forgive me in advance for being so nieve. In your how to make money ebook you say to not use free services for blogs. So if you use this product wp affilite pro are you saying that your blog is powered by wordpress?

    1. John Chow says:

      This blog is powered by WordPress. WordPress is a free program. I do not use their free hosting service.

  47. Googlelady says:

    Now a day a hosting account cost from $4 to $8 per month only, I will recommend to use your own hosting account instead of free. It is free and is great the word free but in your online business the word free can be dangerous 😉

  48. John Chow says:

    The item has sold out. I hope you got one if you wanted one.

  49. Teejay says:

    Hiding the affiliate links is one of the best features of this product. I currently use your go method of affiliate linking.

    1. IF you want an easier way to do the go/ method you could look into my plugin. It’s free

  50. Sagar says:

    nim amman na kayya john….suLe maga neenu

  51. Googlelady says:

    Ok I have seen some plugin’s owners here taking advantage for this article to promote their plugins. I have bought the wp plugin till now it is really a good one but if I knew it that their using DL guard which really s-u-x I could easily find the download link. 🙂

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