Build a Job Search Megasite in Under an Hour

Launching a new website can be quite a bit of hard work. You have to decide on a design. You have to code that design. You have to write the content. And then when it’s finally up and running, you have to update it regularly and make sure the search engines are coming by to visit.

There has to be an easier way. One package that you might want to consider is 300K Page Job Search In-a-Box. It may not have the most eloquent name on the Internet, but it could prove to be a viable source of income as part of your online portfolio. Let’s get on with today’s review.

What Is 300K Page Job Search In-a-Box?

I get that the developers of this offering wanted to give it a name that was descriptive, but this just ends up sounding convoluted and confusing. This is mostly because it can be hard to determine exactly what they mean. Is there a search in a box for 300K page jobs? No. It’s a job search, in a box, that comes with 300k pages.

The core idea here is that you get a turnkey script to “instantly create a niche job search engine with a site footprint of 300,000+ pages.” In a nutshell, you install the script, run through some options, and have a huge “megasite” up and running in a matter of minutes. You just need to get your own domain.

In every economy, whether it’s up or down, people are looking for jobs. They could go to the “monster” sized job sites, but you can really capitalize on specific niches. That’s the big idea behind this sort of solution. Target a certain demographic, looking for a certain kind of job, and monetize that traffic every way you can.

Seeing the Turnkey Solution in Action

Perhaps the easiest way to understand how 300K Page Job Search In-a-Box works is to see a live example. You can check that out at, a site set up by the same guys who make the script in the first place.

The sample site has been set up to target the United States (and its territories), focusing on local clerical jobs. You can see the listings based on the state or you can enter a zip code and look for jobs within a certain distance. You’ll notice very quickly that the site is integrated into Indeed’s Publisher program.

Indeed is basically a job search utility that offers monetization options for site owners. That’s one way you can make money from the site, since each job posting is actually on Indeed’s site (the script uses frames so that site visitors still see your custom domain/URL in the address bar).

Does It Make Money?

To get a sense of whether having these 300,000 pages on a job search site will actually net you any cash, the developers have put together a live case study for you to read. It covers a number of topics surrounding the idea of having a site that auto-scales and is on auto-pilot.

The case study gets updated periodically. Some highlights include getting the site indexed by Google in one day, getting 1000+ pages indexed in one week, and getting 21,000+ pages indexed in 21 days. The example site was profitable in the first month and was earning over $100/month by month 2.

How Much Does It Cost?

Currently, there are two main sets of options if you want to give the 300K Page Job Search In-a-Box a try.

The self-installation option comes with three different licenses. A single license for a single site is $72.75, a license for three domains (and one SEO matrix) is $147.75, and a license for five domains (and three SEO matrixes) is $185.25. Alternatively, you can go with the hosted installation for $14.96/month. That includes all the hosting and maintenance through their cloud-based solution. All of these prices already include a special discount for being a reader of John Chow dot Com.

Autopilot sites are great, because you really can “set it and forget it.” If you really can be profitable with a “megasite” filled with thousands of job postings, this script may very well be worth the purchase price. The challenge, of course, is getting that targeted traffic.


66 thoughts on “Build a Job Search Megasite in Under an Hour”

  1. KitKupon says:

    Nice offer for Job search site.
    Back to 2005 I did my own job search site and it was quite a good experience to get traffic.
    for that price with such options I would say WOW!

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      Wow, indeed.

      A person could probably find ways to make very highly profitable sites with this script, if they choose to not just put them on auto-pilot and really focus on promoting and maximizing traffic monetization.

      1. Dave says:

        That’s true. The solution’s only been out for about 1 month and I have had customers with amazing results, including 1) flipping a site for $200 after 2 weeks and 2) $400+/mo in direct ad sales + income from Indeed and Adsense.

        1. Kevin Kimes says:

          I’d bet they could get much bigger than that. If there’s a lot of flexibility in how the script can be used, then the sky is the limit.

        2. so you got the gold pot ?

    2. 2005 … boy you were in cream layered era … So your Job search site is still alive ?

      1. KitKupon says:

        No, man 🙁 not any more. it was under the name of jobsearchcanada

        1. Why did you close it ? Any specific reason ?

    3. Ras Dewni says:

      how to buy that script…?
      is it suitable for Asian country..maybe due to language barrier..or is it in english only??

  2. Alexis says:

    The package is great . I’ve got so many websites already that the traffic in them is my concern now. For those who have been panning to build one this may be the right thing to do.

    1. Abhik says:

      That’s exactly what my problem is.
      I want to buy this, but I don’t have much time to promote it.

      1. Dave says:

        Hi, I actually the creator of this solution.

        You actually don’t have to do much, if any, promoting at all. If you check out the live case study, the marketing strategy used is just long tail SEO (which is what the site has been optimized for). In fact, I’ve done no direct promoting of the site.

        For direct ad sales, the value proposition is selling ~60,000 contextual backlinks. The long tail traffic will also get you very targeted visitors (e.g. someone looking for a clerical job in random city in Iowa), which drives the Indeed publisher + Adsense income.

      2. Abhik ….outsource your work my friend. i think you are from Bengal so you can hire your employee as well at $250 per month I think.

  3. fas says:

    Did Google use this. Just kidding 🙂

  4. Very interesting package – seems worth it, too.

    1. Yeah… surely its worthy of it.

    2. I think that too… This is something we should not miss to try. It is definitely a good catch.

  5. spanish fly says:

    It may be easy to set up, but the marketing part will take a huge effort – to let everyone know about your site

    1. Dave says:

      I’m the creator of this solution. (Will include this disclaimer for my first several comment responses.)

      Marketing is actually not bad at all. The site is optimized for long tail SEO and the only online marketing I did was initial, seed SEO. You can check out the details at the live case study:

    2. PPC Ian says:

      That is true, I wonder how SEO friendly it is?

      1. Dave says:

        All the results pages are SEO-friendly URLs and optimized for long tail search terms (e.g. jobcategory jobs in cityname, jobcategory jobs in zipcode, local jobcategory jobs in cityname, etc.).

    3. Yes this will cost around $500 to $750 more …

  6. Mr.Ven says:

    If it covers international jobs then great…

    1. Dave says:

      There is also a UK version of the script available, but the footprint is smaller than 300K pages.

  7. Tikyd says:

    I have visited the site where the case study originated from not too long ago. However, i would like to ask if you are able to get this type of profit with every site that you do? Moreover, wouldn’t this method be saturated after many people decide to create database sites around the Job searching topic?

    1. Dave says:

      I’m the creator of this solution. (Adding this disclaimer to my first several comments…)

      The profitability of the site, of course, comes down to how well you can execute the business side of things. If you follow the live case study, you can see exactly what I did to get to $100+ by month 2… and at that point, you can just merely replicate.

      Certain micro-niches may get saturated. However, there are so many job niches you can choose from that you can easily avoid this issue. I compare this to the threat of blogging becoming saturated.

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        There’s room for everyone in almost every niche 🙂 I wrote about that recently.

      2. PPC Ian says:

        Seems like a really great solution you have put together, thanks so much for sharing!

        1. Dave says:

          It’s my pleasure!

  8. The internet is coming to be the place to be to find anything to sell or buy. This is something I wouldn’t have never ed thought of doing.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  9. TiVi Mania says:

    These are all great ways to make money, I have only tried a few of them but Im sure if you did them all, you would make a lot of money.

    Thank for share 🙂

  10. Abhik says:

    WOW!! Awesome review Micheal.
    Let me browse their site a bit to decide if I wanna purchase a pack.

    1. So you will target UK base or US based jobs ?

  11. Mate Hegedus says:

    It might be easy to install, but how are you going to promote it?

    1. Dave says:

      The site is optimized for long tail search engine traffic, so promoting is a just a matter of initial seed SEO. You can check out the case study to see exactly what I did:

  12. Very interesting product, Definitely something to think about

  13. Apple Drunk says:

    Seems to be quite a decent package for generating some quick passive income on a steady basis. I’ll look into it.

    1. Dave says:

      Exactly! Though this is the best case that has been reported to me, in the 1 month that this solution has been available, one customer has already sold $400+ worth of monthly ads on his site.

  14. Great that you offer a service like this. The more people use it the better the internet gets…

    Keep it up!

  15. PPC Ian says:

    Seems like a great deal for the money! You get so much for so little cost!

  16. Yes things are changing and now people are looking for those website which cover specific area.

    Good idea…

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      Hey ZK, your URL is wrong somehow in your comments and on the top commentator gizmo. You’ve got “.comso” in there instead of “.com”.

  17. Real Man says:

    Interesting stuff. I’m curious to know how to attract the maximum amount of companies to post their job vacancies on this site. Surely that is the key to making it work. Does anyone have ideas about that?

    1. Dave says:

      The script leverages the Indeed publisher API. This means all the jobs in your specific job niche that have been posted to Indeed (the largest job search in the US) and its network of thousands of sites will automatically be listed on your site, as well. Therefore, your site will always remain updated automatically and even scale further in footprint, as more and more jobs are posted and indexed by Google.

      To your point, If you do sale job postings directly on your site, you do make good money. Per Indeed’s site, the average sale is $200/listing and Indeed will take a $20 processing fee (leaving you w/ $180 per listing sold from your site).

  18. Tony says:

    Interesting stuff. Just wonder, is this system workable in Asian country?

    1. Dave says:

      The system is workable for most countries, since Indeed supports a number of countries.

      However, for the same architecture and similar scale, you will need a supporting database of postal codes. For instance, the US version utilizes a database of US zip codes and the UK version utilizes a database of UK post codes.

    2. If they can also target Asian countries than believe me they will get more exposure …

  19. Good to know about this but still not sure how it can rank well on Google cause of duplicate content……

    1. Dave says:

      There is actually minimal duplicate content, because the job search engine has been customized for a specific job search niche. It’s not a replica of Indeed or anything like that.

      In addition, for optimal SEO ranking, there are a number of areas where you can customize content (that changes depending on the job category being browsed). Check out this image to see what I mean:

  20. Hey Michael,

    I like your review as almost always. I*m sure that for some people this may be a solution to what they want to be doing. It is not something I will get into in the foreseeable future though.

  21. Sounds like a good opportunity for the investment cost. Will you still be updating the live case study?

    1. Dave says:

      Yes, I do plan to continue updating the live case study.

      However, since I already hit a $100+ month, I may only post updates once a month going forward. Haven’t fully decided yet…

    2. Yes this is a quite good option as described …. Lets see some review from our readers friend about it …

  22. fazal mayar says:

    I thought about creating e-commerce sites but creating directories or job search site type of sites can make you bank.

    1. Would love to know your marketing strategy for that …

  23. marco says:


    A great Idea!
    But with 21.000 indexed sites within 21 days in google , then rbings me only 100$ in month??
    Thats worst case or not?

    Look at xfactor authorithy sites from author john, he had a health niche website with over 2000 webpages, and he makes more, many more than 100$ in month with adsense.
    Lets calc, that an 21.000 indexed page, must brings adsense earnings 10x times more than the health 2000 page or not?

    with best wishes

    1. Dave says:

      I wouldn’t consider this a worst case.

      There’s not always a direct relationship between earnings and pages indexed. If you look only at the variable of pages indexed, you are most likely not comparing apples to apples. Other factors to take into account include traffic, visitor geography breakdown, monetization strategy (e.g. ads vs. ecommerce), site age, etc.

      The fact the site is barely 2 months old and making $100+/mo is a decent case, in my opinion.

      Please let me know if you’d like me to clarify.

    2. Kevin Kimes says:

      $100/mo for doing nothing else other than the initial setup? Sounds good to me.

      1. Well we would love to know your review after you purchase it and use it.

  24. Its great news to build an a site with an hour

  25. I would have never thought of promoting a job site….. Adding it to the to do list… 🙂

    1. Yes and this will add diversify factor to your business as well.

  26. Dave says:

    Btw, we have a new promotion going on called the 10K Guarantee. For Hosted Solution sites, I’ll guarantee 10K pages indexed by the end of month 2 (or your money back). This promotion is discounted to $17.95/mo.

    Full details here:

  27. Forex News says:

    If it covers international jobs then great

    1. Dave says:

      There’s version that covers the UK market.

  28. Dave says:

    Due to an issue with PayPal, there’s a billing problem with some customers who are on the Hosted Solution subscription. For those affected, I will be sending you a direct email.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions (email is [email protected][my domain]). Thanks.

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