Build An Affiliate Store In Minutes With Nezie

Designing and coding a website from scratch can certainly be a daunting endeavor, especially if you want to set it up so you can make money from multiple affiliate networks. What if there was an easier way for you to sell a variety of products and services, all without having any physical inventory or doing any real coding whatsoever? What if it really was that easy?

That’s the idea behind Nezie, the subject of today’s review. It’s designed from the ground up to help you “earn big affiliate commission checks” from the sales you refer via your Nezie-powered online store.

The All-In-One Affiliate Site Builder

The more conventional thing for an affiliate marketer to do is to buy a domain, buy some hosting, get a web design, and populate it with all the affiliate products that you want to promote. This means going to multiple places, but that’s not how Nezie works.

Instead, Nezie is billed as the “ultimate free web-based multiple affiliate site builder.” It’s a “one-stop all-in-one affiliate store and site builder.” You don’t need to pay for separate hosting, because Nezie does that. You don’t have to buy software to design your site, because Nezie does that too. In fact, you get quite the slew of features, including the template-driven design, SEO friendly URL slugs, and a powerful search function.

By default, your Nezie-powered store will take on the domain structure of That’s not so bad, but it doesn’t really help your online store have the same kind of stronger branding as you would have with your own custom domain. The good news is that it’s quite easy to attach a domain name to your Nezie store.

What Networks Are Supported?

While you could certainly put all your eggs into one affiliate basket, Nezie has already been preconfigured to work with a variety of popular affiliate programs. The most notable would include such networks as Amazon, but Nezie also supports Zazzle, CafePress, and AllPosters, as well as select merchants from ShareASale and PepperJam. In this way, a Nezie store can be set up for both physical and digital products.

In the coming months, Nezie plans on adding support for other networks too, including LinkShare, ClickBank, and Commission Junction. With this expansion, you’ll have quite a huge library of products to choose from that you can then promote.

Design and Populate Your Site

Nezie is an all-in-one site builder, so while you are offered a fair bit of customization, you are necessarily restricted to the platform and the options that it provides.

Shown above is one of the many live demos that are being displayed on the Nezie website. This gives you a general idea of the layout and design that you can expect when you build your own Nezie store.

As a frame of reference, I built a dummy store using the tool too, but have not populated it with any products. Instead, I only inserted “lorum ipsum” filler text for the intro paragraph, using the Amazon affiliate template. As you can see, the template already includes Amazon banners, a search bar, a contact page, and so forth.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is one of the more clever features of Nezie. There are two membership levels and they are mostly identical, save for a couple of very important differences.

The free membership on the left is exactly that: free. You don’t have to pay for hosting or any of the Nezie backend whatsoever. The catch is that your affiliate IDs are only used 70% of the time, meaning that Nezie effectively gains about 30% of your net commissions. You also cannot list your own private products or transfer your store to other Nezie members.

For those features, you’ll need to upgrade to the $19.95/month pro membership. Here, you keep all of your commissions. With some simple math, we work out that if you expect to earn more than $67 a month in affiliate commissions, it’s worth it to get the pro membership. It also means that you can promote your own private products too.


16 thoughts on “Build An Affiliate Store In Minutes With Nezie”

  1. This is awesome! If it truly works like it’s supposed to, it will take the tears out of building and running an affiliate store, making affiliate marketing a little easier. Of course, I’m thinking we still have the job of marketing our affiliate stores or do they have an option for that as well?

    1. Sam says:

      @Sharon Fiberesima I have been playing around with Nezie for a few days now and find that the system really makes it easy to build SEO friendly niche stores. I love that it is very easy to mix products from Amazon, Zazzle and other supported affiliate networks. I will surely be building lots of stores here as I have several domains I would love to easily and quickly monetize.

      I have even exchanged a few emails with Nezie admins and it looks like they have tons of new modules and templates in the works and will be rolling them out soon. I am especially looking forward to the Linkshare and SFI modules.

      Eventhough they have made the stores very search engine friendly, it is up to individual store owners to promote/market/share their own webstores – similar to creating your own pages on Squidoo and Hubpages.

  2. PiyushNani says:

    hey Hi Understanding Little Bit. ANd I need Video Tutorials. Can U Help Me Out From This Problem

  3. Enstine Muki says:

    Wao! Truely, I’m excited about this. I’m in for a store. I remember I searched the net for a platform like this and all I saw was adult content platform.

  4. Seems to be a new profitable niche that they’ve found, with the right marketing, they may be large.

  5. fas says:

    Interesting, but the whole challenge is getting targeted traffic to this store?

  6. Gareth Morgan says:

    Yes, on the surface this looks like it could be huge but as @fas said, the whole challenge will probably be getting traffic to the store to justify the on going costs.

  7. Looks interesting, gonna check out the free option for now and see how the final product looks

  8. Rajnish says:

    Seems like I am really a lucky guy I also want to start to affiliate store for my freelance work site.

    Thanks John i think this will help me for sure.

  9. Rajnish357 says:

    Seems like I am really a lucky guy I also want to start to affiliate store for my freelance work site.

    Thanks John i think this will help me for sure.

  10. nickthrolson says:

    This site is really interesting I will try this out with couple sites I have parked see if they generate more revenue via the store or just being parked.

  11. Dess71 says:

    I had been playing with after I heard about it in digitalpoint forum about 2 mths ago. I built 6 sites which I checked after 2 mths now and found out that 4 of them are indexed. Couldn’t check traffic because I don’t know where to. But the store builder is really amazing. Here is one game store I built by then

  12. Ralph Starski says:

    You still think you’re gonna make money as an Amazon affiliate? Hahaha, you’re so naive. Affiliate marketing is stone dead!!! No matter what you do Google will screw you in the end. Forget about affiliate marketing. It’s not a business, it never has been one.

  13. Wow! Looks like a powerful tool John. Getting excited to try this one.
    Thank you John!

  14. very well written john, I think it will help me.
    prize bond

  15. Deen says:

    seem awesome, but  a self made store is more appropriate for me.. you cant rely your online business to other people domain and hosting…. anyway a good ways for newbies… 🙂

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