Build an EZ Empire by Importing Databases

Setting up a successful and lucrative website can be costly, time-consuming, or both. It can be difficult getting al the content to populate the site and it can be even more challenging to get ranked well in the search engines to attract a good level of traffic.

While this product may not appeal to all audiences, EZ Empire Builder could be a great tool in your quest to make money online. Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at what EZ Empire Builder does, how it works, and whether it can actually be effective in generating a good level of online income.

Automatically Populate a Blog

One of the first hurdles you will encounter when trying to build a website is finding the appropriate content to fill it. You could write the posts yourself or outsource to a freelance writer like me, but that takes time. You could use some auto-blogging software to scrape content, grab PLR articles, or syndicate RSS feeds, but those articles are anything but unique.

EZ Empire Builder, a premium WordPress plugin, takes on an entirely different approach. The way that it works is that it allows you to import any kind of database and use that as your source material.

Import any Database as Source Material

You know those websites that list song lyrics? The webmasters probably didn’t type in those lyrics themselves; the information is pulled from a database. In like manner, you may be able to grab CSV databases from affiliate networks and the like.

In short, this blogging tool can import the database and use the information contained within as source material for hundreds or even thousands of posts. For this example, we use a database of restaurants in and around San Francisco.

You can upload the database from within the WordPress dashboard utility itself or you can use FTP to upload the database files manually. Both methods work with this tool.

Manipulate Fields to Create Unique Posts

After the database has been imported, you go to the post configuration tab in WordPress. It is here that you really get to see what EZ Empire Builder can do. Each field in the database is converted into tags. These, denoted as [[keyword]], can then be dragged and dropped into the post title, post description, and post excerpt areas.

You can also use spinner text, like {hello|hi|hey}, and it will “spin” the text to use each of those three words for different posts. After entering some filler text to allow for grammatically correct sentences, you can effectively generate hundreds or thousands of unique posts. You can insert highly targeted affiliate links and other advertising too.

The resulting blog posts can publish all at once or you can define how they “drip” onto your blog over an extended period of time. You determine the total number of posts, number of posts published each day, and the date on which to start posting.

In effect, you can have a fully populated WordPress blog with thousands of unique posts in a matter of minutes. You just have to find the right database, define the post template, and let EZ Empire Builder do its thing.

This wouldn’t be appropriate for blogs like Beyond the Rhetoric or John Chow dot Com, but it can be great for affiliate marketing or resource-based sites, among others.

How Much Does It Cost?

I went in expecting EZ Empire Builder to be like any other auto-blogging software. I expected it to translate PLR articles into a foreign language and then translate them back to English for unique content. It doesn’t do this.

The ability to import just about any database (CSV, mySQL, etc.) and then manipulate the resulting fields sounds like it could be a very powerful endeavor. Implemented and monetized correctly, you could have a great resource-style site that ranks well in search engines.

EZ Empire Builder currently sells for $197, but you can enter the coupon code JCHOW15 for 15% off the purchase price. It also comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.


42 thoughts on “Build an EZ Empire by Importing Databases”

  1. Nigel Chua says:

    Oh my, what an…awfully…brilliant…not to mention…downright evil idea… As you say, it’s good for affiliate website and blogs, but may not be very suitable for personal blogs such as yours. Nonetheless, it’d be super for affiliates.

    Thanks for the review John!

    1. Its not John its Michael (freelance writer)

      1. simple mistake by him 😀

    2. Right, def not intended for personal blogging. But for someone looking to start a few different blogs in niches that can generate some adsense income, I’m sure you’ll make up the $200 spent on this in no time. You’ll just have to think outside the box a little. Great softwear and it looks clean, not like some others that I’ve seen…

  2. Eh, this idea is overdone, oversold, and they are ripping you off if you pay more than $10 for the software. What they don’t really tell you is that it is a TON of work to make all of the articles, and it costs a lot of money to populate articles from outsourcing them if you choose that option. I’m not a buyer.

    1. I have seen this softwear a lot cheaper at other places, I wonder if they’ve made it simpler and cleaner looking so that someone with not much interwebz experience can make it work…not sure.

  3. Luke says:

    I was actually planning on doing this with a few databases I have, but I think I’ll code it myself 😛

    1. If you will code it than let us know may be we will be your customer as well.

      What do you say ?

      1. Luke says:

        Seems like there’s definitely a market for something like this. I’ll let you know when I get it done 🙂

        1. yes…don’t be bashful with it either 😉

  4. Looks like a bunch of other software tools used for automation.

  5. Thanks for the great content. Keep it up

  6. d3so says:

    I dunno seems lame. I’ve used other auto blogging plugins that have exceeded expectations and is useful for both personal blogging & marketing.

    1. Would you like to name few of them.

    2. You have to choose the right niche…very targeted, and find ways to monetize other than what every other mass blogger is trying to do…

      1. Wynne says:

        Yes true. I had several affiliate blogs running on WP Robot. Mixed results really – in reality I’ve had much better success writing real content.

        1. Yeah, I think you can’t really beat legit content as “content is king!”

  7. autoblogging simply doesnt produce quality content for me.. 🙁

    1. fas says:

      And for a lot more people out there.

    2. Free Picks says:

      even visitors does not like it

  8. Andrew says:

    The example given looks good. It might work for a restaurant review or any kind of business review site.

    As long as the posts rank well, customers of the featured businesses might even comment.

    It certainly is a challenge to automate content delivery and make it worthwhile to the visitor.

    1. Its saying automate but at last you will have to use manual work as well.

  9. Well I think this can be used for jewellery and other similar kind of niche as well.

    But however $197 is bit expensive.

  10. Eric Nagel says:

    If you have a bit of programming knowledge, or are feeling adventurous, I put together a complete series on how to build a datafeed site. As people contact me about specific questions, I keep adding to the series.

    Oh, and it’s free 🙂

  11. Soares says:

    Where do you get the databases….!!?!?

  12. This could save a person tons of time it seems but I could definitely see how the outcome might not be unique or as high quality.

  13. Randy says:

    Just grabbed a copy 😉 Time will tell but looks awesome so far!

  14. jtGraphic says:

    I prefer to build out my own quality content on my own. It has longer lasting effects.

  15. Edgar says:

    this a great idea, but 197 thats way to much… good luck trying to sell it

  16. Vance Sova says:

    Hi Michael,

    While it may work for restaurants now I do not generally trust automated content.

    I doubt that Google favors those kinds of sites and will likely examine them very closely sooner or later even if it ranks them well now.

    Creating unique content is what will always be rewarded in the end and building a quick and easy empire sounds to me like setting things up for a quick and easy fall down the road.

    Easy come easy go.

    Even if the price was 5 times lower I wouldn’t be interested in buying this.


  17. DC Figures says:

    Interesting to see datafeed sites making a comeback.

  18. Free Picks says:

    how could john promote auto blogging

    1. lol again, read below the title you will found the name of the writer of the post it is “written by Michael Kwan” 😛

  19. $197 is bit expensive…for me…………..

  20. Maaya says:

    didn’t feed is back again. but as i see it 197$ is a bit on the upper market and a bit expensive

  21. I fail to understand what kind of value adds this for the readers of such sites / blogs… Somebody can enlighten me please? SY

  22. Good tool. But i am still not sure will it work as expected or not. can u give us a link of the website, where the blog is populated using that tool? any how, if it works as told, it is a great asset.

  23. Navaneeth says:

    It is a nice idea from the creators. But will google allow such things in future is yet to be seen.

  24. Randy says:

    Don’t think of this as auto-blogging. Its not the same thing. Its a way to build a site on WordPress using a database that you otherwise would have to hire a programmer to do for you on RAC – much cheaper, faster and with much, much more control than you could ever do without the tool. If you can’t see that then I’m not sure you should even be commenting on this subject because auto-blogging is a lot different and not nearly as, how shall I say, sexy and awesome as this tool is. Yes, I bought it. Yes, using it now and all I can say is WOW! No wonder John is willing to promote the tool. Not to mention, I just got an email from Jack Humphrey who highly endorses this tool which is a HUGE endorsement from a well respected blogger. You decide. But, I already know, this is a great product and $200 is nothing compared to what I’ve already done with it in the last week along 🙂

  25. Brad says:

    I bought this in february and built 4 sites with it
    1. Game site ($12.5 day average via adsense)
    2. Bike affiliate site off a share a sell feed, $350 in commisions to date
    3. Bike affiliate site off popfeeds network $462.13 to date
    4. Long tail traffic site dumping searchers to another money site automatically 32,000 pages indexed and around 7,500 uniques a month

    very little promotion or link building done yet, just a few social bookmarks and an article on ezine for sites 1-3.

    1. Hmmm, now you just need some well aged domains to have all those indexed pages on…..I’d like to see how well this works out in the long run, as big daddy Google inevitably catches up, but it seems like a brilliant bet for short time gain……

  26. Pastor says:

    This is an excellent piece of software. Those that see the value of it will jump on it even at that price and be well adhead of the typical autoblogger.

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