Building Up Your SEO Efforts with IncomingPR

When it comes to rising to the top of Google, there is only so much that you can do on your own website. You can input the right kind of metadata, focus on the right mix and density of keywords, and make sure your content is easily read by the bots and spiders, but that’s oftentimes not enough. You need links. You need quality links that add value to your site.

One service that you can consider in this regard is Incoming PR. As we make our way through this review, we’ll discuss how the system utilized by this link-building service is different from the others and how much it costs. There’s also a special bonus for readers of John Chow dot Com.

Links Done Right

That’s the catchphrase for Incoming PR. Rather than selling you a random assortment of links that will are supposed to add “link juice” to your site, they work under more of a system.

The best way to explain it is to watch the demo video. In short, Incoming PR works with something called the Build system. When you sign up for a plan, you don’t just get a few sites in their network to link to your website. Instead, they build up an interlocking network of links, working through multiple tiers.

The advantage here is that each of the backlinks that you receive will be coming from sites that are also being bumped up by other sites in that network, all of which working around the same core type of content and focusing on the same kind of niche. Let’s look a little deeper.

The Anatomy of the Build

Naturally, your site is in the center. The goal is to get focused and targeted backlinks to your site, using the targeted keywords and keyword phrases. This should help to bump your site higher up in the search engine rankings.

With IncomingPR, they create “a unique, keyword focused piece of content for each build.” This is then distributed to a variety of websites, including web 2.0 properties, social bookmarks, microblogs, article sites, document sharing sites, private blog posts, whitepaper distribution sites, and more. The key is that these are a diverse combination of sites and they’ll funnelling their “link juice” toward your site.

You can see the sample diagram above. A higher resolution PDF of that structure is also available. Every “build” that you buy consists of 30 to 50 incoming links. There are a total of four tiers of sites for each of these builds.

According to IncomingPR, most clients are able to see “significant improvement” in their search engine rankings within the first 30 days and you also receive detailed monthly reports that outline exactly what links were included in each build.

How Much Does It Cost?

At this time, IncomingPR offers four pricing plans.

The cheapest of the bunch starts at $129 per month and this includes one build per month with one URL being promoted. At this level, you do not receive deep linking to your site. The $599 medium plan gets you six builds, but still no deep linking. It is only when you reach the $999 large plan that you get deeplinking and 12 builds per month, promoting up to six URLs.

This doesn’t exactly sound cheap, but you have to realize that each build is actually quite a complex network of interlinking. It also includes unique content that is keyword targeted. Even so, IncomingPR says that you can cancel at any time and your existing links will not be removed.

A Free Webinar on SEO Domination

And here is the bonus exclusive to all John Chow dot Com readers. IncomingPR has set up a special live webinar to discuss a “winning strategy for generating more traffic, leads, and sales using organic search traffic.” It’s scheduled for August 16th at 6pm EDT. You can sign up here. In addition, they’re promising “a free special surprise bonus” for everyone attending the webinar.

52 thoughts on “Building Up Your SEO Efforts with IncomingPR”

  1. Jacob says:

    Increasingly, I have less and less faith in services like this. They promise to get you these high rankings, but are the links that they are making you high quality? More importantly, what’s to say that Google doesn’t discount these links in a month? I guess my issue is that so many people are starting to offer these link wheels that sooner or later, the value will get slammed by Google.

    That being said, it can be an interesting experiment and while I don’t really use them, other marketers could potentially make a killing from it. I just don’t trust these services that build links spinning my content.

    1. simon says:

      hmm I agree with you…I have been scammed so many times from different link building services…that now I don’t trust any of them….and the price they are asking for is too much for newbie internet marketer…

      1. Virtual Tour says:

        Countless times getting scammed by services like this.

      2. The fool only beginner with a lot of directory links.

      3. Gift Ideas says:

        The time are very impotent don’t wast.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yes it make sense. Especially because Google is working a lot more carefully than ever before, I can say. They noticed massive link building a lot faster than usual. This is perhaps a good service, but I don’t feel like I’m gonna use it.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        I agree with Erwin. Link building is a sensitive topic. Done incorrectly, it can destroy one’s business. When it comes to stuff like this, I prefer to take matters into my own hands. That said, if you can partner with someone that’s 100% white hat and truly knows what they’re doing, that could make sense too!

        1. Brock Blohm says:

          Agreed. I do it the old-fashioned way. Blog commenting, building lists, and driving traffic. I have tried an SEO company – never again. Very unimpress and feel that 100% of my money was thrown away.

          Could there be a legitimate company? Could it be this one? Sure. But I’m not going to risk it :). It really can make or break you!

          1. Frank says:

            I want to try something like this because I very much need more links. But how can we be sure this is a reliable service? It’s very important for me.

    3. I believe ultimately it will come down to content and Google is trying to get there. However, for now this will work till Google learns to differentiate between natural and manufactured links.

      1. God sees and hears always what you do. (Google)

    4. Virtual Tour says:

      I would have to agree with your statement. I find myself with a lot less faith that they are REAL link building and not just bot link building. Real SEO takes a lot of time and work.

  2. sounds great and like all other link building services it may be something to look into but it actually being worth it is the thing and I really dont want to fall victim to any empty promises,but you definitely really know how it works unless you try it from true experience

  3. Is it what we call link wheel? its very powerful to boost your pr and search engine rankings. thanks for sharing john 🙂

  4. fazal mayar says:

    thanks for sharing, indeed it is powerful to linkbuild like this. Link wheels show great results.

  5. Chris McCoy says:

    I don’t have this kind of money to experiment, but I am interested if this method works for anyone? Are there any garantees that Google won’t find the value of these links of poor quality?

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      I know some people find this kinda services work perfectly. But still, if we know SEO well there’s no guarantee at all. That kind of money in SEO is not for experiment, it’s for gambling.

  6. MykeTech says:

    Can anybody tell me what deeplinking is?

    1. Virtual Tour says:

      Linking deep in your site, not just the homepage. Building links to pages in your site and having those link to other pages in your site. It’s a good way to build up your whole site with SEO and not just your main page.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Well said, John. Deep linking is a smart strategy. Thinking about the true purpose of an inbound link – connecting the user directly to great content – it makes perfect sense. Deep links make it easier for users to find your great content that’s relevant to them.

  7. Essays says:

    Come one guys, how can they improve PR of our website when they have PR 2 of their own website….

    Plus, I checked their incoming links through yahoo and found just few dozens… It is surely not an SEO company.

    1. Virtual Tour says:

      I always check PR ranking of SEO companies. If they have a 2, at least they are doing something and don’t have nothing. But anyone can get a PR 3 in a couple months with some work.

      1. Essays says:

        Yes, getting PR 2 or 3 is not a big deal. Just put keyword based content and you get PR 2.

    2. A true scam company. John should have checked them before.

  8. I use to check the site PR of my backlinks and build some quality backlinks

  9. I used to make pr for my blog by building quality and relevant backlinks to my site.

  10. PPC Ian says:

    Thanks for sharing, John! Seems like an interesting service. Personally, I really enjoy doing my own link building and PR. Rather than spend money on a service like this, I’d prefer to save my money and do some great press releases on PR Web in addition to simply reaching and networking with others in the space.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah me too. Just like you said above, SEO is a sensitive topic. Done incorrectly and we’re doomed. By doing it with our own hands we will know exactly the link building map and we can control the pace to make it natural. And plus, we don’t have to blame someone else when something goes wrong 😀

  11. You build links for your website and believe me maximum of them will not be indexed by google … So for those links also you need to build links or ping them.

    For it I think social bookmarking is the best option.

  12. Interestingly, the domain has very few links pointing to it

  13. wow… $999 a month! Bargain! Of course backlinks will get you everywhere these days with SEO.. who cares about your content.. lots of backlinks do to job! This is 2006 isnt it?

  14. Greg Netland says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I thought it’d be OK if I jumped in here and answered some of the questions:

    No, this is not a scam.
    We do not build “spammy” directory and forum profile links.
    We do not build link wheels
    Yes, the service is not cheap
    We do not expose our tactics by using them on our own site
    This system is completely white hat

    A single “build” consists of 30-50 unique sites linking to yours (including web 2.0 properties, social bookmarks, microblogs, article sites, document sharing sites, private blog posts, and whitepaper distribution sites), we create a unique piece of content for each build, all your incoming links are in context with your site. Links are people made, not bot made.

    Again, the service is not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

    If you want to learn about the real world strategies and tactics we implement for our clients please feel free to jump in on the webinar next Tuesday (Aug 16th).

    It’s just for you guys (John Chow’s readers), I’ll walk you through exactly what we do for a build, as well as other SEO tactics (and a few ninja tips).

    We have a couple really cool bonuses for those who take action and attend the webinar, I was going to save them all for the call, but the direction the comment thread has taken convinced me to reveal 1 of the bonuses now 😉

    One call attendee will get a FREE month of our Medium Build Plan – no strings – no commitment ($599 value). There is another bonus just for attending, but I’m keeping that one under my hat…

    Click on the “Special Live Webinar” link at the end of John’s review above to sign up. I hope to see you on the call!

    1. Why do not you arrange some strong and good links to your own website if you are so fantastic on link building.

  15. fas says:

    Is that expensive or you think its value?

  16. It looks great, but to be honest the price seems a bit high. I have done similar projects with an outsourced team and they were able to deliver at a lower cost with high results.

  17. Very interesting topic and discussion in comments. I too have been disappointed by “so called link building services” I’ve used in the past. I, as Brock stated, “prefer to do mine the old fashioned way.”

    1. Yeah One agreed & Very nice post for John Chow readers so would like to say thanks to John for the clear explanation .

  18. Justin Dupre says:

    This might be quite expensive for those still beginning with Internet marketing. If this provides the intended results then I’d have to say that it is good. The tried and tested manual method is still the best though.

  19. Mike says:

    This definitely sounds expensive and shouldn’t be done by a near beginner. This is something that you eventually build up to and you realize that it takes money to make money.

  20. It’s a bonus exclusive to all John Chow dot Com readers.

  21. Its an very interesting source for the readers

  22. BucksPaid says:

    Nice recommend for John Chow Readers! However, It seems every expensive for SEO ‘s service. For everyone and me, How many customers are coming when using the service? PR and Alexa will be reached for one month or more?

  23. Lalit says:

    John, I am a big fan of yours and I learn many new things from you and in continuation, this is an excellent piece of information. Thanks

  24. Woah, this SEO agency looks real good!

  25. But it looks abit too expensive… I believe there are tools around in the market that does the same things.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yes me too. In fact, some of the are free tools. But of course there’s always no guarantee for the result.

  26. If we comment in high pagerank blog it will help to get PR juice for our sites

  27. Having links on high PR sites or blog which will boost our PR

  28. Amani says:

    Its sound expensive.

    But just wondering, what happen if all website are having similar backlink? whose going to be ranked #1

  29. Having links on high pr blog will help to get PR juice for our sites

  30. who2india says:

    It helps definitely to develop seo professional way.

  31. Gift Ideas says:

    Very nice guide here to boost the site PR.

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