Buy Just A Five for Way More Than Five Dollars

I noticed that one of the sites that I reviewed on this blog is up for sale on Just a Five is a job board for five dollar jobs. They also have jobs for $10 and $20 as well but most of the listings are the five dollar variety. The jobs range in categories from advertising (helping you gets links or facebook likes) to writing and web design.

You can use Just a Five for almost anything. From outsourcing work that you don’t want to do, to making your friends think you’re in Cancun, Mexico, and everything in between. As a blogger, you can use Just a Five to hire someone to write a few original articles for you, then hire another person to submit them to article directories, and one more to submit to the social bookmarking sites. You’ll spend a total of only $15, while freeing up your time so you can live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

The site makes money by taking a 20% ($1 out of every $5 transaction) cut on all sales. The site is owned by Zac Johnson and is profitable. So why is Zac selling it? He has too many projects on his plate.

At the time of purchase I was quite excited about having this site and taking it to another level, however I have taken on too many projects and need to slim down my portfolio. This is an excellent web site and opportunity for anyone looking to run a profitable web site with a large amount of upside and scalability.

Zac has set a buy it now price of $9,999. The current high bid is $1,000 with two days left. Given the popularity of sites like Fiver, I expect Just a Five to get close to the BIN price by the time the auction ends.

Just a Five will cost you a lot more than five dollars to own, but it will also make a lot more than five dollars as well. If you have the time and resources to develop it, then it’s a good site to take on.