Buying Targeted Links with PaidBacklinks

It’s not exactly a secret that quality one-way backlinks can work wonders for your search engine optimization. Submitting your site to directories and social bookmarking sites can only get so far, so how do you go about getting more links and getting your site to the top of Google for your target search term?

One method that you can try is enlisting the services of As you might be able to guess from the name of the domain, Paid Backlinks sells you paid backlinks. That makes sense, doesn’t it? In this review, we’ll have a look at how it works, whether it’s worth your money, and how you can can make some of that money back.

How Does Work?

It’s really pretty straightforward, as you can imagine. You give them money and they give you links.

Of course, the kinds of links that you get in return are of paramount importance when it comes to a service like this. If all the links are on “link farm” sites that all use the same IP address, it’s not hard for Google to notice and take appropriate action. Thankfully, that’s not the case here.

When you buy backlinks through this service, the links come by way of a blog network. These are primarily WordPress blogs, each on different IPs and Subnets, and they span just about every possible vertical. There are tens of thousands of these blogs and new ones are added each week. Some are up to four years old.

Paid Backlinks guarantees that Google does indeed index its blog network and they’ve taken the extra step of pinging and updating the RSS feed for each and every new blog post. This helps to ensure proper indexing.

Setting Up a Campaign

The signup process is pretty much instant. You enter a name and an e-mail address. That e-mail address gets verified, you get sent a password, and you’re on your way with ten free credits. Each credit buys you one backlink. Then, you mosey over to the dashboard to start your first campaign.

For the purposes of this review, I used up my ten free credits to buy some backlinks for my fighting games blog. I targeted the keyword phrase “Street Fighter” and indicated that up to ten links could be posted per day. You can choose a daily limit between one and 20 links.

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that the system can only “place 7 links right now.” This means the inventory is already there and for me to use up all ten credits, they’ll have to generate some new stuff with their “dynamic content pushing system.” Based on this, it sounds like many of the links you buy will be not on new posts, but on updated posts that had been previously published.

Monitoring the Campaign

After you submit a campaign, the total number of credits that the campaign requires is immediately removed from your account. Let’s say that you wanted to spend 100 credits with a maximum of 5 links per day; this campaign would then last at least 20 days. From there, you can monitor its progress through the reports.

In the reports, you can see your keyword and target URL, as well as the URL where your purchased link was published and the date it was published. That’s for accountability and all of this information can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

How Much Does It Cost?

Those ten free credits go by pretty quickly, so you’ll need to buy more.

The $47 Silver package buys you 179 credits, the $97 gold package nets you 439 credits, and the $147 platinum package buys 769 credits. You can work out the math yourself, but all of these packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, you can recoup some of these costs through the affiliate program too. When you do, you earn a 40% recurring commission rate on every month that your referrals are subscribed. There are no guarantees that these backlinks will skyrocket you to the top, but the system offered here is straightforward and appears to offer decent value.


87 thoughts on “Buying Targeted Links with PaidBacklinks”

  1. Although I never buy links, I must say it seems like competitive prices… anyone will try it?

    1. Abhik says:

      Yes, the prices are good..

      1. Yes the price is good. Also you can manage the links that you want to adding every days.

        1. Hey Michael,

          The review is pretty good. I’m not sure though that this kind of service is in accordance with what Google would approve. I think that buying links is something that could get you in trouble with Google.

          For that reason I’ll stay away from it and let any links to my blog be completely natural and organic.

          1. There are ways to get backlinks that look nice and organic, but this certainly isn’t the way to do it. If you figure out a way to get links in a sneaky sort of way, the absolute worst thing to do is share it or start a business with your idea because Google will catch on in a minute.

        2. That’s a great feature actually because the campaign will look more natural to search engines.

  2. Togrul says:

    I prefer getting free backlinks for now, but will definitely have a look if urgency arises.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. There are a lot of ways to get lots of free backlinks.

      1. Abhik says:

        Yes.. And I’ll prefer them anytime over paid links.

        1. Paid links can be dangerous if Google finds out.

          1. Dave says:

            “Paid links can be dangerous if Google finds out.”

            So all I do is signup to and submit my competitor’s sites there and watch them get penalised?

  3. Design Flyer says:

    Its a nice effort..

  4. Design Flyer says:

    I think most important thing is that how they maintain their relevancy standards. Its very much important.
    Well even if they are perfect their is no guarantee of hundred percent success.

  5. I’ll have to give them a Try. Thanks.

    1. Keep us posted if you don’t mind 😀

    2. Yes, if you don’t mind keep post the results.

    3. Abhik says:

      me too would like to know the results..

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Yes, please report back here on your experience, although you’ll want to be careful with something like this.

  6. This would be a decent service is we could determine the length of time that we wanted the links to be spaced out. Having say 439links pop up over 30 days especially if they are all pointing to the same thing is tough. If I could ask to have that campaign spread over 2-3 months I would feel more comfortable. But then again, maybe I’m wrong.

    1. Profit Blog says:

      I agree. I’d want it to be spread out over a few months, and maybe in random amounts (not exactly 10 a day etc..)

    2. You can choose to limit the number of links from 1 to 20 per day. 1 per day would give you more than 1 year’s worth of links.

      1. Yes and that’s perfect, will look more natural..

        1. design flyer says:

          Its right that process should be like normal but it should not be too slow .

      2. This is the option that I like. We can manage it

  7. Ben says:

    I’d love to see what type of results people are getting with this. The prices are pretty good if the links look legit to Google…

    1. Hmmmm I’ve never heard anything good with the words “buying links” and “Google” put together 😛

      1. design flyer says:

        ha ha.. very well said , both are in opposite directions

      2. but however business of buying and selling business is still doing fine and great.

        This will be here for long run.

          1. design flyer says:

            Yeah.. I also want to know

    2. Yes, it would be nice to see someone do a study to see if this kind of backlinking, or this particular service really works before investing money in it.

  8. Awesome pricing, as long as relevancy is maintained……also need to watch out for Big Daddy Google

    1. Yes that’s right. As long as relevance backlinks there’s no problem

    2. Big Daddy Google knows and sees all and I bet they know about this.

  9. This seems like a good idea John, but does it provide you with a printout of where the backlinks are created – so like if you were doing this for clients would you be able to show them where the backlinks are?


  10. Buying links, how good of an idea is that, especially when you let Google know what you are doing?

    1. That’s the first thing I thought…

      1. I think that getting links this way is not what Google likes. To them it’s kind of like cheating. As I said above, I’ll stay away from this.

        1. Does Google really have a problem with this? Only I see backlinks being sold all over the net and heaps of people seem to use them?

          1. Agains Google TOS, just to sum up.

          2. What’s to say someone from Google can’t join a service like this, put up a bunch of links and then deindex all the sites putting up the links. it could happen.

  11. Justin says:

    I’ll have to investigate this a little more, I’ve heard of backlinks, but I do not know enough to form a solid opinion.

  12. Website Tips says:

    Is this really the best way to get your site ranked? I am open to discussion on this. Having recently read posts at ViperChill, I would beg to differ.

    If you are new online and getting started with internet marketing products surely you are doomed to fail with paid backlinks?

  13. Jordy says:

    From what I’ve heard, it’s a dangerous thing to pay for backlinks. I mean if you get caught then you might get Google slapped. Isn’ t that what just happened to JC Penny?

    It’s not worth taking the risk. I get eighty five percent of my traffic from Google.

    I cannot afford to take “Black Hat” risks.

    If you write good content then people will effortlessly build linsk for you.

    1. design flyer says:

      yeah.. right..
      Keep away from that monstor..

  14. Abhik says:

    Signed up for a free trial.. Let’s see how that goes.

    1. design flyer says:

      Best wishes for your trial..

      1. design flyer says:

        And if its cool for you, give a feeback too

    2. Keep updating. I want to see the result.

    3. A review of it on your blog should be interesting to read 🙂

    4. It may be worth a free trial on an experimental blog or site just to see what happens, but I certainly wouldn’t do it on my primary money maker at first. Not a good idea at all.

  15. Fazal Mayar says:

    Awesome review once again Micheal, keep it up! I like paid backlinks services as long as they are high pr links haha!

    1. Abhik says:

      Yeah!! Michael surely knows how to write reviews which works.

  16. Mike says:

    I’ll buy for sure, link building is killing me…

    1. Keep us posted too, it will be good to compare results on different niches..

      1. Mike says:

        Unfortunately is not what I expected. I tried their 10 free backlinks. My campaign was stopped without any reason. All I can do is to guess what the reason was. I raised a ticket to find an answer…I’ll keep you informed…

  17. Looks like a pretty decent service, but I am not gonna buy paid back links. Anyway, thanks for sharing the info about their service.

  18. christina says:

    I am interest to buy but little frighten to get paid links because of google

    1. Abhik says:

      We all are.. Specially after the actions being taken against big players.

  19. fas says:

    I think the price is a little bit expensive. Comparatively.

    1. I wouldn’t have thought so – to get a good commenter to do the job manually is going to take about a $1 a comment and there is no guarantee about the PR for any of the pages that person comments on – the price seems fair, it is just the practice that worries me a little bit – will Google really slap you for it?

  20. Looking promising … Good for those people who wants to get relevant backlinks for fast results.

    1. Yes that’s right, it’s looking promising, because last time I buy some backlinks there is no relevant anymore. even when I want to cancel, they still charge my credit.

  21. James says:

    Hi – I think this is too expensive.

    Is there an analytic programme integrated so you can monitor the traffic?


    James 🙂

  22. PPC Ian says:

    I worry about something like this as its against Google policy to buy links. This seems risky to me.

    1. Fazal Mayar says:

      yeah i heard buying paid links is against the rules.

  23. People who have ever had to buy backlinks are sad because it means their content is not good. Furthermore buying backlinks violates SEO Ethics and will get your site nuked from the SERP’s maybe not today but eventually it will happen as Google and other search engines are putting a more proactive effort into combating spammy sites that use such SEO methods to pump traffic.

    In fact I know that Google is now confirmed to be in the practice of blacklisting entire traffic exchanges and sites that sell traffic. This PaidBacklinks is yet another fly over night shanghai attempt to make some money quick on the backs of people who are naive and think they can grow their website popularity with backlinks.

    The gimmick is long over.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better. If you play this game, you better watch out because Google will eventually catch up to you.

      1. Is this because the comments are submitted via an application or is it the fact that the comments are considered fake because they are written by someone else (i.e. not genuine in a networking sense)

  24. Allen Walker says:

    Hmm… That looks like a very interesting service

  25. I remember Google saying there’s no problem just as long as rel=nofollow is added to the links, which of course defeats the purpose of having paid links anyway. I personally don’t sell/buy links on any of my sites because it’s still too risky & I’ve never had a problem getting free backlinks naturally anyway.

    1. anitha says:

      yes but its doesn’t pass PR juice for our link

  26. Its good, it works on more natural searches

  27. WTF says:

    I prefer natural free links.. I’ve got a site which basically has “link bait” all over it..

    We get backlinks from everywhere without having to do anything 🙂 Beats paying for them, and potentially getting sandboxed!

  28. Paul B says:

    Google CANT tell a paid link from a free link, it just can’t. What it can do is see the footprint left from un-natural linking. PaidBacklinks places your links on a network of crap blogs utilising thousands of different IPs and hosting accounts. Google isn’t going to pick it apart any time soon. However the biggest problem isn’t a Google penalty to your site, it’s that the blog posts your links are placed on are rarely indexed or even in some cases even crawled. There are a couple of extra steps to make the most from this system.

    I tried it in the past on a few test sites, it’ll never get you to the front of Google on its own but for long tailed articles that are already indexed you’ll be surprised by just what a boost even a few keyword specific links will do (like so many services PaidBackLinks is a numbers game, post 20 and chances are you’ll get a few that stick etc)

    1. You must be kidding. It’s not really hard to tell which sites are selling paid links. A lot of them use certain scripts to do so & Google has picked up on that already. I believe Joost De Valk even covered a post on this.

      1. Paul B says:

        If you use UAW, MAN, FTS etc etc you are buying paid links yet NONE of the sites you are purchasing links on explicitly sell links. Sure if you say “Buy A Link From My Site” in your sidebar then Google knows it has a site where some of the links are likely paid for. A blind retarded monkey would know. But that’s so far away from what this and other link systems do.

        Even if you explicitely sell links there is NO WAY for Google to determine what links from your site are paid for and what are natural. There isn’t a rel=”I paid for this” parameter.

        1. Paul B says:

          Oh and these “systems” don’t use scripts or anything front end to display the links. Most take advantage of the XML-RPC protocol (or another API) to add links to posts/content as natural as can be.

  29. GamerVenue says:

    Does not work – out of 10 articles only 1 was indexed by google.

  30. anitha says:

    Getting paid links if its like natural link thats fine if not it will hurt our site

  31. Health Blog says:

    If John is recommending, I think it will be worth buying any of the link package. I will think of buying one.

  32. i have read some articles saying that we should not buy the links if google founds it will affects as

  33. singer divya says:

    even though it is paid links, it should look like natural link, if not, google will penalize the site

  34. anitha says:

    buying paid links in traffic site will gives you more worth but its should be relavant links

  35. Andre says:

    I just started using the service today. Don’t waste your money! All backlinks I’ve gotten so far are from PR 0 sites.

  36. Russell says:

    I am still worried about Google looking at this as bad practice – Bad juju – potentially black hat technique

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