Buzzing Around with LogoBee Logo Designs

Whether you are starting out with a new blog or you are opening a brick-and-mortar building supplies store, branding will be one of the most important elements to having a successful business. Remember than a profit-minded blog or website should be treated just like any other business.

Aside from choosing a good name and finding the best domain, one of the biggest components to your branding strategy will be your company logo. You could try to develop something on your own, but it may be a better idea to turn the pros at a design firm like LogoBee Logo Design. The service they provide serves as the primary subject of today’s review, but they have a couple of free bonuses for you too.

A Unique Logo for a Unique Company

As you can probably imagine, the core focus of LogoBee is to act as a logo design company. They can also expand your logo into stationery design, like letterhead and business cards.

Buzzing Around with LogoBee Logo Designs

It doesn’t really matter what niche you are approaching, because LogoBee has worked in a wide variety of industries. This breadth of experience is certainly valuable. Also, whereas some other logo design firms will only provide you with one or two options and limited number of revisions, LogoBee aims to please.

Even with the smallest package, you will be given six different custom designed logos with up to six revisions to fine-tune the design. They also have a 100% money back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction with the end product.

Let’s See Some Bee-autiful Work

Just as you would likely want to read some writing samples before hiring a freelance writer like me, it only makes sense that you would want to see some sample designs before hiring a logo design firm like LogoBee.

Buzzing Around with LogoBee Logo Designs

They have a large logo design category where you can see samples from a range of industries, including food, engineering, churches, real estate, and sports.

Whether you like these designs or not is a matter of personal preference, but it seems that LogoBee has a good number of satisfied customers. In fact, LogoBee was commissioned by NFL player Clinton Hart for his non-profit foundation. I like that logo, myself.

Bonus Blog and Tutorials

Even though LogoBee is clearly out to make money from designing logos for a variety of different clients, they are also offering extra value to the community through a series of useful resources.

You can turn to the features page to read up on search engine optimization, selecting a logo concept, find free advertising opportunities, and more.

Buzzing Around with LogoBee Logo Designs

Going further, you can keep up with the LogoBee crew through the company blog. This isn’t around just to promote their logo creation services; it’s also there to discuss the 2012 Olympics, a collection of brushes, and other topics.

Buzzing Around with LogoBee Logo Designs

While they would certainly like for you to order a logo from them, LogoBee also wants to help you with your own creative endeavors. That’s where the illustrator tutorials might come in handy. There are only two right now: particle logo and shiny ball. These might be fun to try, but you’d still need LogoBee to develop anything more substantial.

The Price for Originality and Branding

Before we get to how much you can expect to pay for a custom logo from LogoBee, it is worth noting that they also have an affiliate program where you can earn $20 for every logo design purchase that you refer their way.

Getting to the prices, you’ll find that LogoBee currently has a number of its packages discounted by way of their fall sale. The cheapest package is $199 and this gets you six logo design samples and six revisions. It is not eligible for the money back guarantee however.

To get the possibility of a refund, you’ll need to move up to the silver package for $279. This includes eight logo design samples and unlimited revisions. There are other packages with include stationery design, free business cards, camera ready art, and other options. For any of these packages, feel free to enter “5629” in the coupon code area for 20 bucks off.


49 thoughts on “Buzzing Around with LogoBee Logo Designs”

  1. Benjamin Cip says:

    I’m not quite impressed by these Logo design, I prefer Logomyway or digital point forum for my Logo design… It’s just my opinion though.

    1. Rj says:

      DP for logos ? You must not care about making a real business huh ?

    2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      You can actually get a lot of great logo designer from Warriorforum, I’ve seen a few designer over there had great work on the logo.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        Hey there are some skilled people on DP that also work on other forums like WarriorForum and Logomyway to generate several income stream.. I know that DP has a bad reputation about quality but I can assure you that there are some skilled designers there, and it’s affordable logo for people who can’t afford $250 or more Logo design… after it’s just a matter of opinion, but I also found some starting skilled designer website that can design great logo for you for very cheap to make themselves known… if you know how to make a search on google, then you’ll no doubts find great offers.

        1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

          I strongly agree with you. I’ve seen a few designers in Warriorforum and their logo designs are superb though. For me, I won’t spend $250 for a logo design since I can get the same quality with the price of $25.

          1. Yes just start a contest at DP and get the maximum imagination from many DP user.

            I think that is the best way to get it.

          2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

            Benjamin had good experience with the logo campaign in DP and that was how he got his blog logo. Not too bad right?

          3. EarningStep says:

            lol.. agree with you lee. $250 is a huge number and i won’t do it either

          4. Lee Ka Hoong says:

            Some people may want to spend this much of money for their logo design. I believe that John spent more than this for his logo, but his logo is more to business class.

            In this stage, logo design from Logonerds would be great for me. 😉

  2. Most people fail to realize the importance of branding. A great domain is important, but even more important is your companies name.

  3. Gary says:

    Sounds expensive. I have a logo designer that can do logos for $18 lol. Contact me if you need his info 😉

    1. $18 for a logo? I remember the days when you could get $100 for a logo and then an additional $100 to design a business card. I guess that’s gone out the window.

      1. Rj says:

        Nah it has not gone out the window. You still get what you pay for.

        $18 will make your business look like $18.

        1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

          How do you think about Logonerds? They charge below $50 for a logo, I checked out their sample, looked great.

        2. Not necessarily! While ‘you get what you pay for’ may most of the time apply, there are still a lot of instances where you can see exceptions to this ‘rule’. Truth is, in the field of logo design, there are much much better logo designers out there who are still ignorant that they could earn more if they go online. When some of these start to go online as upstarts, they all offer prices that are rock bottom compared to the ‘established’ ones. Their work, I’m sure would impress even Benjamin Cip.

  4. Matt says:

    These days when you can start a contest like at Designers Contest and get 30+ concepts? This seems like an outdated idea already.

    On a related not, I wonder when writing contests will catch on. Some is trying it at Crowded Text.

    1. If your blog have fresh concept than you will get fresh new look of logo but if your blog have same old concept than its quite possible that designer is showing those samples which was already shown to someone else.

  5. It seems too expensive for blogger like me.

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      Me too, I could get a logo up with the price of less than $50 from Logonerds.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        If that’s too expensive you can create a logo contest on a forum and fix your price, I once got a lot of logo design concept I can choose from several designers for as low as $20!

        1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

          I know you Ben, you got a nice logo design from DP too. But I’ll be getting my logo design from Warriorforum from a logo designer. It costs me about $20 for the logo. 🙂

          1. Benjamin Cip says:

            Can’t wait to see the result 🙂

          2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

            Will be very soon Ben, hope the logo they design is what I really want haha. 😀

          3. Benjamin Cip says:

            Is it possible for you to reject the logo if you are not satisfied with it?

  6. Kevin Pasco says:

    I’m not impressed with the logos or the price. They’re much too corporate and boring.

    John’s new logo on his poker table on the other hand… now THAT’S a logo.

    1. mbah gendeng says:

      Yeah buddy, I’m with you. Price changes the look.

  7. Diabetis says:

    This is what i need!

  8. I agree with Lee Ka Hoong, Logonerds are much better priced and there samples are great as well

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      Thanks for supporting my statement, haha! But that’s true, Logonerds has great design and the price is really cheap, $20 could get a superb logo. I doesn’t say logobee is not good, but the price they set is slight high.

      1. Every provider have their own class of business and according to that they are keep getting their business.

        Similar is the case with Logonerds and Logobee.

        1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

          Yea, they have their targeted clients. So no matter how big is the gap of their pricing, they will still be able to get their customer. The case is similar to John? I believe that he spent quite a lot for his logo design too.

  9. Dean Saliiba says:

    I’m currently in the process of looking to have some banners made for my blogs. I might check this company out, I like the look of what they have done so far.

  10. Also if I like and recommend 19dollarlogo, I must say I like the look and feel of their work! And like you said Michael, their web site contains additional, free content that comes in handy like the tutorials (I hope they post more of those soon!) SY

  11. I prefer doing my own design work, thank you very much. The preserve of the one-on-one graphic designer is one that isn’t accessible to everybody however, and for many people LogoBee will give them what they need for their small business or project. Better than the design the receptionist did in word, for sho!

  12. CredFollow says:

    Gone are those days when we relied on word for logos. If you can’t do your good and pro design like Jacques, you may as well try the services of logobee

  13. Zee says:

    Maybe outsourching a logo design should come in later, like after tasting a bit of success. Most companies do rebranding (with logo designs and so on) after they make a name for themselves. Unless, of course, you have strong investment backup to do everything professionally right from the start.

    1. I really think that there prices are quite resonible and their work good. Yes, there are cheaper possibilities around, but don’t put it of for too long, re-branding / re-designing your brand is always a risk, just my 2 cents, SY

  14. nice one
    Muhammad Qasim over from

  15. Wow free business cards is a plus, will look into it next time I need a new logo made.

  16. I hear people on here complaining that this is expensive. This deal is incredibly cheap. I checked their site out and this is quality work, you know what you pay for quality work these days?

  17. Blog Tactic says:

    The Particle Logo look cool

  18. very nice logo portfolio, 10/10 marks…

  19. Manuel says:

    If I was them I would also offer some free logo templates on the site. The might attract some additional visitors.

  20. videostar says:

    I like bees and butterflies as well very much but these prices not so much.

  21. Ghostwriter says:

    I too have worked with Logo Nerds and they’ve produced logos good enough for proper corporate companies.

    I’ve seen Logobee’s samples and they look good also. Just that the price is too high.

  22. videostar says:

    The prices are so high coz a bee is a magic symbol of busy-ness and magnetize much money.

  23. oes tsetnoc says:

    there arereally good designes at logo Bee

  24. chester says:

    These guys have really nice logos. Sharp.

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