Can I Have 50 Thousand Dollars? No Seriously, Can I?

I get tons of emails from people asking me for stuff but this one from 16 year old Keenen should win some kind of award. However, I’m not sure what award I should give it.

Hey, I’m trying to raise money for a car. I’m a sixteen year old kid in New York city and my parents wont buy me a car or even let me drive until I get my own insurance and my own car. With all the money you make from Adsense per week I was wondering if you would be willing to give me $50k so I can purchase an Audi TT and insurance for at least two years.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you reply. Note: If you actually visited the site this email address is hosted on I’m asking for a Mustang, but just recently have I seen the TT and I’m hooked. I haven’t gotten a chance to change the layout with all the freezing Photoshop causes on my computer.

From Mustang to Audi TT. Nice upgrade. I guess I’m lucky he didn’t see a Ferrari! How would you reply to Keene if you got the above email?

161 thoughts on “Can I Have 50 Thousand Dollars? No Seriously, Can I?”

  1. Peter says:

    Don’t give him a fish. Teach him to fish. Send him a copy of your ebook.

    1. Exactly!
      From his e-mail I can tell that he’s a pretty good writer. So, with John’s e-book, it shouldn’t be too hard for him earn enough money for Audi R8, let alone the TT.

      1. Jeff Kee says:

        I will absolutely disagree that the kid is a good writer.

        1. Jack Book says:

          well.. i see “FREE! John Chow dot Com EBook! ” under your post on my feed reader. is that could be the answer? 🙂

          or you may give his site linked as a reward, but actually, being discussed on this *cough* forum *cough* blog has already been kind of a reward for him 🙂

        2. Larry says:

          He might get to it later. 🙂

    2. Beat me too it
      But this is exactly right, send him a copy of your EBook.

      If I was given 1k I would blow thou it in a day but if I spent a month working to earn that money I would be a little more respectful of it.

      PS.. Where is the link to his site?

      1. Internet Tv says:

        that kid clearly doesnt want to work. and hes asking for 50K. it would be one thing if he was asking for food cause he was poor, but this is out of line.

        1. jinu says:

          I agree. He sounds like a spoiled and shameless kid. If u give him an audi (that u will definitely do 🙂 ), he will ask for an A 380.

        2. Rose says:

          Well you would be amazed at the number of sites that I have seen where people beg/ask for money – its been called cybebegging.

          I found this one website where a woman was asking for money to buy breast implants and don’t you know that she actually got the money!

          1. Marc says:

            If you’re asking for micro-donations and you’ve got a good story, you can get lots of free money. If you ask for $50K from one person with a crappy story like this, you’ll never get anything…

    3. I agree, but I don’t think his parents taught him about common courtesy. You don’t just ask for $50k from someone you know. John’s eBook should be enough to get his money making quest on the go.

      1. Jarle says:

        I agree. You just dont ask for $50k. He should ask for $100k 😎

    4. Don Wilson says:

      Great idea for the eBook.

      This is one of the things in life that I simply do not understand. People blatantly begging for money and expecting to get a dime of it.

    5. Good call – I’m with Peter. Get that ebook off to him although you do need to give points for creativity and gusto!

  2. Eric says:


    Supposedly uber rich people have these kind of issues…but more in the form of people knocking on their doors, people expecting them to pay for lunches, etc.

    1. Marc says:

      It must be a pain when you win the lottery or something similar and you won enough to make people think that you’re crazy rich, but in reality you don’t have enough to hire people to take care of these people for you.

      I’m hoping to skip that step and go from reasonable living to rich enough to maintain a support staff in one leap.

  3. Money D. says:

    I’d say…..go get a job ya freeloader! 😆
    To me sounds like good initiative to start making money, get out there and make something happen instead of begging.

  4. where is my comment?

  5. Simon says:

    If I could afford it, I’d buy it for him. I’m all for teaching people how to fish instead of giving them the fish, but when someone makes an impresion on me in such a way that I dedicate a whole post to them, I thing they deserve a reward. Go for it. 😀

    1. Alex Mould says:

      $50,000 reward?!

      1. Simon says:

        Not necesarily, but maybe. 50,000 might be a bit extreme, but I liked one of the other ideas that were posted

  6. kumar says:

    You give man a fish,he will eat for the day.
    You teach man how to fish,he will eat for life!

    1. or at least until the fish are all gone.

    2. Marc says:

      But the kid will get to drive for two years. That’s way more than a day 😛

  7. John! where’s the link to his website? 🙂

    1. Internet Tv says:

      yah where the link. it wont hurt to give it to us.

      1. Ankur says:

        Lets atleast help him buy a prototype of the car!!! 😉

  8. This is a semi-serious idea:

    Have him write a guest post and make an argument for why he should get money to pay for a car. Then you can either:
    – pay him what you would normally pay a guest blogger
    – allow readers to “buy him a soda” (can’t do beer too young)
    – or give him a bounty based on number of comments to his post
    – or set up the post so people have to do a jump to read the entire thing
    – set up something like Make Money and have him recruit friends to write about your website and link to your site from their MySpace pages, web sites, blogs, etc.

    Or any combination of the above…
    That way he earns some money towards his goal and you build audience/attention.


    1. Simon says:

      This idea is good

    2. Alex Mould says:

      Good idea actually.

  9. I’d say ill think about it when i will start making that much from adsense 🙂

    1. If I were John, I’d tell him, “look, kid, if it were all up to me I’d buy you the car myself, but I don’t think your folks are going to be too thrilled about a grown evil man giving you a car — nor will my wife.”

      1. Ankur says:

        :mrgreen: thats a great one!!

  10. HMTKSteve says:

    This is an easy one.

    I would offer to pay for his first domain and two years of web hosting. I would then tell him to read and learn how to make his own money.

    1. Wallace says:

      you don’t need too serious,
      it just a spammer.

  11. Alex Mould says:

    I hate people like that, just consider it spam?

    1. Lewis Empire says:

      I agree! There’s nothing worse than people who won’t work for their money and expect people to support them. Anyone can be extremely wealthy if they work smart and work hard…

  12. Clever Dude says:

    I’d say he needs to get a job instead of begging…unless begging will be his job.

  13. j2r says:

    I think it’s a good idea you didn’t put his web address.. sounds like he just wanted you to put his address so he could get traffic

    1. Could be a ploy to get more traffic through John. Good point.

  14. j0sh says:

    Imagine the linkbait you would get if you bought him a car. That would be all over the newspapers, tv shoes. Jay leno….the tonight show you might be able to get on haha.


    1. Joshua says:

      Exactly! John, give me $10k for great publicity! Way more value!

  15. I’d answer:


    Thank you very much! You saved my time and it’s great!

    With all that money coming in it’s so damn hard to figure out how to spend it. And Audio TT is a great choice.

    As my appreciation I saved your time too. I alredy bought you a car and left it in at my local dealer. You can reach him at High Street 15, Vancouver. Tell him that you are for John Chow Audio TT for smart kid.

    Hope that you like this car and as the favour please post a link to my blog at your homepage.

  16. derek says:

    I’d inform him that you can find an Audi much cheaper than $50k so you will purchase it for him and arrange delivery. Then go out and buy a HotWheels Audi and mail it to him with a letter instructing him how to earn his own money to afford a car.

    If I was going to beg for money, I would set my sights a little bit lower.

    John, I’d really like to be able to afford to send my kids to college. Unfortunately they are not studying hard enough to get scholarships so I am going to have to pay for it. Since I am focused on saving for an early retirement, I was wondering if you could give me $1,000 to start their college fund. 😉

    1. Jamie Harrop says:

      I absolutely love the HotWheels idea, Derek. 😆

  17. Angela says:

    For someone who is so desperately in need of money for a car, he has pretty high standards for what car he wants. Beggars can’t be choosy.

  18. moneydude says:

    WOW that guy need serius help haha 😀 😯 😯 😯

  19. MrGPT says:

    Send him your eBook :D.

  20. Rhys says:

    “Bugger off and get a job you hippy.”

    I dunno, surely as you are John Chow, and I saw that video yesterday, you’d know exactly what to do!

  21. I gotta go with the ebook idea…give him something to learn from…

  22. Andrew says:

    Send him a John Chow T-shirt with 😈 on it. By the way have you made these up yet?Also include the hotwheels car like Derek suggested.
    The kid a freeloader but has some balls for asking.

  23. cowboytf says:

    GET A FREAKIN’ JOB!! These are some of the things I talk about on my blog. Kids want and want but have absolutely no work ethic. 🙄

  24. ouchs says:

    i agree with everyone else send him an ebook..

  25. Matt Jones says:

    Imagine how many people would ask for something if you actually gave him the car (not that you would)!

  26. Rob Schultz says:

    Sending him the following:
    -Your eBook
    -Link to your preferred CMS/blogging system of choice (WordPress)
    -Link to your hosting company of choice (Hosting Canada)
    -A suggestion that he earn the money exactly like you are doing. Anything worth having is worth working for.

    If you were incredibly nice I would offer to pay for his web hosting for 1 year. 12 months is more than enough time to make money to pay for his hosting and be well on his way to a car (USED).

    Keep us updated!

  27. boogster says:

    Ask him what color he wants and if he had an insurance company preference…what a donkey…

  28. Scott says:

    Just give him 25% of the revenue generated by this blog post, which he made possible 🙂

    1. EVIL! 😈 You should get 25% of his 25% for suggesting it, just as I expect 25% of your money for commenting on it! –C8j

  29. TheLoopLife says:

    I have a better and cheaper idea! Give the money to me! It will be going towards paying the last ($14,000) of my student loans!

    Is that not a much better and cheaper than a car? What has he done to prove his worth? At least I put in four years of work and contribute productivity to society.

  30. I don’t think this is much of a money issue, but from a Eurpean standpoint, putting an Audi TT in the hands of a sixteen year old is simply irresponsible behaviour. The kid is young, has dreams, I wanted an iPod when I was sixteen. Sheesh. He should learn how the world really works.

  31. Shawn Knight says:

    He didn’t specify what currency… so I would agree to his request and send him 50k in Monopoly money :mrgreen:

    1. Ouch! LOL I could already hear him crying…

  32. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day
    Teach him to fish and he eats for his life, but then gets mercury poisoning, and fishy breath.

    Is there any way you can make money off this kid? Oh, yes, you made a post up about him and you already have!!! 😈 You are SO EVIL!!!!! And now you are making money off me writing about it, EVIL!!!!!

    –C8j 👿

  33. Screen Rant says:

    Personally, I’d give him one of these three:

    1. The “Biggest Balls” award

    2. The “Most Clueless” award

    3. The “Biggest Victim of this Generation’s Sense of Entitlement” award.


  34. Patrick says:

    I would tell that 16 year old that I had to earn it and so should you! Also, it’s not cool to beg! 😯

  35. Had to check my calendar. It wasn’t April Fools’ Day… 😳

    But seriously let him have an e-book. In fact I will give him one he could use for FREE:

    Making Sense of Internet Marketing Chaos

    As a bonus he should be instructed also to read my article “What You SHOULD KNOW To Dramatically Increase YOUR Google Adsense Income”

    Finally, when he has implemented these and your tips he could enjoy the fruits of his OWN labour just as the rest of us will need to settle with reaping what we sow.

    Beggars should never be paid. It spreads just like spam….

    Have a nice weekend. 🙂

  36. simon says:

    Give him Audi TT and I would like to have Ferrari! 😈

    1. Hi Simon

      Actually having something that wasn’t well earned would be worthless, wouldn’t it?
      I appreciate the humour though….. 😆 😎

  37. Gary Jones says:

    I would talk him down to a smart car or echo and coach him on how to find sponsors for the car to advertise on it.

  38. shman says:

    I would like to have $1,000,000, can You give me? 😉 I think he should earn himself this money. He will see the value of them then.

  39. webd360 says:

    I wonder if that kid has read this post/comments yet

    1. shaun says:

      No kidding lol look what he started. It’s prety funny someone would actually ask for 50k.

  40. This was entertaining. Its amazing that people would actually ask someone for something like 50,000. I had to buy my own first car and pay for insurance. And it was a piece of shit. Ive since graduated to a 2002 honda accord, but i had to work for it.

    I could see if he asked you to help him make his own money, but flat out asking for 50k is crazy. He at least could have kidnapped something and held it for ransom. Make it more interesting.

  41. tash says:

    I would have suggested he get a cheap (

  42. If you are so absurdly rich that you can afford it without trouble, give him the $50k just for having the balls to ask.

  43. MartynJ says:


    Buy an Audi TT, drive it to his house and then smash it up in front of him then laugh in that evil way that im sure you do and then get a helicopter to pick you up :mrgreen:

  44. Steven says:

    I was reading through the comments on here and it amazes me why some people would automatically assume this kid even has a website. Just because he is a visitor or reader, does not mean he might actually have a blog or any website of his own.

    I totally would not give him anything. His expectations for a car is unreasonable especially when asking for a freebie. I wouldn’t even pay for his domain or web hosting as someone suggested either. I have no problem donating money to those who need it but this kid apparently don’t “need” it, he just wants “it”. There is a difference.

    I would email him back politely and ask him to earn it himself. He obviously read this blog so he should have no problem getting started on his own. I know of a website that started about 4 years ago by a 15 yr old kid (at the time) that now has 1.8 million visitors. There is no excuse for him to not be able to earn it himself online or the old fashion way.

    1. webd360 says:

      people assume he has a site because in the last paragraph on the email the kid talks about how he had posted something on a webpage about wanting a mustang, but now he wants the audi (he just hadn’t had the time to change the site)

  45. Art says:

    doesn’t he know that is a chick car?

  46. Kioko says:

    Give him 50k, John! That’s like a penny out of your fat piggy bank 😆

    Just kidding

    Hrm…do this:

    John: Hi Keenen, you seem to have a talent in writing. Because of that, I’m going to give you more than just 50k. I’ll give you an infinite amount of $$$$ 😀 *give copy of e-book*. Now you can earn beyond mere 50k 😉

  47. MK says:

    I would either ignore him, or make up some story as to why I can’t send him money – while suggesting he get a job and earn it himself.

  48. JC says:

    The kid just gave you something to post, you should give him something now. 👿

  49. Paul says:

    This kid is insane. Nothing is free.

  50. If he’s 16 he does not deserve a nice car like that. The first car anyone drives should be a junker. Like my first car, 1991 Mercury Sable. Now that car was a true junker!

    John tell that kid to go to the used car dealership and look for a $3,000 car.

  51. Celebrienne says:

    I really like the idea of Derek (send him a miniature of the Audi TT) and Shawn (send him 50k Monopoly money)

    My personal response would go something like this:

    Dear [kid’s name],

    thank you for your e-mail. I would’ve gladly given you the 50k, but unfortunately I already donated the same amount to an Sudanese orphanage just the other day.

    They also asked me for money. You know, to build schools, buy clothes and all that other “essential” stuff like food or meds. Of course I realize this is not as important as a 16year old kid having a 50k Audi TT, but I can’t help it, I have a heart of gold.

    Well, next time maybe. But wait, I have an idea! I could ask the orphanage to return the money. I’m sure they will totally understand it. What do you think?


    Damn! I wish these people could just … I don’t know … die or something 👿 Sorry, that was mean.

    But seriously! What’s going on with people nowadays? I remember being the happiest kid when my mom would buy me an ice cream.

  52. Buy an Audi, take a photo with you behind the wheel, and send it to little Keenen with a header “check out my new wheels!” And somewhere in the text, you can then tell him about the fish/fishing analogy.

  53. Jagular says:

    Offer him a six month mentorship so that he can begin earning his own money online. Help him set up a website. Walk him through the development and promotion of it. Help promote his site with your site. Let him earn his own car, but help him to do it.

  54. Alan says:


    Can you possibly highhlight the ‘Adsense for Darfur’ campaign on your website and encourage bloggers to help 2.5 million people in desperate need?

    Thank you


  55. I would tell him to read John Chow’s posts from day one, so that he can earn his own money and upgrade that audi to a bentley continental flying spur…

  56. Mayo says:

    John pls. can you buy me a skateboard.. 😈

    Haha.. Audi TT without work… you bet kiddo… read John’s posts and his ebook and work and then buy your self some cool new wheels..

    Who knows, if you’r smart you could even end up buying new Bugatti Veyron before your 25th birthday.. just don’t get yourself killed.. ❗

  57. I would show him this link and tell him he better start saving.

  58. Neena says:

    You gotta admit, the kid’s got guts. I always tell my kids that “You’ll never know if you don’t ask – the answer just might be yes.”

  59. Kids nowadays, eh? When I was 16 I remember asking my dad for a cellphone. Back then they were still ginormous — bigger than an iPhone but definitely smaller than Surface LOL.

  60. Am I the only one that thinks that it a little rude to ask people for that kind of money? Let alone, a total stranger? I agree with the first commentor.. send him an e-book! *=)

    1. Desperate times call for desperate measures; clearly, the kid thinks John Chow is his last hope. 😆

  61. wow, this is pathetic. send him over a free copy of your ebook and tell him to read it. Tell him earn the $$$ look you do.

  62. haha, Audi TT in NYC.. John, can I have $400 so I could pay you for blog review? 😈 sorry..I am having a bad day.

  63. Ray Johnson says:

    I would respond by saying hey I can not give you 50k but maybe I can help you set up your own site so you can get the 50k on your own. It’s nothing like having your own money

  64. Jimson Lee says:

    Well, if you’re going to aim, aim high.

    Seriously, remember Benny Hill, the UK comedian?

    He left ALL his estate to a single fan who admired him, and never pestered Benny for money.

    Be careful what you wish for, it might come true.

  65. Sly says:

    First of all, I’m 16 yrs. old too. But what do I do? I run a site ( like everyone else and have a job. Don’t give him him anything that easy? Life doesn’t work that way. Look at me. I’m just 16 and I have just started a site a couple months ago and I’m already getting lots of traffic. If I can do it, he can. 😎

  66. Deepthroat says:

    Your site doesn’t show up when I search “John Chow” on Google first page when using Safari browser. All I get are reviews of your blog. Just thought you should know. Shouldn’t you be #1?

  67. Sly says:

    Are you kidding me? Hey, I’m 16 too, but I don’t ask for money. I work AND manage my Online Tips site. It’s only been up for a couple of months and it’s already getting lots of traffic and love. He has to learn how to work for his money and that he can’t just get it that easy. Just because someone is rich doesn’t mean you can ask him/her for $$$. If you’re reading this, that’s my advice to you (as well as everyone else’s). 🙄

  68. Paul B says:

    I’m always amazed by the comments to a post like this. The first few posts are actually good suggestions. Then the roaches come scurrying towards the light.

    John – I would send him a copy of your e-book and ask him if he’s serious about raising the money to draft a proposal for a blog. If he serious and his proposal sounds good, then assist him in getting set up. I would not pay for anything, if you want, loan him the money to get started. Then, we can follow him to see how he does in his quest to raise the money to pay for his car.

    A 16 year old with a TT – that sounds dangerous, where can I get a life insurance policy on this kid.

  69. Casey says:

    Wow. Okay, it’s bad to ask for money for a car, but to ask for a car worth 50 grand? Yeesh…

  70. Leo says:

    Does he have a purrrty mouf? 😈

  71. Eastwood says:

    hahahaha! yeah, who wouldn’t want a free $50k ride? 😆

    I wish life worked that way eh?

  72. ian says:

    You have to at least admire their taste in cars, audi tt is my favourite car of the moment as well.

  73. Sabrina says:

    If only it were that easy, he should’ve gone to Craigslist and started with a Matchbox car and traded up till he got it – like the guy that got the house…

  74. Richard says:

    Send him a E-book

  75. John Chow: Are you going to give him award? I suggest you to give your e-book to him so that you can get more readers and show to everyone that you are so evil. 😀 Maybe you can buy him a car. But is it Toy Car. 🙂

    John Chow’s Ebook + Toy Car = One Goal (Make money online to buy the car)

  76. DerekBeau says:

    :mrgreen: I can’t believe he had the audacity to ask for $50,000

  77. Cognoscente says:

    Too funny John. I just had to blog about this on my site as well.

    Kid asks blogger for $50,000 so that he can buy an Audi TT and insurance

  78. johnny card says:

    hi john chow,great posts.
    that would be kool if u donate the 50k to the kid, but then again, it may promote begging.

  79. Nick says:

    I never spent more than $500 on a car, I called them disposables, I am sure that if one were to look in the Podunk areas around their town, the would find an old mid 1980’s Toyota or Mazda for $50 to $150. Teach him some responsibility, do not give him money, give him a cheap ass car (that is smaller than MS’s big ass table), smack a years worth of insurance and tell him to get a job, since the car will break down within the first month. After that, he will never be stupid enough to ask someone for so much cash. Shoot, I have a problem asking a friend for more than $100 let alone a stranger.


  80. H:H says:

    I think he is a good investment, after all he is only a 16 year old kid with

    – Big dreams
    – He surely knows who to ask
    – He maybe a huge marketing success. I bet that if he starts a blog right know he can get half of the money with some mkt help :mrgreen:

  81. Chuck says:

    The kid has balls, you’ll have to give him that.

    However, in my experience with teens, it’s a rather rare bird that knows the difference between their head and a hole in the ground.

    Here’s what I would tell him:

    – you admire his guts
    – you wonder if he knows the first thing about real work
    – you wouldn’t give 50K to your own KID for a car like that
    – however, you know how to get 50K in relatively short order for the person who’s willing to work hard

    Offer him the hosting and a little tutorial on the concept behind a strong blog or building an online business in a personal phone call. Tell him that you will devote 10 hours of your personal time over the next 3 months, in phone calls, IM, email contact, etc…to help mentor him. AND…this is pretty valuable…tell him if he actually does the work, you’ll help him get noticed by blogging about some of his ventures, experiments and posts. That will put traffic on his site and money in his pocket.

    If he’s more than a spoiled brat, he’ll take you up on it. If not, it’s better off that you didn’t do more for him…because he’ll likely be running into a brick wall soon enough anyway.

  82. Jason says:

    I think he’s the coolest kid I’ve ever seen on the Web. BTW, why not buy me a car instead. I’m 17yr old and would do with just a Honda Civic.

    Moreover, what I see here is that people don’t seem to appreciate his courage.

    1. Jason says:

      Why don’t we all John Chow readers cough up some money and buy him an Audi TT. 🙂 🙂

      1. Charles Lau says:

        hahaha This phrase is so true…
        “Ask and you shall receive”

        We can start a site called “Make Audi TT Online”… I think he must be really serious about it! haha

    2. Courage…? Are you kidding me? It takes courage to beg for money?

      It takes courage to NOT beg for money;
      It takes courage to understand that you are NOT entitled to a dime in this world;
      It takes courage to go out and earn $50K from your own sweat and blood;
      And it takes courage to understand that if you worked so hard to earn that money, perhaps blowing it on a car isn’t the best idea in the world.

      This kid does not have an ounce of courage… Not in my book, at any rate.

  83. Chris says:


    Don’t give him anything. He needs to learn how to earn on his own without it being handed to him on a silver platter. One person comes to mind that fits this mold, Paris Hilton. She has no idea what it’s like to actually work, nor any sense of reality. This is why her ass is sitting in jail right now, as reality has caught up to her. As long as society continues to glorify this behavior it will continue to go on.


  84. Show him the money… the kid needs to get his jones on during his last years of high school.

    Who drives in NY anyways?

  85. britney's says:

    send mail to him and tell him how make money online with ur ways 😉

  86. Marc Eilbeck says:

    LOL! absolutley hilarious stuff!

  87. Shaun Carter says:

    This is kind of sad… this kid needs to get a taste of reality. Too many people just expect handouts – I agree with those suggesting he get a job instead of begging for a huge sum of money.

  88. Andy says:

    Give him the car. You’ll get a ton of national media exposure. Surely the return on investment will at least cover the 50k. Although I doubt he’ll be able to cover the taxes too… 🙂

  89. Ed Lau says:

    Tell him to get a job…jeez. Is this what we’re teaching kids with the internet these days? Online begging?

  90. Larry says:

    Ouch, poor kid, he better get back to school and study for a few more years. Maybe they can teach him that he cannot have an Audi TT if he has problems running Photoshop at his computer. I have two computers, both of them can run Photoshop without freezing and still no car parking outside. Poor me, too.

    1. Andrew says:

      Perhaps he just has an old PC. Don’t see how that is related to having a car, too.

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if his folks were actually loaded and just totally dismissed the idea of their kid getting a car. Great parenting!

  91. GA says:


    I would set the kid a challenge. Obviously a big challenge!

    If he succeeds buy him the car!

    It could be great publicity, link baiting and most of all funny!


  92. Krillz says:

    I’d buy him some old cheap Volvo rap it in, send it to him with a text, audio TT with your driving skill isn’t wise, drive and get the experience and come back to me in 6-8 years then we can talk.


  93. Sajjad says:

    Well I’m sure there are kids out there who would actually kill for 1/100th of that amount just so they can survive another day.

    Anyway that’s besides the point. My reply would be a thank you for having the courage to ask for 50K and something along the lines of how it would be unfair to all the other readers who need money.

    Nice blog you have here.


  94. John Chow: i also want to buy a car. 😛 LOL. I don’t buy expensive car. 😀

  95. Alex says:

    John Chow i want a Wii 🙂

  96. Andrew says:

    Why don’t you come up with some evil plan to use this kid 🙂 To further promote your blog or something like that. Offer him a job.

  97. Sean says:

    I’d say, “LOL! You got to be kidding me!” and that would be it. I’m really sure he could get insurance on it to being that young. And, I don’t think $50K would cover everything. What a crazy kid.

  98. CatherineL says:

    John, I think he was probably just trying to get a link. If he’s for real, then sixteen is way too young to drive a car. Send him a link to this article, and hopefully it will put him off:

  99. Roberta says:

    Jeezus this kid has guts and no shame…what morals has his parents taught him? Or lack thereof?

    I wouldn’t have the audacity to ask anyone for $50, let alone $50k…that’s just crazy!

    I’d ask for a mentor in blogging and maybe some tips….I’d also read the e-book and other really cool bloggers like Darren Rowse or Seth Godin.

    Anyone wanna mentor a girl? 👿

    1. Roberta says:

      I mean, not just any girl, but a rockin’ girl 😀

  100. MrGPT says:

    His first car shouldn’t be something like that anyway. He’ll total it eventually.

    WAIT! Awesome idea! You buy him the car, but stamp “” all over it – even in the interior. Anyone with me on that one? haha, just kidding

  101. McBilly says:

    I can’t believe the nerve of this kid. Seriously, he needs to earn his own money. I’m amused by all the comments here, but the kid needs to learn how to earn money the hard way. Not through begging money.

    Plus, he sure has a very high standard in picking a freebie car. 😈

  102. Comedy says:

    Of course you can

  103. I’d give him a what-would-John-Chow-do bracelet. 😉

  104. Marc says:

    Here’s a response for him:

    Dear kid who wants car,

    How very fortunate that you have contacted me. i am John Chow, the sole living heir of the former King of Canada. I require a trustworthy individual who can help me process $35 million through a bank account to keep it hidden from my family’s enemies.

    I would of course reward your generosity with a small gift of $50K. All you need to do is send me your bank account number, banking password, credit card number, birth certificate and sample of blood.

  105. 😈 Hey John,
    Can I be next? I need a house, and a new car too… $100,000 ought to cover it….

    Just kidding, I’d be happy w/ a blog review from an A-Lister like yourself…

  106. FUZHIPENG says:

    I come from China, and I hope you will help, call 008613036288377

  107. ritchie says:

    The review is a pretty nice reward, yes. but unfortunately, he can’t drive in it 😎

  108. Lewis Empire says:

    This sounds like the ‘sell my student loan’ tricks from ebay. Take a chance and see if someone takes the bait. Thanks for posting this John. It makes people who actually put effort into their success feel a little better!
    (At least he’s only 16 and has a few years to learn about working hard and smart!)

  109. mixmazz says:


  110. Nirmal says:

    I think your E-book would be helpfull for him to make the 50k for his Audi. But by the time he might have seen the Ferari and it won’t be sufficient for him. 😆

  111. Goob says:

    Golden. What makes people think that some stranger is just going to give them 50K for no reason?

  112. John Cow says:

    sooooo, I guess you didn’t give him the $50k ? Can I have it?

  113. Deb says:

    What would I say?

    Get a job!

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