Can Super Apprentice Make Money Online?

I know nothing about Dave Moore. On the surface, he seems like just another get rich quick guru. It looks like he’s trying to make a quick buck, not through conventional means, but by suckering in some poor saps and convincing them to buy into his Super Apprentice system.

Everyone knows that ReviewMe reviews need not be positive, and here is one case where I can’t help but be a little on the negative side.

Another Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure. When you hit up the main page on the Super Apprentice website — the only one available to non-members — it sure looks like a get rich quick scheme. It has all the signs: a single page with a fairly lengthy sales letter, plenty of bullet points outlining “key points”, and some big colorful font that tells you, in short, how great this secret system to make money online is. He encourages you to join in the fun and profit, but this main page tells you nothing about how the system works. You need to sign up for that.

But that’s where it gets a little odd. To get “exclusive access”, all you have to provide is your first name and an email address. He doesn’t ask for any money up front. I never did give Moore any of my contact information, but John did convince him to provide us with “inside access” to the Super Apprentice system.

Um, Where Do I Start?


After logging into the members-only section of Super Apprentice, I was presented with a rather plain looking page. The default is the “projects” section, where it would list the various money-making schemes that you have set up through Super Apprentice. This was utterly confusing, because I had no idea where I was supposed to start and what I was supposed to do. The first bit of advice that I would give Dave Moore is that there should be a welcome screen or a main “dashboard” of some sort that greets users when they first log in. After all, the Super Apprentice system is largely designed for newbies and not dot com moguls like John Chow.

After some digging around, I came across the tutorials under the “Support” section. It starts off with a ten-minute audio clip that introduces you to the Super Apprentice system. Unfortunately, this tells you nothing about how it all works. Instead, Dave — with a distinct Southern accent — talks about how you need to stay motivated, why you don’t need to be a techie to make money his way, and something about a boxer.

After this, you choose either the “newbie” or the “experienced” stream. More audio clips, more useless information (this time with The Karate Kid). It wasn’t until I scrolled to the bottom of the support page that I found how this system works. Thankfully, the step-by-step process from there was reasonably clear through the large set of video tutorials.


Super Apprentice Money Making Schemes

Basically, you are assigned a keyword phrase and then you create a MFA (Made for Adsense) website around it. The actual design is completely automated (there’s help for the domain registration and web hosting, complete with what appear to be affiliate links). Based on the keyword phrase, you are given the choice of several related keyword phrases on which you are to base your website content, with one page (500 words or so) dedicated to each phrase. After you finish a handful of pages for the site, you upload it all and wait for the Adsense clicks to come in.

This really sounds like something you could do yourself without the Super Apprentice system. Realistically, the same thing can be achieved through creating a WordPress blog (with a little help from the Google Adwords keyword tool). I was not impressed with Super Apprentice, but I can see how it can be helpful to people who are completely new to making money online, because the only part you’re really responsible for is the content. When you get stuck, there is also a forum on the site where members (and Dave) can help you out.

In a nutshell, Dave Moore’s Super Apprentice is just another way for you to tackle the MFA game. It might be attractive to absolute newbs, but the rest of us can see right through it..

87 thoughts on “Can Super Apprentice Make Money Online?”

  1. Eric says:

    DEFINITELY a get rich quick scheme. And ironically enough, probably the type that will never actually get anyone rich, let alone quickly. He could have at least changed the layout so it didn’t look like the 958,745 other get rich quick sites out there (I counted them all).

    What is money?

    1. there will come a time that the topic will be saturated. however, with millions of people out there who wants to make money? that time would be more likely hundreds of years from now.

    2. well said, and nobody would fall for it…right?

      1. Eric says:

        No, people will certainly fall for it… and to answer the post of the blog, yes, super apprentice can, and probably will make money online. However, the people that use his program will surely not make money online.

        Do you like reading about other things than making money online?

        1. Money Blog says:

          I agree…however..lets the noobs learn thei r lesson

      2. Lots of people will fall for it!, usually when I look at those first pages, I just imagine it is like those emails we should have all received about a bank in some African’s country that needs your account to get the money out of the country :), and just go away, but lots of people will go inside, and that guy will maybe have success, not to much for the guys signing at the site, but for the site owner :).

      3. Court says:

        People will always fall for it. There will always be a new set that try to make it that way. Almost everybody wants to get rich quick, so this kind of stuff really appeals to them.

    3. Jon Atchison says:

      First off, let me say that the writer is correct about get rich schemes…they are everywhere. Super Apprentice, however, is not one of those.

      Personally, I think this Kwan guy was a little myopic in his approach/review of SA. I also think Kwan made a crappy value judgment on Dave Moore, a guy that he doesn’t even know. Well, I’ve known Dave for several years and he hasn’t changed one bit because of his success. He doesn’t put out the crap that Michael Kwan has written about. Dave is UNLIKE every other guy out there that seeks to capitalize on his success by offering a watered down version of his system. Dave gives you 110% of his best, unlike the others. If his system didn’t work, he wouldn’t offer it to the masses. To write otherwise is simply wrong, unfair and cowardice. If Kwan is looking to expose frauds, he should look elsewhere…

      Its sad that yellow journalism still exists today and Kwan has definitely made that clear with his review of SA & Dave Moore. I suggest that he do his homework and actually give a fair shake to SA.

  2. It does look a little suspicious, doesn’t it…I guess most newbies wouldn’t think thrice about signing up though; it could still seem “super” to some.

    1. Marc says:

      Since it’s free it’s no big deal either. Very little invested except giving someone your e-mail… Not like I haven’t done that many ties over.

      1. Very true…but after joel, and the other blog traffic king Yaro…you get enough sales emails!!!!

  3. nah. there’s no easy way to be rich. not even a quick one. it will always be because of hard work. even just in blogging.

    1. Steve Yu says:

      hard work plus evil πŸ‘Ώ

      1. Eric says:

        Actually… there is one easy way to get rich. Alex Tew figured it out… surely there will be another idea like the million dollar homepage soon.

        I just hope I’m the one who has it!


  4. Super affiliate…super apprentice…is it just me or are people banking on the “super” prefix again?

    1. Marc says:

      Some people may be, but I suspect they won’t be around for very long. The players that are in it to win it go with solid branding fundamentals.

      1. Yeah, it’s catchy, sure, but I don’t think it’s gonna stick too long.

  5. it’s not just you Cheap….

  6. uncle sha says:

    MFA site maker?

    No thanks … i’ve enough of those ‘hurting’ my adsense

    They’re more ‘evil than John Chow I tell ya 😈

    1. I think John Chow is already the worst.

      1. uncle sha says:

        watcha mean? … i don’t see MFA sites by john. maybe its becoming more a review site, i think john need to sort this out

        i think the readers want more content rather than reviews

        1. But, we could all also learn from this reviews, new sites, good sites and bad ones, but all of them gives something to us, at least to me…. πŸ˜›

        2. Court says:

          John has always said that this site is a case study of how to make money with the internet, and that’s exactly how he’s approaching it. Who cares if he does a lot of reviews? By doing that he’s telling you that you should increase your traffic (like he did) and then get paid a ton to do a lot of reviews. (like he did) In my opinion he’s showing you exactly what you should be doing.

        3. John is doing what he loves and earning money at the same time; John Chow dot com has been a truly successful blogging experiment thus far. The truth of the matter is that reviews are considered as content, too. Some people like it enough to stick around for a while, others dig it so much that it doesn’t really bother them at all.

  7. I don’t believe in get rich fast schemes. If I designed such a good one, I would have kept it for myself, not gave it to others. Yes, they make their authors rich, I suppose.

    1. You can bet it! the authors get rich, but those are the only ones, mmmh maybe one or two more.

    2. Sometimes it backfires though; apparently, there is such a thing as online karma.

  8. Mubin says:

    Ouch, I believe that was the first negative review me!

    I would have hated to pay $300 for that.

    1. well if John Chow would lie about that, it is much worse. He’ll lose people’s trust because he lied and that is the last thing a man who wants to earn money online could do.

      and… even with a negative review, do you think people did not click or viewed the site through

    2. Steve Yu says:

      i think john should reject the offer in the first place

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        Reject it instead of taking the money? I’d take the money!

        1. Steve Yu says:

          anyway, John get the money and the super apprentice get nothing – lose $300 and even worse the review will not help in sales. πŸ‘Ώ

          1. Money Blog says:

            don’t ever reject review..use the money for a blog contest instead

          2. Steve Yu says:

            ya, evil !!! 😈

      2. I like the negative review. Shows that he doesn’t just pick the ‘good’ reviews to do. And makes people aware of a get rich scheme that they don’t need to spend $$ on. John (or Michael) might as well make some $$ off of this.

      3. Marc says:

        Why would he reject it? It’s topical, relates to the blog and its audience. I want to hear about both the good and the bad on this blog.

    3. Marc says:

      It’s certainly not the first negative review, not by a long shot. It’s also not the most negative review, not by a long shot.

      There’s no such thing as bad publicity. For some reason there are a lot of people on the web who have completely forgotten that.

    4. I think the good thing about review me, is that you are not hiring someone to tell what you may want to hear, it is for some “expert” to tell you what is good or bad at your site, on the other side, he will gain some improve in his PR anyway.

  9. what if you dont have an adsense account?

    1. Money Blog says:

      go sign up one.duh! πŸ˜€

  10. then get one. or you better ask the site owner. not here in

  11. jnash says:

    ➑ i seen sites like that before i’m not even going to waste my time by going to it thanks for the thumbs up.

    1. now that is one negative reaction. oh well.

    2. Court says:

      Seriously, all you have to do is search for make money in Google and click on any of the paid advertisements. Almost all of them are that same stuff.

      1. Money Blog says:

        of course..but it is still making money…dumb people exist for a reason

  12. green says:

    I wanna have trustie not mani

  13. Music Videos says:

    SO many around that the first timer who wants to make money falls for all of the schemes take ebay and their adsense websites that are for sale.

    Im slowly learning new things from reading this site and others, mostly though its what not to do or fall for that interests me.

    Ever thought of taking on an apprentice John, I could be your test subject. πŸ˜›

  14. Shaun Carter says:

    What a cheap sales pitch on super apprentice’s home page. Even the very end where it says:

    “P.S. Don’t lose out. Less than a few dozen people know about this secret Internet Asset system and they don’t want the whole world in on it.”

    Well now that it’s on the secret’s out!

    1. LOL. Some people would actually think that that stuff does work but I hope they see this page first before that one.

    2. Yeah! you are right, that is funny.

  15. Dension Ice says:

    An awful site, I hate those pre-sell pages, I close my browser quicker when I see one of those than I do with sites full of pop ups.

    1. Money Blog says:

      I know man..the site is total crap. How are they ever going to attract any new customers ❗

    2. I’ve seen much worse though…however, Super Apprentice did pay to be put under the microscope. Too bad the site came off as a little, well, shady. It’s not the end of the world though; they could still revamp the site and improve their content at least.

  16. michael, like your posts. just wonder how much you get for each post you write here, if you don’t mind me asking

    1. Matt Huggins says:

      I was wondering the same thing, whether it’s a flat fee, percentage of the ReviewMe price, or something else.

      1. Michael Kwan says:

        It’s a flat fee. It’s more than what I would make doing an equivalent ReviewMe on my own blog, but less than what John is getting out of the deal.

        1. Matt Huggins says:

          Thanks for the info, Michael. πŸ™‚

  17. Court says:

    I’ll never buy anything from a one page, sales letter site. If it’s that good of a product, why can’t they explain exactly what it is upfront?

    1. I’m not saying I will never buy into it (in general), but I’ll definitely wait a while and get testimonials before I sign up for any quick-money making schemes, both on and off the Internet.

  18. If it looks like a scam and smells like a scam….it probably is worth your money!…no just kidding but it does look suspicious

    1. Money Blog says:

      yea..but i think the scammer is making money out of this review than he’s paying for it.

  19. gaskin says:

    I agree if it smells, looks, sound like a GRQS it probably is. But there are a ton of blogs out there going the same route, there has to be some money in it at some point for it to be this popular. Right?

  20. no. the only reason it is popular right now is because it is in the front page of John

  21. Money Blog says:

    Great post reviewme is getting better and better

  22. Dave Moore says:

    Man, where do I start?

    This is my program and I can tell you it is not a get rich quick scheme. I am training members with the exact method I used to make a lot of money online… and it took me less than a couple years to do it.

    The biggest problem with the review started right off the bat. When you initially login into the site you are supposed to get the step-by-step tutorials right away. From my records someone (probably John) initially logged into Super Apprentice, then another person (probably the reviewer) logged in a second time and the software then (correctly) took them to the project management screen.

    It is so frustrating for me to get a negative review when we have spent so many months working to make Super Apprentice a great tool and service. the review had no mention of my Guarantee, which states if your not making $1000 bucks a month when you start your 4th month that I will refund you. that alone should tell you I am not trying to scam anyone. I am not a scammer, I am not a guru, I am not a mogul. I have made over 1 million dollars from adsense alone using the exact system I am teaching in Super Apprentice.

    There are many newbs inside SA as well as many experienced folks.

    Here are some comments from the members:
    “From all the frustration I’ve experienced screwing up money making opportunities over the many years, I’ve learned that luck is an important ingredient to success. The thing about luck is: it does you no good unless you are prepared to take advantage of it. What good is your “ship coming in” if you’re not an experienced sailor? And…what good is being an experienced sailor if your ship never docks? I’m fired up about putting a SYSTEM into place that I can commit to consistently and generate consistent profits from in return.”

    “Anyway, just to tell you, Dave, that it’s been a long time since I had such a good feeling about subscribing to a private IM forum – you’re doing extremely well so far – Thank You!”

    “Wow, After reading this forum completely and going through the newbie tutorials I know i have found a IM goldmine! Dave thank you for being so generous and gracious.”

    Check out why these people are so excited!

    “Thank you so much Dave for making this affordable for some of us who are still struggling to make a income online. My biggest goal this year is to quit my job and have control of all of my time. Thank you for giving us a system to make this possible.”

    “I am so impressed with how you reply to people on the SA forum and how much you are really helping people out.”

    “Thanks Dave. From reading your posts you sound like the anti-guru, which is just what I need right now.”

    “The system looks real good and its finally one thats at least set up in a very easy to understand manner with all the nice videos and tutorials.”

    “I used to do AdSense with nasty bad page generator and what all but that went south and I’m moving into strictly white hat real content stuff and Dave’s program looks like it’ll be a major piece of my revised path.”

    “Thank you Dave for making the opportunity available… and affordable.”

    “The training you have here is second to none and I have yet to see a software system like yours that makes it so easy for me.”

    “Thanks for the awesome tool set, I’ll be building my fortune with it.”

    Those are totally real and unsolicited. I can’t believe the reviewer logged in went to the project list screen and the support section and then started writing his review. No mention of anything posted in the forums, or the positive responses there, no mention of the automated link directory subbmission, no mention of the integrated google keyword tool, no mention of the automated article directory submission, no mention of any of the tools at all.

    You really can’t write a review without even looking at the system that I am selling.

    I just hope some people give Super Apprentice a chance and if they don’t make money with it they can just get there money back.

    And I really appreicate the Southern Draw thing, I guess it makes a great comment for a gossip column, but my guess is you are just being denigrating because of the way I talk. It’s funny if you know me, if you don’t know me then it is simply disrespectful and unprofessional.

    Anyway, I will stop acting like a baby now and consider this a learning lesson and stupid move on my part. Althought I still respect the following that you have created here, it is kind of apperant to me that my “Hot-air” sales page has more substance than the reviews on this site.

    Thanks for letting me vent a little.

    1. Court says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you still made some sales from the review.

      1. asdf says:

        Not 1 sale. It is too bad the review didn’t even compare my sales pitch to what was offered inside.

    2. jake says:

      dude im sorry, what you just said was total bs. first of all people should not make mfa sites. they are totally pointless, sure they might help you make some money, but they dont help the person reading them. also no ones is going to make 1000 dollars a month. please stop trying to scam people dave. i hope this taught you a lesson.

      1. Dave says:

        “but they dont help the person reading them”
        Now thats bull, if you were in SA you would realize I am instructing members to create original articles that are informative and something they can be proud of… and that will bottom line help with the current content issues the web has because of real (negative) MFA sites.

        “no ones is going to make 1000 dollars a month” I LOL and then I start to feel sorry for anyone that can’t make $1000 online by a few months. My system is setup to go way beyond that… and it is very simple with the tools that are in SA.

        Good luck to everyone… I sincerely hope you succeed.

        1. jake says:

          “Now thats bull, if you were in SA you would realize I am instructing members to create original articles that are informative and something they can be proud of”

          dave, you instructing people to make a quick article that they will supposedly make money off of. how many people will spend time writing the article if the have a garuntee that they will make 1k a month.

          “I LOL and then I start to feel sorry for anyone that can’t make $1000 online by a few months.”

          i meant no ones going to make $1000 dollars a month for writing 1 article on a mfa site.

  23. Rofl 97 bucks a month for a mfa builder πŸ˜†

  24. asdf says:

    Make bank online. “What is Website Mentors? The step-by-step guide to making money online.”
    LOL at that.

  25. Yeah… It’s kind of interesting, but I prefer to be more of an entrepreneur. Do my own thing sort of person.

    -Sam from Market Matador

  26. Yeah, to each his own, right? Some people need a little entrepreneurial direction, others would rather do it on their own (or aid the assistance of OTHER tools available to them).

  27. Andy says:

    You guys are funny!

    You’re all bitching about Dave’s system and none of you have a clue how it works.

    This review was useless.

    When you actually pay for it, you enter a completely straight-forward and very comprehensive tutorial system of videos, audio and information which explains how to use everything to get started.
    It’s not confusing at all!

    All he’s doing is sharing a VERY effective system that works (and has worked for him).

    It’s NOT just a lame site builder for Adsense at all. John didn’t even use the promotional tools in Dave’s system, aswell as ignoring the instructions before criticising the ‘confusing’ nature of it.

    It’s certainly not just aimed at newbies, although I think Dave’s done a great job of also making it easy for newbies to follow, and the elements that Dave doesn’t mention on the sales page are what really make the system work so effectively. Just making sites doesn’t make anyone decent money, it’s how you make them and what you do with them after that which makes all the difference – even newbies know that.

    I’ve used all of the other site-builders, including Metawebs, Cloaking Master, TE, RP, Bomb scripts etc. etc. and Dave’s system isn’t in the same ball-park as them, he’s just systemised most parts of a very effective white-hat process, which anyone can follow and eventually outsource to ramp up revenue generation.

    All of your comments do you a disservice, and John’s review is only negative because he doesn’t (or didn’t when he wrote it) understand what it involves – partly because he didn’t start off on the same intro section that the members do, which gives all the advice and guidance, plus videos of all sections of the software before you even start.

    I’ve been working online for 7 years and make more money than most people, and I’m still happy to pay Dave for access to his system and his excellent friendly forum as it’s a no-brainer to pay a small price to add more robust revenue streams to your income. I believe a complete newbie could generate a full-time income from Dave’s system in a few months of focused effort – Most systems can’t match that.

    But if you change your mind and decide to test Dave’s system out, I’d be happy to help you make the most of your efforts and support you inside Dave’s forum.



    1. You just can’t expect everyone to buy into it, you know? That being said, I respect your sentiments, Andy, and I respect the hell out of people who try to make their mark in this world. If Dave Moore is gaining profit from all this after all, then I say more power to him.

  28. Mehdi says:

    A get rich quick scheme all the way. Some people thing making money happens overnight, without having to do something for it.

    Want money? work.

    1. Andy says:

      Want Money – Work!

      Isn’t THAT the point?

      You only have 24 hours in a day. I still do some offline consulting which brings me around $10,000 a month.

      My previous 7 years online were spent building up to the same level (I’m a slow learner and didn’t realise that most people who were apparently helping others were using a business model which requires the people they’re helping to continually need help).

      Joining Dave’s system is a supplementary thing which requires a lot of work, so I split what I do with outsourcing the work, that way I get to add a new revenue stream which won’t go away and continually builds.

      I know I’m taking the lazy way to this, but I’m basically a lazy person. I have a lot of ideas, but I only like to get my hands dirty for short periods (until I get bored), so for me, adding things like this to my business just makes good sense, because at some point Dave’s system will be earning me money that other people will have done all the work for.

      That’s a business model that I can repeat 1000 times, and still have 23 hours a day left to play with.

      No-one related to Dave’s program would say anything other than that it requires a lot of work. In fact, many members have been telling Dave that they don’t think they can meet what he set as the minimum target. But that’s fine because it just means they can scale it down a little to cater for the fact that right now they’re still suffering from their previous unsuccessful efforts and can’t afford to outsource anything.

      Ultimately – Yes, work is required to earn money. However, that work does NOT have to be done by you in order for you to get most of the benefit from it.
      It’s called leverage.

      I spent 14 years in the Armed Forces convinced that ‘outside’ the harder you worked, the more money you made (it’s what my parents believed), but it’s been my experience that now I earn more than ever before, I do less work than ever before, and I am happier than ever before.

      And long may it continue.

      I know that your comments are just your way of trying to protect yourself from situations that you feel threatened by, and that’s fine. I’m certainly not going to take anything personally, but it’s also my experience that people who are quick to criticise things, are generally negative about a lot of things. That is a mindset that has the worst effect on the person owning it. You might think you’re championing some fight for truth, or exposing corruption, but in this case you’re (as we say in the UK) “throwing the baby out with the bath water”, “cutting your nose off to spite your face” – i.e your attitude has made you dismiss something off-hand, which is actually just a bunch of people trying to do what actually works without all the usual ‘tricking’ the SEs etc..

      But good luck with your own efforts, whatever they may be.



  29. Ha, you should make some money from referring people to the site.

    1. Indeed, 400 big ones — John gets a big chunk and Michael gets to take home some of it, too. Now, where else can you earn that much money unintentionally bashing other online business ventures?? 😈

  30. Dave,

    Don’t worry about it. People who actually know you and your program know the difference.

    There are two kinds of people. It could be raining Gold Dollar Coins and one group would say, I can’t go out there because I might get hit in the head and get hurt. The other group will be running for a hard hat and yelling, I’m rich.

    I don’t know John Chow, but I could only hope that he actually revists your site, takes the time to understand what’s there, and then rewrites his review when he has done his due diligence.

    I can give all of you at least 20 different ways to make MFA sites and in not one of them will ever find mention of writing your own unique content.

    RSSGM, YAP, NPB, NicheMonster, CPB, DOPS, Directory Generator, Niche Creator, Traffic Equalizer, TrafficLooter, Siteomat, Seochief, Ranking Power and others. They are all scrapers and I have used them all to make a crapload of cash. Those days are over unless you really know how to scale.

    Dave’s program is nothing like any of them. Dave teaches creating Silos with unique content promoted across multiple platforms and since I rally fail to see any mention of that in any one of these detailed reviews, I’ll assume you had no idea?

  31. David Mackey says:

    Mmm…since we need more MFA.

  32. Joe Barrett says:

    What I’m reading is a perfect example of why I stay away from these types of forums. I venture to guess that 99% of the people making comments don’t have a clue about the SA system or the true value of and AdSense site.

    A few years back I fought the idea of hosting AdSense ads on my site because couldn’t comprehend why someone would host competitor ads on my site. If I didn’t open my mine it would’ve cost me over 250K and I owe that to Dave Moore.

    Folks, you’re not going to make money bashing systems you know nothing about.

    What about the MFA sites that Google uses as examples when you join? Are they deceiving people? I think not.

    1. Lisa Hyde says:

      Amen Joe, well put.

      At one time I was one to sit back and look for “holes” in software, memberships, etc. when I should have spent the time being productive. I didn’t know anything about Dave Moore before this thread but I can’t find one negitive comment. Give the guy a break, it’s clear that his not your typical “Guru”

  33. Kim says:

    Oh man, if only you had the slightest clue who or what John Caviani is … or Andy or Dave πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

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