Can You Digg It?

I got up today at 10:00AM. This is earlier than I normally wake up but the house keeper had to vacuum the carpets and the noise would have woke me up anyway. The first thing I do every morning, once I get on the comp, is to check the stats. Throughout the day, I check stats about a thousand times. Stat checking is something I never get tire of. It’s a lot fun to see the AdSense and other network number increase every hour.

Today, the Google number look unusually high for a Friday and the site was responding kinda slow. Something was up. The first thing I did was checked Slashdot to see if I got Slashdotted. There was nothing about TTZ on Slashdot. That meant there was only one other site that can slow down The TechZone. Sure enough, I check the front page of and there is was – How To Maximize Hard Drive Life got Digged, or Dugg, or whatever you want to call it.

The Digg didn’t last very long, the story stayed on the Digg front page for about 4 hours before moving to page 2. You can view the Digg post here. During the time my story was on the front page, Digg sent over 20,000 visitors. The net effect on revenue? According to the stats, it looks like this Digg will increase site revenue an extra $500 for today.

With numbers like these, I can definitely Digg it.

4 thoughts on “Can You Digg It?”

  1. Essive says:

    John, how do you get your press releases into Digg? I don’t quite understand the process.

  2. John Chow says:

    Digg does not accept press releases. You have to manually submit the story at

    You need a digg account to submit a story. I didn’t submit that hard drive story. Some Digg reader did.

    I did a post about the big 3 news sites here:

  3. Rob says:

    Congratulations on the digg, John.

    $500 is very nice. Sounds like your getting a reasonable CTR too if my guesstimations are correct.

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