Canada Day Dining At Araxi Whistler Village

Widely acknowledged as the best restaurant in Whistler (home of the 2010 Winter Games), Araxi was also the grand prize for season 6 of Hell’s Kitchen. The season 6 winner got to become head chef at Araxi, a restaurant that has won more awards than any restaurants in Whistler, including best restaurant in Whistler for nine consecutive years by Vancouver magazine.

Now you may ask yourself why any world class restaurant would give the head chef position to anyone from Hell’s Kitchen. I mean, have you seen some of those contestants? Here’s the secret. A restaurant like Araxi doesn’t have a head chef, it has an Executive Chef. The head chef position was created for the season 6 winner, Dave Levey, who like everyone else works under Araxi’s Executive Chef, James Walt. Mr. Levey no longer works at Araxi. He either went back to the US after his contract expired or Araxi never renewed his contract.

Araxi Whistler Village

Located in the heart of Whistler Village, Araxi is right in the middle of the action. And there was a lot of action happening during the Canada Day weekend. The Square had a stage set up with bands performing all day long. After partying in the Square, dinner at Araxi is a great way to end the day.

Being a high end restaurant, Araxi is adult oriented. However, Chef Walt knows that Whistler is a tourist town and tourists bring their children sometime. While items for children are not on the menu, Araxi will make special dishes for the little ones on request. The last time we dined at Araxi, Sally was one year ago and Chef Walt made her some high end gourmet baby food that was so good, it made her raised the roof. This time around, she dined on a big plate of perfectly cooked pasta.

We got to dined in the Araxi private wine room, which is filled with some of the finest and most expensive wines in the world. Their many awards are also on displayed in the wine room. Araxi is famous for sourcing from local ingredients only. All the dishes on the menu featured ingredients that are within 100 miles of the restaurant, including scallops from Qualicum Bay that are to die for. My main course, 20 oz. “Cowboy Cut” Bone-on Beef Ribeye, was cooked to perfection and included some truffle fries that Sally loved. Other dishes we sampled include the Araxi Three Tier Seafood Tower, Canadian Prime Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Lamb Loin, Paradise Valley Pork, BC Line Caught Halibut and a couple of really sweet desserts.

Araxi Whistler Village

Araxi Whistler Village

Araxi Whistler Village

Araxi Whistler Village

Araxi Whistler Village

Araxi Whistler Village

Araxi Whistler Village

Araxi Whistler Village

Araxi Whistler Village

Araxi Whistler Village

Araxi Whistler Village

Araxi Whistler Village

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  1. Dino Vedo says:

    Ha! Interesting John. I wonder how long it will take when I get famous enough to write about food and still get comments!! 😉

    1. He can now write a blog post addressing this question… haha

        1. He can write about anything and still get comments…are you kidding me???

          1. Salesfist says:

            THe comments are mainly for other websites to get noticed… if you ask me.

    2. He is writing it since beginning of this blog when he was not that famous so you can start writing it any time.

      1. Yeah, but now that he has a normal blog base it makes it much easier.

        You need to establish some personality and credibility first.

      2. I’m not really sure I understand your statement, but if you mean that he’s been writing about food reviews and what not since he started his blog, I would agree with you…

    3. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      lol! John will still get tons of comment no matter what topic he writes. The influence has became serious. 😉

  2. Looks like John really loved food, just like me! lol

    But seriously those dishes look de-li-cious!


      1. Haha who doesn’t “love” it 😛

        1. Food is the most amazing part of John’s blog.

          Saw his video on burger competition.

  3. Have you ever thought of starting your own food review blog, John? Review of restaurant, pub, cafe against free gourmet meals? SY

    1. I like this idea too. Would definitely be interested in a food blog from your travels in living the internet lifestyle.

      1. hmmm…or maybe had a food critque portion to the site…kind of like

      2. I prefer him having posts about food on this blog. There’s enough of them and everything is conveniently in one place.

        For those of you who can’t get enough of restaurant and food reviews there are plenty of places to read more of them.

    2. …..Or have you ever every though of starting your very own CHAIN OF FOOD RESTAURANT…..i can even suggest you a name “CHOW CHOPPEE” 🙂

      1. Now, I like this one. But it has to include a room with wi-fi et al set aside for internet marketer and blogger meetings 😉 SY

        1. Yes and Ed will always come late.

          1. Good point, what does it matter if there is a dedicated ‘internet marketer lounge’? Hm, perhaps even with internet conference facilities so that people from all over the world can participate? SY

          2. Ed hasn’t been late the last few times which proves that either nagging people got to him, he wants to change his reputation or he wants to prove people wrong.

    3. Bidet says:

      Thats a great idea, Im sure it would be successful and it would be a fun job too, Going around eating every where. Reminds me of the shows on the Food Network.

  4. Those are some nice food John. I’m wondering if you were able to taste all of that? =)

    1. Haha, well if he paid $100 per person, he better have been able to eat it. I don’t know any restaurant where you pay to just look at the food! haha

    2. I don’t think anyone could eat all that food! But i’m sure he got a glimpse of each 😉

      1. He will be there where there is great food.

  5. frog says:

    HI! John ,you go to lunch and make money. You must starting new blog – food blog

    1. Lol that would also gather quite bit of success 😀

  6. Hi John,

    The food looks great and it must be good if Sally liked it too.

    The local (within 100 miles) ingredients are a big draw to a lot of people including myself. Another reason to stop by while in Whistler.

    I’m also impressed with the stacks of wine bottles.
    I bet a lot of them are BC wines.


  7. ffl license says:

    First you tortured me with your juicy burgers and now this. This is cruelty in the extreme.

    1. Bidet says:

      Haha, he loves reviewing delicious food, its not his fault.

  8. ffl license says:

    I would die for that lobster. i think I have some sardines in the fridge.

  9. “How the other half lives” – I guess you must be one of the other half, John

  10. Song which played in your starting of your video is Indian folk music and called Punjabi Music. Lots of beats and life.

    1. It’s kind of crazy that you know that!!! lol

      1. Well that’s famous Indian culture.

        Just google for Punjabi Songs

        1. Lakhyajyoti says:

          Like the punjabi song at starting of the video.

  11. Bidet says:

    Wow that food looks delicious. It looks like a nice fancy restaurant and its so famous too.

  12. That looks absolutely delicious. The question I have is how much per meal?!

    1. John Chow says:

      Expect to spend over $100 per person when dining at Araxi.

      1. I figured it does look quite gourmet 😛

      2. Love your food posts. I was going to ask how much it was too. $100 a person isn’t bad for a restaurant like that. I’m sure the food was worth it.

  13. Seems a great place to “dined and out” . What i don’t understand is that it is “adult oriented” and they do not serve to children. Selly was luckily last time when they made some spacial gourmet baby food though.

  14. Tyler says:

    I was at the Araxi during the Hell’s Kitchen Finale. Glad Dave won, but when I found out he was only to be there during the Winter Olympics I was disappointed. I was hoping to go after the Olympics and try out some of Dave’s food.

    Ah well, I still like Araxi for a fine dining experience in Whistler.

  15. Looks like you had a good day and some seriously good food. 🙂

  16. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    John you always had your meal in nice place and good foods, salute you! I’ll need to think twice whenever I plan to have meal in such restaurant. 😉

    All the foods look promising!


  17. The good old meal pictures…for some reason, I love these 🙂

    1. Good old meal pictures ??

    2. PPC Ian says:

      Online College Courses,
      I agree with you! It seems like John is always sharing pictures of delicious food. This blog always makes me hungry!

    3. Bidet says:

      Me too, the food looks so good in these photos,

  18. Mike says:

    The food looks delicious. wish I had the same dinner.

  19. comforters says:

    Were those pictures from every table in the restaurant?!? 🙂 That’s a lot of great looking food.

  20. PPC Ian says:

    Wow! That food looks amazing! I visited Whistler many years ago and am well overdue to return. The skiing was fantastic!

  21. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Foods looks to be great.Like the pictures.

  22. Ary says:

    Everything looks delicious! Though I wonder how big are the desserts.

  23. Boy I really like the way Sally talked and follow your instruction like a good kid.

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