Canon SD960 IS – Perfect Blogger Digital Camera

Canon SD960 IS Vs. Flip Mino

I’ve just received a new Canon SD960 IS digital camera to play around with. This is Canon’s new 12.1 Megapixel ultra compact digital camera that also happens to do full 720p HD videos at 30fps. The unit is about the same size as the Flip MinoHD but offers far better video quality and the ability to take high quality photos. With its built in 28mm wide angle lens with optical image stabilizer, the SD960 IS maybe the only camera a blogger needs to take both pictures and videos.

Because I only had the camera for a day, this will be a quickie review. I may do a more in depth review at a later date. From my short time with the SD960, I can tell you that it’s a near perfect blogger digital camera. It’s small and compact like the Flip Mino and takes amazing photos and even more amazing videos. The built in wide angle lens with optical image stabilizer is what seals the deal. It makes filming yourself so much easier. You’re able to get your entire head into the frame instead of just your face. The built in optical image stabilizer mean no shaky videos like you can get with the Flip if you don’t have a steady hand.

The camera even has a 2.8″ 16:9 wide angle display so you can preview your videos without any black bars. You’ll see black bar if you take photos in 4:3 mode. However, I’ve switched to 16:9 photos a long time ago. You won’t get the maximum 12.1 Megapixel when taking wide photos but I think 4000 pixel x 2248 pixel is more than enough resolution.

The best part of the Canon SD960 IS is the price. Available right now from Amazon for $259.88 (regular $299.99) the SD960 cost only $30 more than a Flip MinoHD. For the extra $30, you get video quality that is far superior to the Flip, optical image stabilizer, native iMovie support, fantastic still photos and nice 2.8″ 16:9 view screen. All wrapped up in a package that will fit in your pocket. The choice is clear as to which camera I’ll be using for the next Dot Com Pho. Here are some photos and a video sample.

Canon SD960 IS Test

Canon SD960 IS Test

Canon SD960 IS Test

Canon SD960 IS Test

42 thoughts on “Canon SD960 IS – Perfect Blogger Digital Camera”

  1. liciece says:

    After I watched the video you gave out,I believe the meaning of perfection here.
    I will put this in my shopping list.

  2. PJ says:

    Nice house. Good to sea productive ambition still gets you something in Canada.

  3. whenever i check out new cameras I worry about the capacity of their batteries. Sometime ago i wrote an article about
    extending battery life for digital cameras
    Maybe it is still helpful for those interested in buying a new digital camera or those having trouble with getting the most out of their current equipment.

    What i like most about the digital camera you describe above is the fact that you can do pictures, but also high quality videos with it.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Greg Ellison says:

    That takes really nice. It takes great video, and pictures. Greg Ellison

  5. hospitalera says:

    Looks nice, I am a die-hard DSLR user, but sometimes I miss something a bit smaller, so this one might actually fir the bill, especially as it does videos also, SY

  6. WOW,
    the quality is simply astonishing!


  7. EarningStep says:

    damn it . i couldn’t believe my eyes . the picture has very vivid color . fiuh… nice camera

  8. Skeptic says:

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  9. Thomas says:

    The quality of the video is incredible.

    It would be nice to see if this camera works great with Chromakey and green screen.

  10. The Video Quality And even Pictures Are quite good,
    I have Seen other Pics From Mino Too But Canon SD960 looks Like Worth the Extra $30

  11. Erika Marie says:

    Ah! You could have not put this out at a more perfect time! I am in the market for a new camera. How fast is the shutter?

    1. John Chow says:

      Pretty fast for a sub compact. Must faster than my old SD870. Start up time is quicker too.

  12. Nice house you got there. The toys were so cute, especially the froggy. I was in Vancouver a month ago, and the city is gorgeous! Great place to be at.

    The camera is great for sure. I can’t believe it takes such nice crisp clean videos. Definitely worth checking out and considering for future camera purchases. 🙂

  13. You might want to switch to vivid mode while taking landscape photos, that will let you get more saturation and contrast.

  14. A 12 MP HD camera in a phone, you should not ask for more… a sheer luxury.

  15. cyza says:

    Cool camera…
    I need one as well to replace my canon power shot A950…
    I think this can be a very superb substitute…
    I’ll have to check this out at malaysia’s local store…

  16. In my family there is 4 digital cameras altogether. So now I am looking for good SLR camera from Nikon.

    John will you please recommend which SLR camera I should go for.

  17. dassad says:

    Thank you, already added it to my new online camcorder shop at . I added it in two formats, one is only the camera (the Canon SD960) and i added an other pack, this time with a 8Gb DELUXE accessory kit. So you get the whole pack mutch more cheaper than buying it one by one. There are accessoryes that are needed by a blogger, the plus batery, the 8Gb sd card, the tripod and s on. These are needed items to if you want to use it 100%.

    Now… the deluxe accessory kit contains these items to: 8 Gigabyte SD Secure Digital Card – Secure Digital USB Card Reader – Digital Camera Carrying Case w/Pocket & Strap – Lens Care & Cleaning Kit – Flexible Legged Mini Tripod – Memory Card Wallet – Additional NB-4L Rechargeable Lithium ion Replacement Battery – Package of LCD Screen Protectors – BONUS!! Canon Metal Neck Strap – FREE 25 Quality Prints and of course the Canon SD960 digital camera and costs only $309.95

  18. Doug Dillard says:

    Holy Great Video Batman… that is one nice quality video that it created. I just grabbed my wife and let her watch too and told her what I want for our anniversary… since it will be here before Christmas.

  19. Muhammad says:

    yup its correct that this cam has a very good result … like i was watching the pics its was really clear and like Good for blogging Too 🙂

  20. TheXFrame says:

    Hey John,

    When compared to the simplicity of just pressing 1 button to record HD video on those like the Flip HD’s and the Kodak’s, etc — how does this camera stack up? Do you have to go through menu’s to take video or can you simply take it out of your pocket and start shooting in HD?

    And 16 GB SD slot is the highest capacity?

    1. John Chow says:

      Just switch over to video mode and push the record button. You are now recording HD. I’m using a 32GB SD card with it. It can accept all the latest cards.

  21. Matt Ryan says:

    Those are some high quality photos.

  22. Holy crap, that looks just like iJustine’s camera. I love how cameras now are so evolved and include such high quality recording 😀


  23. Zac Johnson says:

    Great quality for such a small and non-expensive camera.

  24. camera bags says:

    Great looking stills and videos that you posted here for such a compact unit.

  25. Youngistaan says:

    I think Sony is better then this and even i think Nikon cam are best.

  26. John, the quality to me looks exactly the same as your Canon HF S100… which I guess you won’t be needing anymore, right? Can I make an offer? 🙂

    1. John Chow says:

      The quality doesn’t match the HFS100, but it’s hard to tell with an Internet video.

  27. You are using apple computer and monitor of Dell … joining two giants together at your desktop … lollzz

    This is the place from where you work or its just a computer at your home.

  28. keepbiz says:

    Wow.. I want one. It looks small and thin..

  29. Vijay says:

    Very decent pictures, but why do you need flip camera and camera both these days most camera has video recording functionality and even some can do hd recording.

    1. Todd says:

      I’m just a newbie, but this is what I have done so far. Monetizing a blog site is a big challenge-I hope to learn more =)


  30. Does the price of the digital camera include the shipping cost? For me although it has high pixel quality, when bloggers upload images they have to keep the file size lower so that they will load fast on the webs or blogs. I have Sony Cybershot DSC-W30 and I only use VGA format for my blogs.

  31. Vin says:

    Wow!!! I can’t believe that the video came from a digital camera…. I got mine (I won’t say the brand) few months and it’s video + pics doesn’t even come close to that quality. And not to mention, mine was quite a bit expensive.

    Very nice 🙂

  32. Gyanguru says:

    I couldn’t believe the video was actually from a digital camera. Extremely good video quality.

  33. I love my Flip Mino HD more than anything. Mmm. HD is so tasty. I recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap HD cam!

  34. Wow, the quality of video and photo images deserves evaluation in 10 +!

  35. It sounds affordable. By the way, I have noticed that Mr. John, always like the Canon cameras. What is the reason? These cameras look perfect at affordable price.

  36. Great quality of pictures and video

  37. That takes really nice. It takes great video, and pictures.

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