Cash Advance Affiliate Program by Review

Christmas is just a few days away and there are still tons of people who haven’t bought their gifts because money is tight (money is tight all year round, but it’s especially hard during the holidays). How do you take advantage of this as an affiliate marketer? You offer cash advances of course! Payday loan affiliate programs do extremely well this time of year, and one of the best cash advance affilate program in the business is offered by specializes in cash advance loan offers. The company gathered feedback from thousands of affiliates to understand what the best payday loan affiliate program should have. Based on this feedback they created a list of principles that guides how its affiliate program operates.

  1. Each affiliate is treated as a true long term business partner. Needed resources and useful how to information is provided to affiliates to help them succeed. loves its affiliates and sends amazing gifts to them for Christmas.
  2. Only exclusive direct offers will be promoted to affiliates. Each and every offer that is promoted to affiliates is owned and exclusive to
  3. Affiliate gets the lion’s share of generous commission. is an advertiser, not the middle man. provides top affiliates with payout bonuses every month.
  4. It is’s job to maximize revenue for each affiliate.’s team will work day and night to optimize the campaigns, landing pages, and design creatives to make sure affiliates get highest earning per click (EPC) and per lead payout.
  5.’s friendly affiliate concierge (support team) has generated leads themselves and knows what it takes. They are invested in your success and will go the extra mile to help affiliates. Support team is easily reachable via phone, email, messenger, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.
  6. Best traffic statistics reporting, tracking tools, and analytics presentation in the industry available 24 hours a day from web based publisher dashboard.
  7. Affiliates care of what happens to leads they send, so makes sure that each lead send by affiliate is well taken care of. listens to feedback from affiliates and leads to improve the way it does business to benefit everyone involved.
  8. Affiliates are in the drivers seat with Affiliates can choose how to send leads to any given offer. Options include sending traffic to great looking / fantastically converting website, easily integrating the form to affiliate’s website, XML host and post, ping and post, or sending traffic to custom made website exclusive to the affiliate. Affiliates can choose from different payout options that include: flat payout per lead, revenue share, or tier structured payouts.
  9. Continuously updated and fresh banner in different sizes, emails both text and graphics, suggested text ads, and landing page designs. Custom made landing pages and banner ads can be created for affiliates.
  10. Payments made on time, every time. Affiliates have options to get paid via check, direct deposit, wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Payquicker.

The cash advance offers at pays out 90% revenue share. This is one of the highest payout in the industry, and unlike other cash advance offers, you don’t need to work your way up to that level. You get it from the get go. Every affiliate is assigned a personal affiliate manager with at least eight years of experience that he can call up or email.

One of the best features of is their deep analytics real-time reports that break down all the information you need to know to optimize your campaigns. No other company offers this level of detailed reporting. Also cool are the monthly contests where you can win cash and great prizes such as iPads and fully paid vacation trips. payday loan offer is available for email, Pay Per Click, banners, mobile, and pop traffic. Co-reg and incentive traffic is not allowed. While the offer is available for US traffic only, you don’t need to live in the United States in order to be a affiliate.

While cash advance and payday loan offers do well all year round, they perform especially well during this time of the year. If you want to take advantage of that, then sign up for cash advance affiliate program and start making money off those cash-hungry holiday shoppers.

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