Caution: 5 Reasons Why Guest Posting Isn’t For You

Guest posting is powerful, right?

Every blogger knows the importance and benefits of guest posting.

When I first started my blog, I had no clue how to attract fresh readers and build a profitable business.

Guest posting was my saving grace.

As I write this article, I took an inventory of all the guest posts I’ve written in 12 months and I got 531, all published.

Wow, 531 guest posts in 12 months!

Believe me, I know what guest posting can do for you. However, if you’re not wise, it can be a waste of time and creative ideas writing for other blogs.

I want to share with you the 5 reasons why guest posting might not be right for you. Take your time and study this – it’s going to change your blogging career. Let’s dive in…

1 – No clear goals

Without a clear goal, writing for other blogs all in the name of driving traffic to your website can is a waste of time. You’ve to begin by setting your short and long term goals.

What exactly do you want to achieve? Is it blog readers? Do you want to increase sales? Or are you like me who craves for subscribers like the Deer pants after the water brooks?

What exactly do you desire from guest posting? You’ve got to write your thoughts down. That’s going to chart a new course for you, businesswise.

If you’ve been guest posting and still can’t see the results of your creativity and hard work, I suggest you pull back. Get a pen and paper and set your goal quickly.

2 – Not ready to build an email list

If you’re not ready to build an email list, then guest posting isn’t for you. Period!

Most people who are into guest posting, do it for the wrong reasons. Of course, getting a handful of readers to check out your blog is fantastic, but what is your gain?

Don’t you realize that you’re wasting bandwidth and killing your business? It’s time to reconsider your plans.

You need to start collecting email leads. Out of the 531 guest posts I’ve written, I’m glad because I’ve been able to capture about 503 email leads. Not so BIG, but it’s better than having no subscriber at all.

And these subscribers are all double-optin; based on permission.

In order words, those who subscribed to my email newsletter gave me an open check to send them more valuable contents.

When you write a guest post, don’t link to your homepage, unless you’ve a well-placed optin box with a beneficial list-bait (ebook, short report, membership access and so). Instead, send people to a squeeze or landing page and get them to join your list. Well, if they refuse to join, let them go away. Period!

3 – No exclusive content

Truth be told, every article topic and subject has been addressed by bloggers, freelance writers and you. We’re living in a world where no idea is 100% fresh.

The only secret spice to make your guest posts exclusive is to approach it from a unique angle. Like I always do, I’d pick a common idea and write exclusively on it.

For instance, if I want to write about SEO, I do it differently. Every other blogger and writer would advice you research your keywords first.

Of course, that is a good advice, but it’s been said before, somewhere. What really makes an article or a blog post unique and exclusive is the subheadings.

The bullet points used and the voice of the writer. Whenever you’re writing a guest post for B-list blogs or A-list blogs, garnish the post with your awesome voice. Make your subheadings stand out.

Use thesaurus to find words and synonyms. Instead of using a common idea for subheadings, use the alternative words.

4 – You don’t own a blog

I was shocked a few weeks ago, when I discovered that 65% of my subscribers don’t even have a blog. I mean, they’ve been reading and commenting on my blog posts, but they’re not bloggers in the real sense of it.

I had earlier thought that every blog reader owns a blog. Now, you can’t write a guest post without linking out. No, a reasonable blog owner won’t reject your quality article just because you don’t own a blog, but you’re wasting time.

Guest posting is supposed to be a win/win mutual relationship. The only way to build a brand is to attach it to your domain name.

Guest posting can only work for you if you’re a blog owner. My advice to you is simple: Go and start a blog today. Don’t wait another day or else, the competition would discourage you as time goes by.

5 – You’re not selling anything

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking you to add affiliate link to your guest posts. This is forbidden by most bloggers who would accept your guest post.

And I totally agree with them. By selling a product, I mean you should have an offer for the target audience – the readers. Getting featured on a popular blog can result in thousands of fresh readers and buyers to your blog/website.

And most importantly, if you’re a freelancer, you could get hired by potential clients who visit A-list and business related blogs every day.

So, don’t write a guest post unless you’ve a top notch offer for your audience. As a content writer, I’ve used guest posting to attract over 10 savvy clients to my professional services. Don’t write a single word, if you’re not ready to take orders.

Is guest posting right for you?

Only you can answer that question. Let me know what you think in the comments box. What’s your experience with guest posting so far? Are you happy or about to quit? I can’t wait to read and answer your questions. See you ahead!

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26 thoughts on “Caution: 5 Reasons Why Guest Posting Isn’t For You”

  1. kimbundance says:

    I think setting a clear intention of purpose and why you created your blog/website can help alleviate these 5 reasons. Good post, I can see how this can help others to get clear on their goals for their site.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Kim for reading my post. I’m glad you liked the 5 Reasons. See you again!

      1. Making clear goals is always best before we start on doing something. Thanks for these guidelines.

    2. Ben Troy says:

      Guess post is a right way to create strong link to authority site and help build trust and brand .

  2. Alan Tay says:

    Michael, I’m impressed that you can actually spend 531 of your post for guest post. I write guest post as well but land them on my home page usually. It is bad but sometimes, certain webmaster only allow linking back to the home page. What would you do to those sites? Find another site to guest post or still guest post there?

    1. Hey Alan, there are two sides to the coin in your case. If a site allows a link to the homepage, but you’re sure to get hundreds of visitors, then go for it.

      But if the site barely gets comment, and the blogger is still struggling to get readers on a daily basis, don’t waste your quality article.

      There are over 10k blogs out there that can gladly publish your guest post and link back to your inner pages, using anchor texts. Those are the best sites to stick with.

      A side note: Guest posting is the best way to grow a blog in this era. Create time to write exclusive guest articles and ‘steal’ some readers from another blog.

      I hope my comment helps.

      1. Alan Tay says:

        Sure it helps, Michael. Basically, I had been thinking the same that if a site can bring in lots of visitors but not allowing links to internal pages, I should go for it as well. I felt much more confident going for it now supported by your opinion 😉

  3. Bryan says:

    I’m writing an article now that I’ve decided to submit as my first ever guest post. You’ve given me food for thought because I didn’t have a clear goal other than driving some new traffic, and I’m still using FeedBurner for my email list.

    However, my post is a bit controversial and I feel it would be wasted on my low-traffic blog. So I’m going to swing for the fences and submit it to ProBlogger.

    Sometimes there’s something to be said for shooting from the hip and seeing what happens.

    1. Go for it Bryan. Problogger is a great site to get featured. If you succeed, please share your experience with us.

      1. Bryan says:

        Will do. Thanks.

  4. Marcus O. says:

    Thanks for the tips Michael! I really have to start guest posting. I’m going to write a post and submit to your site tomorrow!

    1. Hmm, provided the guest post is relevant to my readers and practicable, I wouldn’t mind publishing it. I’d be waiting.

  5. Abhik says:

    That was really a nice read. I completely agree with #1 (though all of them are deserves to be noted). Without clear goals, your guest postings are gonna land nowhere.

  6. Obaidul says:

    Definitely, guest posting can work in your favor only when you are completely aware of what you want to achieve. Thankfully, there are so many goals that you can fulfill via guest blogging. Choose what you want to obtain and focus your guest articles on that.

    The article makes some very useful points. Thanks.

  7. Theodore.N says:

    An awesome content Chibuzor as always. I think guest posting is a very essential source of traffic indeed though i haven’t done any before but will certainly give it a shot one of these days.

    Thanks Mich for sharing, I’m proud of you.

  8. faisal says:

    I think the last one is not really a valid point!

    1. Absolutely, it’s a valid point. If you don’t have any offer for the audience, what’s the point?

  9. Scarlett says:

    Hey Micheal, Thanks so much for your tips. They have really shone a new light on guest posting for me. I was getting ready to start guest posting and doing some research about it, so I ‘m extremely glad I came across your article. I think I am going to take your advice and begin guest posting as soon as possible. Thanks again.

  10. Whitney says:

    I have actually never tried guest posting….I’m not sure why, I guess I feel like I get enough traffic as it is…not to say that I’m above it or anything I will probably do it at some point 🙂 More traffic is always better 🙂

    1. Sure Whitney. More traffic is always better.

  11. Kent says:

    Point 5 is part correct, selling reputation is selling something as well. We don’t have to sell tangible products.

  12. Greg C. says:

    Great post Michael,

    I have always stuck with the tried and proven tactic of creating back-links to my blogs by posting relevant content in other popular blogs. It works really well for me.

    Also, I would type every major news headlines of the day into my browser window or into the Google search box, to see if any of the blogs with very high PR rankings or if any of the blogs on pages 1 and 2 of my Google “key word” search, posted an article regarding any of the headlined stories. This strategy works really well for me.

    1. Good strategy you’ve there friend. Keep the flag flying!

  13. Ehsan Ullah says:

    You’re right Michael, Without creating a proper goal guest blogging is just a wastage of time. For example, If you’ve spent a lot of time and effort by writing a guest post for any big blog and your guest post is published on that blog, but if you aren’t building email list and you don’t collect the leads of those visitors which came to your blog from your guest post than it will be really a wastage of time.

    Am I right Michael?

  14. I can clearly say that guest posting is not for me, not because I really don’t have anything to sell but the fact that If I am going to write an interesting well though of article I always end up posting it on my own site.

    It’s probably a paradox, why post a well written and interesting article on another website?

    Any thoughts on this?

  15. PPC Expert says:

    Guest posting should really be “the last step”. It should only be done when “everything else” is more or less accomplished. Creating valuable, original and yet engaging content is extremely time consuming. One should only post fractions of such content on a third party resource that would attract visitors to their own online resource with a plenty of original content.

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