CES 2008 – $15,000 D-Box Racing Chair

D-Box is a Canadian based company that make motion based products for high-end home theater and ultra high-end gamers. Their motion sensing racing chair cost $15,000. The chair itself hasn’t changed much since I last saw it but the software has been updated to create an even greater sense of realism.

At $15,0000 per chair, only the richest and craziest gamers would consider buying it. The system D-Box used to show off the chair was equally crazy: a high end Voodoo PC with THREE 50″ 1080P plasma screens. I’m sure it cost just as much, if not more than the chair itself. Let’s see, you can spend $30,000 on a racing game or you can buy a car and go racing for real. Decisions, decisions.

I have to admit, the D-Box system is a lot of fun to play with but I can’t see buying this for my game room. I’m just not into racing games all that much. D-Box does have a version of the chair for flight sims and first person shooters.

33 thoughts on “CES 2008 – $15,000 D-Box Racing Chair”

  1. dg says:

    That is very very cool, something I might buy consider buying. I only can only a few do track days per year in a real car so this looks like a lot of fun – and safer, cheaper, more convenient. The driving position looks terrible though. Still very cool. Would be perfect for Gran Turismo 5.

    1. It does look fun. I am sure they will customize it a bit more for better driving position. I think safety and training would be key in getting this.

  2. ebookbum says:

    niiiiiiiiiiiice. I would mos def buy it if i had tha dough!!!!

  3. I would opt for the flight simulator.

    1. SALIHU says:


  4. MoneyMingle says:

    I am sure the Knock offs are rubbing their hands together.

  5. James says:

    Hell of a “game”. Bit pricey for me though i think 😥 not too keen on racing games either, would have to be the first person shooter for me.

    Ah well, stick with the 360 for now i guess 😆

  6. too expensive mate… Can even buy a house in my country! But if i am making as much as John is making, then it is possible! 😈

    1. David Chew says:

      You can consider buying a car and go for a nice ride. 😀

  7. This takes Ridin’ Dirty to a whole new level ❗ I see you rollin….but I’m not hatin’. Quality clip.

  8. The chair looks pretty cool and must be fairly realistic seeing you bounce around there, but I think I’d put the $15K towards the 2009 ZR1 you wrote about a few posts back.

    1. David Chew says:

      You can also use the money to get a review from all the top blogger. 🙂

  9. KiwiPulse says:

    I had a chance to try one of those chair in a game show in my city, the experience UNFORGETFUL! 😎

  10. ATV Style says:

    John whats this “OR” stuff? You don’t have to chose between racing or the chair – the chair is for rainy days when you can’t get your racing fix in. Admit it, you know you loved the chair and considered getting one for all of about a nano second didn’t you?

  11. David Chew says:

    Looks interesting but for $30k that is a bit too much.

  12. Contest Beat says:

    Money, money, money…

  13. $30,000….wonder how much their profit margin is 😈

  14. Benny Ong says:

    Burning a hole in my bank account and probably need to take a loan for that. Any easy payment schemes available as an option? Well, I am not that of a hardcore gamer anyways…

  15. Mike Huang says:

    Seems like the video has been removed…darn it 🙁


  16. Mike Huang says:

    That really is an amazing video, but it seems like you have to click on the YouTube link to watch it 🙂


    1. Its playing through the website for me, I wonder what the problem is there. 😐

  17. William Chen says:

    ➡ Good, accidentally arrives at your blog, thinks well.
    Your name is called John Chow? You are the Chinese? 😀

  18. I want one 😯

    They look really cool, but I dont have a spare $15,000 lieing around tho 🙄

    Small typo “At $15,0000 per chair”.

  19. I think its amazing to drive like this.But it is very expensive man 😐

  20. Will says:

    wow that actually looks pretty awesome. I don’t see why it costs $15k though…

  21. Dustin says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm, very tough decision… virtual chair or real car… who the hell come’s up with these impossible choice 🙄

  22. Real car, but then take on the insurance you would pay for racing it around. I think I will just stick to my $50 Wii games.

  23. vhxn.com says:

    Nice Ride John , Cool you played very well :mrgreen:

  24. I’d like to see their first person shooter version. Halo 3 in a chair like that 😯 …. pardon me while i drool

  25. Dude, that chair made you look like you were having a seizure in the beginning! 😉

  26. Liviu Pantea says:

    You can buy a car for 30.000$ but who will allow you to ride it 250 – 300 km/h on the freeway, and second of all if you hit the wall in the game you restart the race and that`s it, but on the freeway the restart is way more expensive in money and may even cost your life.

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