CES 2012 – A Horn Stand That Make Your iPhone Go Boom!

While cruising around the CES iLounge, we came across the Bone Collection Horn Stand. This neat little device act as a stand and portable amplifier for your iPhone and IPod (an iPad version is also available). The horn stand let’s you mount your iOS device vertically or horizontally and provides an impress 13dB boost to the sound. Unlike the 12,000 Watt Cadence amp, the horn stand has a grand total of zero watts. The entire system uses an acoustical horn to get loud and requires no batteries.

Available in a wide variety of colors, the Bone Collection Horn Stand sells for $24.95, which is quite high for a piece of rubber. However, it works well and will make for quite a conversation starter.

4 thoughts on “CES 2012 – A Horn Stand That Make Your iPhone Go Boom!”

  1. OnIncomeH2 says:

    Impressive. I love the fact that it works without batteries. Might have to pick one up for use on the bike.

  2. SurmingaWN says:

    Nice little addition and saves on buying a speaker dock for the outdoors for example. Seen quite a few of these in different variations already available however

  3. fas says:

    But its so cool.

  4. otepsphere says:

    Hi John Chow, When I first watched it, I think I saw an iPhone and Shrek’s ear! lol. Interesting to know this, It can boost the speakers.

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