CES 2012 – ShowStoppers

ShowStoppers is the ultimate place for the press to meet with the PR reps of companies exhibiting at the 2012 CES. The event brings together media and exhibitors for fours hours of high-quality networking and content creation. Over 100 companies were on hand to show off their wares to thousands of journalists from around the world.

Events like ShowStoppers are a win-win for both the media and the exhibitors. Business is all about reaching the right people. Members of the press want to talk to the PR reps, and the PR reps want to talk to the press. This is very hard to do on the CES show floor, but it’s all that happens at ShowStoppers.

You can see tons of new and interesting gadgets at ShowStoppers. The video below featured the follow companies:

Thanks goes out to Steve Leon and his team for putting on such a great event.

8 thoughts on “CES 2012 – ShowStoppers”

  1. Scholar Mel says:

    I could sell that car and live for the next 15 years! 🙂

  2. next year i have to go to CES

  3. Surminga says:

    Some neat products, i’m a fan of the Zagg products for the iPad… Got my latest iphone case from theme

  4. fas says:

    Zagg iPad scratch guard not that good I heard.

    1. abcreditcard says:

      @fas well don’t know why you dont like it. I’m using it for more than a year and more than satisfied with it. It’s really a quality stuff and I like the whole Zagg concept.

  5. auto lease says:

    Very amazing cars.

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