CES 2012 – The DryCASE

You say you want a waterproof iPhone and you don’t want to wait until the iPhone 5? Then DryCASE has the solution for you. It won’t be anywhere near as good looking as the HzO WaterBlock, but it will get the job done.

The DryCASE is a flexible, crystal clear waterproof bag that allows complete use of your phone or camera while keeping it dry and clean. Simply pump out all the air with the easy to use hand pump and the bag will vacuum seal around the contents and become completely waterproof. The air-tight seal guarantees that the contents of the bag will stay dry even when submerged underwater. Every DryCASE comes with an extreme activity arm band for water sports, and is crystal clear so pictures can be taken through it.

5 thoughts on “CES 2012 – The DryCASE”

  1. recob says:

    It is amazing what they are coming up with for the iphone It will be great to use in wet conditions as well.

  2. SurmingaWN says:

    This is a great idea, just what you need to keep your phone safe when texting or tweeting in the bath !

  3. DDemers says:

    I’ll be the first one to NOT be wearing this on my wrist. If you real can’t be without your iPhone in the water, you really are in the wrong place.

  4. fas says:

    I dont think this is the need of the hour.

  5. StasDayan says:

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