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I think it’s pretty safe to say that most visitors to John Chow dot Com have websites, blogs, or online businesses of their own. As such, this ReviewMe is particularly fitting, because it talks about one of the most economical all-in-one website solutions I have ever seen. For $35 a year, you get domain registration, personalized email, and a full web hosting plan. Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, read on to see what Domain Essentials by can do for you.

It Costs How Much?

I can’t speak to the quality of the web hosting or how good the customer service side of things are handled at, but their pricing has got to be one of the lowest in the industry. Unlike other providers that give you a wide selection of web hosting plans, apparently only has one and that is the very entry-level Domain Essentials package. This is unfortunate, especially for people that have more substantial needs, but it is perfect for the small business owner, the modest dot com mogul in the making, or just the average Joe looking to claim some personalized real estate on the web.


Domain Essentials and domain registration are sold separately. In terms of registration, most top level domains (TLDs) can be had for $10 a year. This covers the usual suspects: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us,, and The only exceptions to this are .ca and .eu, either of which cost $20 per year. They’re not the cheapest in the industry, but they’re not the most expensive either.

But that’s not why you’d be interested in Misk. Where this solution really shines is the all-inclusive Domain Essentials package.

So, What Do I Get?

This package — which was just taken out of private beta last week — will take care of everything, assuming that you have fairly minimal needs. Here’s a quick summary:


And yes, before you ask, your website will be 100% advertising free (other than the ads you place there yourself, of course).

A plan such as this seems great for a self-hosted WordPress blog. It is not so great, however, for a website that shares multimedia files or one that runs Flash-based games and animations. Bandwidth might also be an issue. They don’t mention it explicitly, but considering that only 100MB of web space is given, I suspect that bandwidth is equally stingy (though I can’t say for certain).

On the plus side, your files will be sitting on multiple servers. This “clustered grid hosting” ensures that your websites will receive “unparalleled uptime and reliability.” Another feature that you apparently won’t find anywhere else is file compression. Misk claims that this will reduce loading times by up to 50%, giving your visitors a more streamlined experience.

Something that I found a little curious, however, was that in the ReviewMe request, they told us that Domain Essentials is “the best static web hosting on the net.” This is just conjecture, but am I to believe that sites like my freelance writing business would be handled just fine, whereas dynamic sites — like my blog — won’t be handled quite so well, resulting in some rather sluggish performance? I’m not sure.

No Fly-By-Night Operation

Although they only took the Domain Essentials web hosting package out of private beta last week, these guys aren’t exactly new to the scene. is owned and operated by Nitin Corporation, a private organization that has been offering web services since 1998.

Even the cheapest web hosting that you can find elsewhere will likely run you at least $5 a month (for 1GB of web space or so). That’s $60 a year, compared to the $25 that is charging for Domain Essentials. You just have to keep in mind that you only get 100MB of web space, but if you can get over that, I’d say they’re worth a try.

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  1. John says:

    HostICan is currently running an offer where you can save $50 with a coupon code, which brings the price down to $45 for a year.

    If you’re moving your website from another host they will even buy out your old contract, which can bring the cost for the first year down to $5.40.

  2. Hammer says:

    Hosting solutions like these won’t work for anyone with a decent blog for long. The first time you get a story on Digg, you’ll be screwed and scrambling to get a dedicated server.

  3. soundofgold says:

    Do ReviewMe reviews need to be written in certain tone? Ie positive / negative / neutral?
    From what I can see I guess they do right?


    1. John Chow says:

      No, they don’t. The only requirements are disclosure that the review is sponsored and 200 words min. Other than that, we can say anything we want. For example:

      1. Kumiko says:

        Even when you’re writing about a genuinely good product, a positive sponsored review always comes off as a little “fake”. I guess that’s why each ReviewMe review here always tries to cover at least one negative/questionable point about the product.

  4. i agree, and 100 MB is nowhere near enough for me. nice plug about your freelance site btw 😛


  5. Marc says:

    That’s some expensive hosting in terms of bang for your bucks…

  6. Brendan says:

    Ive tried many webhosts, and some were pretty decent. But none have compared to what i get with 70GB web space, 1000gb bandwidth, and unlimited everything else all for $84 dollars for TWO years. I run 3 websites off it that are eating over a gb a day in bandwidth and never had a problem with uptime or anything. Customer service usually answers questions within a couple hours.

    I hate to plug a competitor in the comments, especially since they paid $300 bucks, but its just a better deal. At least i think so.

  7. Can’t see the attraction for Misk at all. They do allow PHP, but no MYSQL, I think. At least I couldn’t find any. Also, 100MB is smallish, ideal for a small static website but what about the datatransfer, 10GB isn’t bad, but if you register additional domains, it’s another $25 for each one.

    Once you do that, you’ll notice that bigger packages that are slightly more expensive tend to give better value.

    4 domains $100 on Misk. BUT
    4 domains on dreamhost $125 with a LOT more space, bandwidth, mysql, etc.

    Not good value, really.

  8. Abdul Aziz says:

    MySQL is an absolute must if you want to start a WordPress blog

  9. ehh thats a bit expensive, oh well the site looks nice though

  10. It’s not the best deal I have seen and it’s not the worst.

  11. Misk will certainly be good for web newbies and small online businesses. The only problem I see, in terms of long-term, is that everyone expects (or at least hopes) to make it big someday. The host should at least provide better options in terms of expansion. I browsed the site and it looks pretty good. The testimonials would’ve been more believable if they had linked to a few sites that actually subscribed to the service.

  12. blogdinero says:

    It´s some expensive

  13. Go2Linux says:

    I can say from my own experience that their technicall service is really good an fast.


    Are Hosted there by me, just the domains, as the web hosting are in different sites each of those three, anyway three times I asked for support regarding DNS services, and they react in really short time (two hours at most).

  14. Seems just like every other hosting company.

  15. James says:

    I seems like a plan from 1998 with a more current price. It might not be too bad for a starting site. I would wonder if it could handle a blog though.
    I did not check about bandwidth, but that would be the real key.

  16. This is a B.S. web hosting. LOL…Only newbies will bite the ‘cheap price’. Cheap price does NOT guarantee quality and I doubt this hosting service has it, especially with the stinchy 100Mb of storage…WOW! 100Mb…Heheh, other ‘cheap hosting’ service I know has like 250 GB = 250000Mb of storage + 2,500 GB of transfer = 25____too many zeros…

    Heheh, I can probably resell these spaces for much cheaper price than what this web-hosting service provides.

  17. Joshua says:

    I’m guessing they wanted to target a certain crew of people looking to get online cheap, quick, and easy.

    They gotta look further into the future to survive. Maybe they just want to do a big sign up drive and then unveil the bigger plans later?

    Either way, it will come down to people needing more space/features/bandwidth and switching. Pretty simple concept.

    This comment has been sponsored by!

  18. Kenric says:

    Sorry John, I think this review was pretty bad. I’m sure you know that it’s a bad hosting package by many standards. It would have been nice to see a strong negative review of it. This package will not benefit many of your readers.

    I’d say that most of your readers have a blog or are trying to make money online. They should not be hosting here. This place is for a mom & pop family website or a small biz that just wants a webpage. There are no databases on this package. So how can one do a self hosted WordPress like you say?

    Most of your readers can afford to spend a few more bucks for better hosting than this. I use 1&1 for $60/mo. While they may not be the best, I think I get alot more for the extra $35/yr than I would at this place.

  19. Misk says:

    Here is a good blog posting that covers who this hosting package is targeted towards:

    Some reading on clustered hosting:

    Large space and bandwidth numbers = Overselling and limiting via cpu numbers, throttled bandwidth, etc.

    Compression. No one else is doing this. Misk has a layer of dedicated hardware appliances that handle compression and load balancing/clustering.

    Due to our unique infrastructure, the uptime of our service will beat out any hosting service out there. We’ll be appearing on shortly.

    Static hosting by definition does not support php, asp, perl, etc.

    We’re not interested in offering application hosting and becoming just another host. We’ve brought some really innovative things into the market and will continue to do so. We develop almost everything internally. As a next step, we’ll be partnering with Application Hosting companies so they do just application hosting and let us handle the base infrastructure pieces (DNS, Email, Domain Registration) as well as all static hosting needs. Good for them and good for consumers. More information will be available on our website soon.

    Hopefully, you’re not keeping your domain names with your host just because some of them are giving them for free (there is a reason they’re doing this!, its good for them, bad for you). Enter -> Neutral Domain Registrar.

  20. Amanda says:

    its not bad but you have to be wary of over run servers

  21. blogdinero says:

    Even it´s expensive

  22. Court says:

    That’s a pretty cheap price, has anyone tried it out within the last few days?

  23. Uhhh… Not sure why this is a deal… I think I’m paying $3-4 per month over at

    -Sam from

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