Check On Your Adsense Earnings

You have started your blog, steadily built up traffic and have started monetizing with Adsense. Your first month of income comes and you are happy with what you have made! Do you stop and settle for this income? No!

Let me tell you what it’s time to do.

  1. Go to “Advanced Reports” and create a day by day, aggregate data report for your last month of earnings.
  2. Export the report into excel.
  3. Go through day by day and highlight your 10 biggest earning days. You will research these later.
  4. Once you know your 10 biggest earning days, match them up to the blog posts that made you that income.
  5. Make a list of the topics the highest earning posts covered. The more detail you review the better.
  6. Try to hit these topics in future posts when you want to increase your earnings.
  7. Be sure to test whether you want more or less adsense ads. Test both for a few days each. Different topics work better for different ad placements. (Or see what John does on this blog. His blending is excellent and his contextual matching is right on target.)

If you review your AdSense earnings breakdown each month, your income will gradually rise. No matter how much advertising income you have made, you can almost always do better. It just takes a little time but is well worth it.

This post was guest blogged by Jane May. She teaches readers how to create and monetize blogs on Daily Web Ideas.

56 thoughts on “Check On Your Adsense Earnings”

  1. I might have to try that one out…Jane never thought about that.

    1. It really helps. 💡
      Thanks Jane for this tip – very useful!

      1. JaneMay says:

        It’s a way to be a little more efficient 🙂

  2. Gdog says:

    Excellent tips Jane. 🙂 I’m gonna give this a try right now. My Adsense earnings have increased big time with the “less is more” testing…;)

    1. JaneMay says:

      Hey, that’s great to hear!!! Keep it up! Let me know if this is just as helpful with the results.

  3. JT Chandler says:

    Great tip John… as always!

    1. TheAnand says:

      Nice tip Jane, not John! 😆 say this is a interesting thing to try out…can you giv us more specific count on how it helped you increase your income? yea, I am lazy to experiment!!! 😳

      1. JaneMay says:

        LOL, well i may just have to blog on it in the near future 🙂

    2. JaneMay says:

      You’re killing me JT…


  4. adrian says:

    intresting stuff to do

  5. Wallace says:

    Great tips!
    i am your fan,Jane! 😉 :mrgreen:

    1. JaneMay says:

      Glad to hear I have a fan! Thanks for the support!!!

  6. HMTKSteve says:

    If you pay for the MyBlogLog upgrade you can find out exactly which articles are generating clicks and where those clicks are going.

    1. JaneMay says:

      True. But i guess I’m really cheap and I just don’t trust MBL…might just be my paranoia. 🙂

      1. Derrich says:

        I have to agree with Steve. Awfully helpful stats from MBL…regardless of any discrepancies with Google AdSense.

  7. Nice tip Jane.

    and add that to the tip from John ebook and you can make even more money. I did post about it yesterday. Looks good but I don’t have enough clicks on ads to see a real pattern. Yet, I make much more per clicks now(from $0.18 to $0.74).

  8. This is really good to know, Jane, thanks for the post. It may just come in handy in the future.

  9. Matt Jones says:

    Novel advice, worth giving a try :mrgreen:

  10. Kamil says:

    I will try this, thanks!

  11. shaun says:

    Awsome advice Jane, I’m sure we will all be trying this out for the next few days here 🙂

    1. JaneMay says:

      Let me know how it works out for you guys…

    1. but you have newcomers coming in the blog world everyday. 😉

  12. Angie says:

    I’m only here because I’m a Jane May fan. That said, this is a great tip. At first blush it seems like a lot of work. But, it is solid and worth the time.

  13. I love how John Chow’s RSS keeps growing in numbers each day… didn’t it just break 5000 a week ago?

    1. It’s been a few weeks now if not almost a month

  14. SEO blog says:

    Also don’t forget to use as many channels as you can. For example, make a channel for each ad block you put on your site. That will let you know which ones are producing, and which could be switched out for something else etc.

    1. Aaron Cook says:

      Exactly. Channels are definitely your friend! By assigning a channel to your ad units you can track the performance of a leaderboard vs a banner and find out which type of ad unit is performing best for you.

      And be sure to create custom channels as well. Putting channel-specific ad code on your pages will allow you to track a variety of metrics across a range of URLs. They help you track the performance of different ad formats and compare different page topics to each other. Very beneficial.

    2. Ditto on the channel idea. By putting channels in my AdSense I can quickly identify which areas are giving me the most amounts of money – and it’s not always the pages with the most traffic!

      Some pages convert much better than others and some pages have a higher payout ratio. Go beyond impressions to look at CTR and CPC to discover your income making ability.

  15. Dominion says:

    Hey, i just noticed the small smiley at the bottom of the page above the “Copyright © 2007 John Chow dot Com” Is it just me or does anyone else see it as well?

    1. I saw that that the other day. Tried to click on the thing several times.

      It’s evil, I’m sure of it and he’s watching YOU 😈 😯

      ➡ Don

    2. Harmony says:

      Hey Guys!
      The smiley means John has’s Stats Plugin installed. 😉

  16. Wow Jane, I’ve come to a conclusion after reading your post the last few days that…it’s you, not John, that evil! 😈 What a great tip! 💡

    ➡ Don

  17. Ravi says:

    Thanks Jane for the tips.

    How do I figure out which blog post got me those eranings. Is there any tool to find this out.


    1. The way this article is written, it seemingly assumes that earnings on a given day match up to articles published that day, but if you have much in the way of archives this is simply not true.

      1. This is a good point because if you do your SEO properly the traffic that you get the day you post your entry will only be a small percentage of the traffic overall that you get to that page.

        If you have many visitors coming to your back pages through the search engines then this method would not be very effective.

  18. Milton says:

    Great information, but adsense earnings pale in comparison to your review me earnings.

  19. I think it is important to measure your success with Adsense as you progress.

    I have been told that we have to look to our own blog often to identify the trends with what’s working and what’s now.

    I too have yet to upgrade to the MyBlogLog Jane. I believe their are enough tools online for the time being. Invest those pennies elsewhere.


    I also use channels to track where the basic clicks are coming from. I’m not sure if I have enough adsense but I don’t want to overwhelm.

  20. I can’t see any Adsense on your blog right now! Am I missing something!

    1. It’s right at the top on the right side of this post.

  21. jayb says:

    can we talk about how to increase traffic to your site?

  22. Martin says:

    I don’t think that this method is really that useful. You assume that the posts of the actual day created the high Adsense income which is probably not the case most of the time.

    It can very well be that you received some high paying clicks from old articles. There is no way to determine which click made you which amount of money.

    You also have to consider the amount of users that read new articles when they are published. There will be no visitors from search engines yet which means that only regulars and feed readers will read it usually; And those click less than users from search engines.

    So, my conclusion would be that this tip is not really helpful at all.

  23. tmhung says:

    I haven’t earn everything from google adsense . Hix T_T . My account disabled from 91 USd T_T

  24. Excellent post Jane! And you’re right analyzing those statistics is a great way to increase AdSense earnings.

  25. Ozh says:

    Worthless tip. There is absolutely NO correlation between what you post one day and your earnings this very same day.

    1. Yeah, this has been my experience, too. It’s all in the archives.

  26. That’s a good way to measure your income, and possible boost it a bit!

  27. Make sure to do some analysis of which posts made you the income. You can’t figure this out just be looking at what posts were new that day. Adsense lets you use channels. I have a channel for every category on my blog.

    I have a breakdown of what categories make me my money and even what ad types as well (banner, square block, etc). This help you nail down your performers even better.

    1. This is the smartest way to go. Use the channels to identify which topics are bringing you the most money. It may surprise you which ones come out on top. Build your content around what advertisers are willing to pay top dollar for and you’re one step closer to making a significant blogging income.

  28. I don’t think looking at your ten best adsense days is very reliable. There are so many variables in short-term adsense earnings. I think just looking at the number of comments and links to each post will give you a better idea of what’s working.

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