Check Out My Check for $400,642.81

The Home Business Summit officially opened today with presentations from some of the biggest Internet marketers in the industry. So far, the event has been fantastic. I picked up some amazing tips that will help me increase my online business sales, and I met a lot of great people. The face-to-face networking is the real value of events like Home Business Summit. The contacts and friendships I made here will last a lifetime.

One of the highlights of the event was the Top Partners Check Ceremony. This is where My Online Business Empire (MOBE) recognize their top licensees and give them a big check for their hard work. I received a check for $400,642.81. The amount represents how much I made with MOBE since joining 13 months ago. The check is too big to fit in my Mercedes (which I got for free from MOBE). I need to figure out another way to get it back home.


The best way to find out what MOBE is all about is by applying for their My Top Tier Business coaching program. The program will give you all the tools, training, and personal 1-on-1 coaching you need to start making big money online. You may not pull down a $400K check, but it’s pretty easy to make at least $1,000 a month from it. In fact, this program works so well that MOBE fonder, Matt Lloyd, will personally guarantee that you will make at least $1,000 in commissions within 30 days or he will pay you $500 cash! Go check it out now.

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56 thoughts on “Check Out My Check for $400,642.81”

  1. Jethro says:

    I wonder if I can make the same amount of money if ever I joined in this program. I love to earn more money in my spare time. πŸ™‚

    1. John Chow says:

      You’ll never know until you try.

  2. life tips says:

    I think I can make it also.Fighting!

  3. Aparajita says:

    Superb πŸ™‚ congrats sir πŸ™‚

  4. Akshay nassa says:

    Nice marketing …first I need to buy something and then get your guide for free…

  5. Lalith says:

    Congrats Sir John πŸ™‚ !!!!

  6. jay says:

    John, You are the Best!

  7. Nabil says:

    Just to bring it to your notice, the link you mentioned for MOBE is not working (broken). Please update it.

    1. John Chow says:

      Thanks for the heads up.

  8. sarah says:

    awesome !! congrats john πŸ™‚

  9. Doug Ravish says:

    Great Job John !

  10. Susan Velez says:

    Hey John,

    That’s amazing to have a check that big that it doesn’t fit in your Mercedes. Great job on your success.

  11. Congratulations! That’s just amazing!

  12. Got to pay $49 upfront. Seems like a SCAM !!!

    1. John Chow says:

      Wow! By your logic, anything that you have pay upfront for is a scam. I guess only stuff where you don’t pay are not scams, huh? Do you even know how business works?

    2. Derek says:

      Do you expect to join for free and earn money? Like John said, do you know anything about business?

      You have to invest time and money to see a reward at the end of the tunnel. Do you have a website? Did you pay for hosting up front or did you tell the business owner, you will pay him before you sell your website in 10 years?

      Geez, the nerve of people not using there brain’s these day’s.

      1. Naz says:

        No, I don’t think that anyone expects to get something for nothing. The point that I think Shiharan Choudhury is trying to make is is that the sales letter SAYS exactly that. I think that they just need to change the wording on the sales letter. If you have $2000 to spare, go ahead and sign up. And before you ask, yes, I know a lot about business. I also like to be given all of the facts when signing up. Call me weird.

    3. New Songs says:

      That’s why your link is your facebook page!

  13. I. C. Daniel says:

    Ohhh looks awesome John. Spend them carefully!

  14. Congrats John, that’s great news!

  15. Helen Neely says:

    Wow, now that’s what I call reward. If you work hard, you will always earn something that ultimately equate with the effort.

    Nice job.

  16. uzoma eze says:

    I had a dream that check belonged to me John, John wake me uuuupppp lol

  17. Good work and a very good result. You will smile all the way to the bank.

  18. David says:

    Congrats John! You always provide great motivation for us.

  19. Wow this is really inspiring. But getting checks of $400,642 is not easy for others as you. A start up cost is required for MOBE. But after checking some reviews I found it good to try. You are really making the bank with MOBE keep going and keep inspiring others.

  20. sameer says:

    awesome…and Congo ton..!!!

  21. Malcolm Gray says:

    Magnifique….Main man John Chow!!!!!
    Now go treat yourself and buddies with a Great banquet and Fun!!!!!
    Again, Way to go keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!
    Your Buddy,
    Malcolm Gray

  22. Pham Phu Thien says:

    Wow! Congratulations! I wish you the best wishes.

  23. Hey John,

    Congratulations! Fantastic job. I have sent you an e-mail last weekend. Can you please take a look at it. It’s about an interesting opportunity for everybody who wants to make more money.

    Kind regards,
    Michel Lejeune

  24. Ali says:

    Fantastic, Congratulations again

  25. Chip says:

    Hello John, Will this system work for those in India? Are there any expenses other than the $49?


    1. John Chow says:

      It works all over the world. This is a real business, and real businesses has operating costs. Please don’t think of this as some magic bullet where you just pay $49 and money magically comes in. It doesn’t work that way.

    2. Naz says:

      Yes there are other expenses. If you want to become a licensee (which is apparently where you can make the big bucks) you have to pay a further $1997. I don’t mind paying $49, but I do think that in the sales letter there should have been more talk of the fact that you need to invest a lot more to make the big bucks. Not saying this is a scam, just saying I like to know the facts up front. Especially when the sales letter says that you don’t have to start paying to you make money… but if you do have a spare $2000 lying around then it looks like there maybe potential for making money. I am only on step 6 and there are 21 steps so will let you know how that goes. Won’t be investing $2000 yet though.

  26. Anton says:

    That’s one NICE and BIG check! Great job, John! Now, next one should be even bigger! πŸ˜€

  27. Dave says:

    Great work John! This is very motivating

  28. George says:

    Wow good job John, someday Im going to make a living or retirement from online. If your ever in SK i would llove to meet you

  29. Ton says:

    Very nice report indeed. Although, I thought based on your site’s popularity, you must be able to hit the 40K target quite easily.

  30. udinese says:

    waw survived it checks john got a fairly large number of

  31. Murthy says:

    congrats john, you are the inspiration to me

  32. Hi john,

    that’s one humongous amount of money, I wish to get one someday!

    Congats John!!!

  33. faisal says:

    That is a big cheque, both in size and amount.

  34. I am interested in joining? but how does it work? Do you have to invest money to advertise the system? Do you advertise in classified ads?

    I am new to this… Thank you

      1. Mahaveer says:

        thanks for de information sir

  35. Amit says:

    Great job on your success

  36. Pinody says:

    Nicely done. I wish I can say the same for myself. Thanks for the link where to apply.

  37. Congrats @John

    You are a real Hero of the internet marketing hope to see you Face to face one day.

    Great Man Such a Huge Amount, Thanks

  38. guntur says:

    hello mr, jhon chow,
    I’m from Indonesia I also do not understand the manner of payment, if the business can be successful in your hand of course you want to teach me? please give solution

  39. Nizam Khan says:

    That’s huge earnings. Many congrats John. Seems to be a great program to give a try.

  40. Techatory says:

    wow! this is amazing amount, i wish i could make this in future

  41. peter says:

    Congrats John

  42. Wow great job John on earning six figures online this is insane money man!!! Other best ways to make money like John when looking to start an online business working from home is to work with trusted companies thats accredited with the better business bureau that have good grade ratings. My first year alone working from home I’ve made $134,102.50 and been happy ever since.

    Best Regards,

  43. Great Inspiration, this inspires me more to put more effort into online marketing for my t shirt printing business, i also want to write checks like that to myself soon.

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