Checking Out The Big W

I finally got tired of trying to call Woodward’s and decided head down to the sales center to check out what the fuss was all about. The sales center was located on the 17th floor of the beautiful Shaw Tower, which overlooks Coal Harbour and Canada Place.

The display suite was located off to a corner of the floor and was put there almost as an afterthought. The main thing they were trying to push was the downtown lifestyle and great views offered by the development.

While I was at the sales center I noticed something very odd. Well it’s odd to me anyway. I saw lots of young couples and lots of single females checking out the development, but I didn’t see one single guy. All the guys there (including me) were either there with their girlfriend or wife.

This reminded me so much of the HGTV show House Hunters. The show profiles people going through the process of buying a house. When they feature a female looking for a house, they always just feature her looking. However, when they feature a guy looking for a house, it’s always because he’ll getting married, he’s starting a family, or him and his girlfriend are going to move in together. The one time they feature a guy buying a house all by himself he was gay.

If you’re a single guy and on the lookout for a financially responsible girl, I recommend you attend some real estate pre-sale events like Woodward’s. You’ll find tons of beautiful, smart and single females at these gatherings. However, because you’re there by yourself (or with your buddy), be prepare for them to assume you’re gay.

Upon leaving the sales center, Woodward’s gave me the biggest brochure box I have ever seen! I have to hand it to Rennie Marketing System. They know how to market a project!

I didn’t realize how big the brochure was until I open her up. The thing opens to the size of the Wall Street Journal newspaper. My only problem is I still can’t buy a unit since I haven’t been able to phone for an appointment. Oh well, time to put Plan B into effect.

5 thoughts on “Checking Out The Big W”

  1. Carl says:

    Do you really want to buy a place right in the middle of a cracked out neighbourhood anyway?

  2. cameron says:

    “However, because you’re there by yourself (or with your buddy), be prepare for them to assume you’re gay.” rofl, nice one.

  3. John Chow says:

    I’m not looking to buy at Woodward’s to live there. This is purely an investment move. I doubt I doubt I would ever consider living at downtown. Give me the big house on 4 acres anyday!

  4. Carl says:

    I think the vast majority of people who are stupid enough to stand in line and get wristbands are looking to invest there. Who is going to live there? You can’t have 100% of the people buying a place speculators! Someone is gonna have to live there, and I think a lot of people think like me – I don’t want to live in one of the dirtiest, poorest, drug infested neighbourhoods in all of North America. So what you’re left with is all these speculators dumping their properties nobody wants, for low prices, and the place turns into a crack den.

    You wait and see 😉

  5. John Chow says:

    I agree with that 80% to 90% of people who will be buying on the 22nd are speculators and that is very worrisome. I think it all boils down whether or not Woodwards will be able to bring that area back to life. If it does, the investment will pays off, if it doesn’t you’re going to lose money. The project is set to be completed in 2009, one year before the Olympus hits. Vancouver does have a plan to clean up that area as part of the games. Whether it works is a matter of speculation.

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