Choose Today to Procrastinate or Succeed

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Procrastination is the root cause of many problems. If we give ourselves the chance, we can probably find many excuses not to do a certain thing. Popular excuses include “I will do it later” or “I know it’s important but I don’t have the time right now”. Take John Chow’s call for guest post for instance. We all know it’s beneficial to submit a guest post on an ultra popular blog like but most of us will put it off and end up missing the chance to be considered either because we never emailed one over or was too late.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Instead of writing a post that will generate a bit of buzz and increase our credibility, we end up not submitting by being lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint because I procrastinate also. I almost didn’t submit a post either, as excuses like “I would waste my efforts if John doesn’t get the email” or “what if it’s not good enough and it doesn’t get posted” were running across my brain before I started writing.

Luckily, I did write it because it got published. I will be enjoying the traffic while the rest of the procrastinators will be thinking about the “what ifs”.

Of course, this is just one small example but procrastination affects all of us in so many other ways. From contributing to our retirement accounts to starting to make money online, all we needed to do is get off our lazy buds and do something to have a profound effect in our lives.

All we need is that “can do” attitude that’s in all of us. The mindset that we can figure things out once we get into it. Don’t worry that we don’t know anything because no one else knew everything at the beginning either. Take comfort that the most successful people are not always the smartest people, but the ones that take action. So start now, go create that website and have fun. With passion and the “can do” attitude, knowledge will be learned and results will follow.

We all know what John would be missing if he waited and never started his blog. $30k a month and counting, that’s all.

33 thoughts on “Choose Today to Procrastinate or Succeed”

  1. kellex says:

    Completely correct. I submitted even though I second guessed myself a ton of times. Not sure if he’ll post it or not, but at least I submitted the damn thing.

    Post it Chowzer! 😈

    1. WTF are you sucking up to John Chow for in your comment? This post completely sucked. Not much of a surprise, though. On a site that makes money online by telling people how much money John makes online, it’s no surprise that he would publish an article that gets published as a guest post by telling people how to get published as a guest post.

      1. kellex says:

        I freakin’ love you Mitchell.
        Make love to me!

        1. You’re pretty gay Kellex, but if you want to keep this conversation going, maybe you can move to California. Do so quickly, before the citizens are able to pass an Amendment overruling their Supreme Court.

          1. Flimjo says:

            Eek!! Politics!!

          2. Cronus says:

            Perhaps this argument should just end here…. Sucking up gets you no where, but making love in a comment box puts it a little over the edge…

          3. Agreed. I guess we all know how to get a post on here now 😛

  2. Yeah I agree with you 100%. So many smart people I know waste their talents being lazy. I always try to get things done as soon as I think of them just to make sure I can’t put them off and forget.

  3. Ronald Su says:

    Nice to see MoneyNing guest blogging. Keep up the good work!

  4. Noobpreneur says:


    Given the chances, I wouldn’t miss that opportunity again 🙂

    $30k a month is alotta money to lose if you wait too long 😀


    1. Looks like you’re referring to the opportunity cost here 😛

  5. Thiago Prado says:

    Everybody wants to accomplish a goal but many of us failed in the middle because we don’t have the courage to go to the end and see the results.
    There’s a message in the Bible that God says: “Do your part and I will help you”. Think about it

    1. Flimjo says:

      People tend not to have courage because they choose uncertainty (the possibility of failure or some perceived risk in starting a business or blog) over unhappiness (the 9-5 grind in their daily job). When analyzed this way, it’s easier not to procrastinate and, instead, go for your dreams.

  6. senghooi says:

    You are right John !! 😯
    I handle about 10 projects a month. well , some time this “procrastination ” give me a lot of excuse to escape temporary from work.

    At the end , I still have 10 non complete projects in hand. We know its a problem , but we just cannot change it. Maybe this is human. 👿

    “Can do !! 😮 ”
    “Can do !! 😮 ”
    “Can do !! 😮 ”
    “Can do !! 😮 ”
    “Can do !! 😮 ”

    Every morning have to shout like this !!

    1. Shame it was a guest post by MoneyNing 😉

      1. MoneyNing says:

        Not much shame in that! 😈

  7. Edward says:

    I’m less efficient when I procrastinate – I don’t want to start on stuff because I don’t want to procrastinate – but then I don’t do the actual stuff – so I waste time surfing the web.

  8. Terry Tay says:

    You’ll never know what will happen unless you try. And if at first you don’t succeed…Try and try again 😉 You may get rejected more often than not, but you’ll never get accepted if you don’t try.

    1. The better quality of a post you write, the bigger chance of success in getting it published.

      1. Flimjo says:

        Yep. When you submit a guest post, it has to be YOUR BEST WORK. Don’t hold anything back.

      2. 100% agree with this point.

    2. Syed Balkhi says:

      well said .. There is nothing to loose but a try

  9. Ryan says:

    I think procrastination is a silent killer that affects quite a few of us. Quite a few friends of mine go to waste because of this, which is good for me, because after observing them, it gives me a little kick in the arse to get going!

  10. Rockstar Sid says:

    I ignore those things 😯 I always feel happy without any stress 😎

  11. Pyjammez says:

    Mmmmm nothing like a kick up the butt to get me into gear 🙂 Pity I have lots of work this next two weeks.

  12. PowerTools says:

    Well, even before I started the voice in my head already said “your post won’t be good enough to be published by John”

    So, I did not submit… 😀

    1. How do you know, if you never try ❓

  13. MoneyNing – let us know how much traffic and RSS readers you got!

  14. Cronus says:

    Very true and makes me want to send in a guest blog. I may just have to do that now. Whether or not I get accepted doesn’t really matter to me actually. If he doesn’t use it, I can use it for my blog later lol.

  15. Syed Balkhi says:

    yeah often time procrastinating is a bad thing.. the example you used about posting on john chow … I didn’t procrastinate. .. I just had better things to do lol.

  16. I believe that it was Steve Pavlina that said that we should ready fire aim rather than ready aim fire. Sometimes we aim too much and never fire. Just do it and see what happens. Don’t procrastinate and let fear stop you.

  17. Thiago Prado says:

    After I read this article I made a promise that I’ll make it happen everything I have in mind. Yesterday for example I started to produce a series of videos to teach people how to develop a successful blog. This project is in Portuguese, so many of you aren’t gonna be able to enjoy it. sorry. 💡

  18. Ralph says:

    It is not always easy to stay motivated but sometimes you do things when you are under pressure so you don’t have the choice to procrastinate..

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