Christmas Deal – 70% Off on MaxBlogPress Products

My friends over at MaxBlogPress has an awesome Christmas sale going on right now. For the next seven days, Max will give you the opportunity to literally snatch five of their best selling products, worth $475.00, for 70% off!

This discount offer will expire on Midnight December 14 and this package will never be sold at this price again.

I have used MaxBlogPress products on my blog and they are awesome. If you purchase the five items separately, you would spend a minimum of $475 but in the spirit of holiday season you can grab all five products right now and get instant access for only $137. A savings of $388. The package includes.

  • Maxblogpress Subscribers Magnet
  • MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate
  • WordPress Wizard 2.0
  • $365K Blog Traffic Formula
  • Daily Traffic Blueprint

Max Deal

This is a pretty sweet deal. If you’ve never purchased a MaxBlogPress product before, this is your chance to pick up their five best for one amazingly low price. Even if you already have one of their products (I have Ninja Affiliate and Subscribers Magnet), it’s still a great deal. However, great deals like this won’t last. Once that countdown timer hit zero, the deal will be gone so don’t wait too long!

Max Deal

The MaxBlogPress Christmas Deal – 70% off on MBP Products

35 thoughts on “Christmas Deal – 70% Off on MaxBlogPress Products”

  1. Harshad says:

    Awesome deal! I am going for it.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Let us know what you think once you make your purchase. I’m definitely tempted!

      1. d3so says:

        lol MBP is excessively pushing this sale. I’ve received a bunch of emails and now a post here. I wonder how much this will increase sales.

        1. Not only at John chow he is using many other platforms as well.

          Go for it because this kind of deal is simply awesome.

      2. Harshad says:

        I think Subscribers Magnet alone is too good for that price. Don’t think twice, go for it.

  2. Ninja Affiliate is seriously one of the best plugins around. A must-have whether you’re making money online or not. It helps the branding big time.

    1. d3so says:

      It is a plugin that every marketer should have. I use it on my blog. It’s simple but it can be improved further.

      1. Would you like to tell us on which factor and places you want to see improvements.

  3. Abhik says:

    Just got the promotional mail from John..
    Not going to miss the opportunity.. 🙂

    1. d3so says:

      Too bad I couldn’t take advantage of this. I currently have ninja affiliate and subscribers magnet.

      1. No regret because you have made good amount of money with this plugin.

  4. dotCOMreport says:

    You seem to be promoting a good deal of stuff here lately John; fortunately, they are all great stuff. Ninja Affiliate is an awesome plugin and definitely worth the expense.

  5. I want it but I currently did not have any way to pay such as Paypal or Credit Card, So I will wait.

    1. Harshad says:

      You can talk to Pawan who owns these products. I am sure he can work out something.

    2. d3so says:

      Don’t wait too long and miss the sale.

  6. Samuel says:

    Nice one John! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  7. fas says:

    Awesome deal yes, but wait a second cant we get individual discounts?

    1. d3so says:

      haha. You can email him directly and ask.

      1. Catalin says:

        According to the description, the offer comes with all five, would be nice though, for an individual offer 🙂

  8. This is a superb post Christmas Deal – 70% Off on MaxBlogPress Products. Great content and realy helpful information.

  9. Adam Smith says:

    Wow, that’s a great offer, I’m very interested in MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate!

    1. d3so says:

      Yeah, that’s the best product on MBP.

      1. Harshad says:

        I think subscribers magnet is the best because it’s unique.

  10. I could never get affiliate marketing to work for, no matter how I tried.

    Am I just an idiot, or would these e-books actually help?

    1. John Chow says:

      If you do what they tell you to do and not just read it and then do nothing, yes, these ebooks can help.

      1. d3so says:

        I know right? People read these ebooks and expect money to appear. lol. You have to work for it.

        1. Oh I tried. I wasn’t expecting a free ticket to success.

          I have a tech blog that gets 20,000 uniques a month. Even now, my conversions on tech books from Amazon’s store are abysmal.

          I don’t know if that’s average or making the investment will actually make me a return.

          1. Harshad says:

            Maybe you need to look at other higher paying affiliate programs.

  11. One of the most important affiliate plugin is Ninja and I think this is great offer …

    Invest some money and you can enjoy the benefits later on.

  12. I will atleast give a try to make this deal till christmas, because it makes a great sense to get such a product at this reasonable discounted cost.

    1. Harshad says:

      It surely does. Go get them fast.

    2. Catalin says:

      It’s a 70% discount offer, it’s not something you see everyday, let us know how it turnedout 🙂

  13. WoW ! what a great deal but I don’t have have that much now any one please give me some loan.

  14. See, that’s what I’m talking about, this is one of the few benefits of a struggling econmoy. Let’s look at the bright side guys, 70% off is pretty much the deal of a lifetime.

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