Click and Profit with WordPress Mage

Click and Profit with WordPress Mage?

Want to know the secrets of making money with WordPress sites, but don’t know where to begin? You could certainly ask for advice from moguls, but wouldn’t it be more interesting to enlist the services of someone with mythical powers.

That isn’t quite the case with WordPress Mage, but you’ll find over the course of this review that there may be more than just smoke and mirrors to this system. Instead, it promises to offer you the “forbidden science of click and profit.”

It Starts with the Spellbook

When you think about a mage, you probably think of some elaborate cloak and maybe a mighty staff of some kind. Since a mage is a practitioner of magic, it makes sense that he could be the proud owner of a powerful spellbook too. The same can be said about WordPress Mage.

Click and Profit with WordPress Mage?

In short, WordPress Mage is designed to be a comprehensive package that will guide you toward making money online. Hitting up the spellbook, you’ll find a series of PDF files with lessons, downloadable content, tutorial videos, and a number of online resources.

Beyond this, you’ll find a series of other “mages” along the top of the page. These can help you with finding the right domains, targeting the right keywords, populating your sites with the right ads, acquiring the right content, getting indexed in the right places, and so on.

Domain Tools, PLR Articles, and More

The training material, in the form of videos and PDF documents, are a good place to start, but you want to get started with some real money making tools, right? WordPress Mage is broken into two types. With Adept Mage status, you have access to the online tools like the Domain Mage.

Click and Profit with WordPress Mage?

From the Domain Mage, you can look up a series of $5 expiring domains. These can be valuable to you, because they may already have PageRank, age, backlinks, DMOZ listing, and so forth. For a little more money, you can look into the domain auctions. There is also a backlink checker to give you more information about any given domain.

A blog is worthless if it doesn’t have any content, so WordPress Mage also includes what it calls the Articles Mage. This seems to be a massive collection of articles on a huge range of topics, including everything from business to food, recreational sports to travel and leisure.

Click and Profit with WordPress Mage?

That’s the good news. The bad news is that these are all PLR articles, so they’re not exactly unique and there’s a good chance that someone else is republishing them elsewhere too. It’s up to you to decide whether using PLR content is a good idea or night.

Upgrading to Master Mage Status with Three Paths

The developers of WordPress Mage will tell you that there are three possible paths that you can take with the product. However, in order to make use of any of these paths, you’ll probably need to upgrade from Adept Mage to Master Mage status.

After that, you can choose to:

  • Download the plugins and add them to an existing site.
  • Use a fresh install of WordPress Mage on a standalone domain.
  • Use CP Mage to create several new websites in minutes.

It is likely with the third path that you’ll have the most to profit from WordPress Mage. That path creates websites that come pre-populated with content (via the Content mage and Posting Mage) and monetization (via the Affiliate Mage), so you can make as many as you’d like. You can literally have hundreds of monetized sites in a very short amount of time. The Affiliate Mage makes money by inserting keyword targeted ads from Overstock, eBay, and other similar sources.

So, Is WordPress Mage Really Free?

When you go to the main page for WordPress Mage, you’ll be told by Gregory Jacobs that he believes information should be free. He says that he could easily sell the Mage Blueprint (and seven training videos) for $497, but he wants to give it to you for free.

That much is true. However, you are only given a 60-day free trial of Adept Mage, after which you’ll be on the hook for a $27 monthly charge. And Master Mage? I couldn’t find the pricing information, but I did learn two things: it consists of a one-time charge and it is only available in limited quantities periodically. The next opening sounds like it’ll be on November 23.