Clickbooth Moving Into New (Very Big) Building

Things are going well for Clickbooth. So well in fact that they’ve outgrown their 25,000 square foot shack and are moving into a new 85,000 square foot campus. The new campus sits on 12 acres of land and should hold Clickbooth for a few more years, until they need to move again. Yes, affiliate marketing is doing quite well and Clickbooth is the fastest growing advertising and marketing company in the world, according to Inc. Magazine.

The new campus goes online in May and my buddy Ian Fernando had a chance to walk through the new building with Clickbooth’s social media manager, Eric Schechter. Here’s a video of the new digs. I’m hoping to make it down to Sarasota for the grand opening. I hear it’s going to be one awesome party.

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27 thoughts on “Clickbooth Moving Into New (Very Big) Building”

  1. Haha, I’m a big fan of Ian he seems to always make things entertaining and interesting to learn about. The new building looks great! Glad to see they emerged victorious from the recession.

  2. Rhys Davies says:

    Pretty impressive new office they have there. They even have lifts haha.

  3. Diabetis says:

    That is a big building. I think that it would serve them beter since they have a lot of employees.

  4. The new building is huge.I wish I worked there.

    1. John Chow says:

      Clickbooth is hiring! Go apply!

      1. You should wish that you can own business like them.

        Working there is small … Think BIG

  5. Very good sign for Clickbooth! That’s a good size building for a company that grew 12,000% last year!!

    That video was pretty funny. Lol

    1. Sharninder says:

      12000% ? Are you sure Clickbooth grew that much in one year ? And that too in an year when the economy is, to put it mildly, not doing well. Very impressive if this is true.

        1. Boy that one is really awesome. Would love to study their marketing strategy.

          If they will grow in same pace than they are going to be one of the most respected company.

      1. jtGraphic says:

        I think the big reason people like them are doing so well is because of the economy. Advertisers are looking for better, more concrete ROI, and affiliate marketing does that for them.

  6. Free Picks says:

    Congratulation on new building, its huge

  7. Mathew Day says:

    Wow, 12,000% growth in a year. Congrats to Clickbooth, for their success. The new location looks HUGE and should give them plenty of room to grow. 🙂

  8. That looks like quite a big move there.

    I must admit I haven’t looked into clickbooth yet, but I will have to check them out.

    1. Yes with such a growth of a company … you should check them.

  9. It is gratifying that even during a global economic downturn, our industry is robust, and there is very real growth, as Clickbooth’s move clearly indicates. I like it like that 😉

  10. fas says:

    That is some mind blowing growth. What an office. purchase or rent?

  11. These are the signs of real growth … and we are happy for clickbooth.

    Still long way to go …

  12. Gary Ginn says:

    Hey John and readers,

    Wow, that looks like it’s going to be an awesome office building to work at. But I still think Electronic Arts in Burnaby tops it =P It was an awesome place to work at. Have you been inside Electronic Arts, John?

    Gary Ginn (from Gary Ginn dot Com)

    1. John Chow says:

      Nope. Drove by many times but never went in. Have a friend who works there. He’s the lead producer for NBA Live.

    2. jtGraphic says:

      I think EA and Clickbooth are two different animals. Just sayin’…

  13. jtGraphic says:

    Ian also published this video, which is pretty funny at the end:

  14. office desk says:

    Congrats to Clickbooth on the massive expansion. John, I bet you’ve helped them along the way a bit! 🙂

  15. Max Deal says:

    I never got into clickbank, not sure why, but I guess its time for me to finally convert….

    I’ve been using trialpay, any opinions on them? I have a site with a 25% conversion rate from every person that visits it, most of it thanks to them!

  16. Are they earning per click or per action type?

    1. John Chow says:

      They are a CPA network.

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