Clue for The HubLove Contest

A big welcome to all the HubLove readers coming to this blog to get the clue for the HubLove Contest. Here is your clue:

One word: (pie to a Guatemalan) + (kugel in Baden-Württemberg)

Figure it out and leave a comment with your guess on the Hub for today’s topic (not here).

How the HubLove Contest Works:

  1. Participants will use clues to figure out the day’s topic. The day’s clue page is published at HubPages at noon exactly, which can either give the actual clue or point to a blog post (like this one) for the clue, also published at noon exactly.
  2. The first person to guess the topic correctly (on the HubPages clue page, in the comments) wins a bonus number of points.
  3. Participants have until noon the next day to publish up to 10 articles (what we call Hubs) on that topic. Each eligible article wins a certain number of points.
  4. At the day’s closing, HubPages narrows down the entries to 3-5 finalists.
  5. A winner is selected by the judge. The winner gets a point bonus.

This cycle continues every day for the 30 days of the contest. The participant with the highest number of points at the end wins a “Killer Hubbing/Blogging Package” (a MacBook Pro, Canon 30D Digital SLR camera, a Sony Handycam, and an iPod Touch – worth $5000). The contest is restricted to legal U.S. residents.

14 thoughts on “Clue for The HubLove Contest”

  1. Tyler Ingram says:

    Yay a canadian blog showing non-canadian contests 😉 The package prize looks pretty good though!

    1. Moulinneuf says:

      “Yay a canadian blog showing non-canadian contests”

      1) The Internet is global. I am sure John don’t really get upset about where the visitor of is site come from when he cashes in is checks . Neither should you.

      2) You say showing , I say participating directly :
      more credibility given to John Chow by the editor of that site and link back to is Blog from a high volume website , number of permanent user’s gained ? probably more then a few.

      John is always telling people to go outside there usual circle of friends. To use creative way to market there website/blogs , to do something nobody else does … He does what he says.

      He as just handed you the way and playbook on how to make money of a US contest without being able to participate in it as a Canadian or as a contestant …


    2. Simon says:

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  2. RacerX says:

    Great way to set-up a contest over many blogs. Good traffic for all. Very Creative!

  3. Mubin says:

    That is a pretty bad-ass idea.

    Very creative and unique.

    30 days of free traffic and only a one time prize giveaway.

  4. Nice idea…should easily go viral (especially after being posted on here)…but its a nice offer.

  5. Thanks for the info. At least there’s a new constest that I could look forward to 😆

  6. Agreed – a very good idea indeed!~ I wish I could figure it out. It’s going to bother me all day now. *=)

  7. Thats a great price for a contest. And it is a yummie one too. Bad thing I just have time to work and read here (damn I don’t even post any longer too).

  8. I live in Germany, Baden Wurrtemburg, a Kugel refers to an EisKugel which is an ice cream bowl.

    click for nick

  9. Its a good idea…. But the question has got me stumped

  10. Eva White says:

    Good contest, but difficult question

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