Comment Signatures – Yay or Nay?

How do you feel about commentators leaving their signature in their comments? Most commentators on this blog don’t leave a signature because their blog or web site is already linked in their name.

I can understand why a signature is needed for a forum but is it really needed for a blog? For those reader who like to end their comment with a signature, I like to hear your reason for it. Many blogs have started banning comment signatures. My spam filter holds all comments with more than one link in it.

Comment signatures – yay or nay? Cast your vote (in the comments of course) and your reason(s) for it. I’ll add it all up in a few days and see where the community stands. Then I’ll decide if I should ban comment signatures like many other blogs.

190 thoughts on “Comment Signatures – Yay or Nay?”

  1. John, you’re getting closer! At least this post was about blogging. πŸ˜‰

    Personally, I don’t think comment signatures are needed. As you said, in forums that’s one thing but that’s what the URI field is for.

    1. The URI can’t tell you much about the guy’s site. A comment signature tells you where the blogger is coming from. For example mine tells you I am an ambitious professional blogger, and lets you know that my blog is about the same.

      One Man. One Year. $100,000 online. Ambitious AND successful.

      1. And a little free advertising never hurt anybody πŸ˜‰


        1. Debo Hobo says:

          I need to get that beer plug in. Is that through WordPress as well.

        2. Anna says:

          I vote for no signatures… I think it is rude and uncalled for to spam comments…

      2. Lewis Empire says:

        What do we need to know about a commentators site for? People come here to read John’s site and leave comments about the post. If you write a great comment I’ll visit.

        1. Exactly, your commenting on what somebody else has wrote. I see signatures as spam, nothing else. Write something intelligent and I might visit your site.

      3. Mike Panic says:

        I honestly think it’s really tacky and leaves the apperance that one is only commenting to get promote a project / site / blog, not to add value, question or responce to a posting.

    2. Tyler Cruz says:

      What you sayin man all his posts are about blogging

      1. Oh really? Let’s take a look at the 10 most recent posts:

        This one – about blogging
        5 posts about taxes
        One post for a contest
        One shout out to sponsors
        One post bragging about his RSS subscribers
        One paid review

        Talk about value πŸ™„

        If you go back and look at the last month’s worth of posts you’ll notice not many have been about blogging or making money online. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to wipe that brown off your nose. πŸ™„

        1. Shaun Carter says:

          I believe this blog is titled “The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a dot Com Mogul” Emphasis on the word *Miscellaneous* should answer your question.

          1. First of all, I didn’t ask a question. Second of all, you quoted the tag line. The title tag of this blog’s home page is Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com last I checked. The reason this blog has become a success is because John offered good tips, ideas, and advice to bloggers and people looking to make money online. He was posting quality content on a regular basis about how to best make money. In fact, he was able to create an e-book out of that content. I’m willing to bet if he created an ebook of his posts over the last couple of months it would have to be titled How to Brag About Success.

          2. Tyler Cruz says:

            You need to relax and maybe lose your virginity

        2. Michael Kwan says:

          Yes, talk about value. Now let’s see how much you paid for the content that John provides… wow, I think you got great return on your investment!

          1. Tyler Cruz says:

            Thanks for the tip Kwan πŸ˜›

          2. Who Cares says:

            I am going to side with Blogging Experiment here.
            Time is money and thus I have already lost by coming here and reading the meaningless ramblings. Should have gone elsewhere and learned something good.
            I have lost even more by commenting, but I can afford it (in contrast to others who might not).

            On Topic:
            Signatures don’t belong in Blog Comments. If you have something to contribute, you can also do it for the sake of the community without thinking about link value all the time. I am sick of “I agree” type of posts with signatures longer then the post itself.
            If you have to contribute a url that is on topic for the post I don’t mind. Otherwise the link in your name should be fine (no wonder some people call themselves viagra).

    3. Yay. Comment signatures are really needed. Really. If someone comments on a blog and adds a lot of value, gives a lot of info for the readers, answering questions and giving valuable instructions or clarification, he deserves leaving his signature. It’s all about being a spammer or not. The golden rule is: help people and give a lot of ressources. If you feel that your blog is not worth being mentionned, don’t do it. If it is, then leave your signature. If people see it, the more likely they will click on it.

      If you want to see my daily progression:
      Greetings from France John.

      1. Blogadollar, it’s not at all needed. In case you didn’t notice, your name is already a link. That’s what you get for leaving a comment. Now most places moderate their comments and only let quality ones in at all. Here of course you have idiots just leaving smilies and crap like that but a signature is not needed.

        1. Lewis Empire says:

          I agree that there shouldn’t be a link or signature. I come here to read John Chow and make comments on his postings. I think it looks terrible when a person leaves a three line comment and has a five line tag.

        2. Yes. I know my name is already a link. Here is my contribution:
          There’s a nice blog that I think will become a superstar very soon. I send you there because it’s related to this post.
          It has to do with commenting and getting a + PR3 point. The thing is called D-List.
          Courtesy of

          It’s not my blog.
          Mine is
          So, according to you, is this comment useful or not? I posted a useful link, and valuable link to a future superstar blog.
          I say YAY.

          1. I say freaking unrelated, buddy! The fact you merely slipped it in BECAUSE of what he said. I’ll challenge you – if that’s how you feel – to use Courney Tuttle’s site as you signature from now till Christmas. πŸ˜‰

            *ahem* Still feel the same way?

          2. Wow!
            You’re tough with me.
            Of course, I can’t take the challenge.
            Did you visit my blog? :o)

    4. Brilliances says:

      Did I start this comment signature craze? oops πŸ™‚

      I think it doesn’t hurt either way. I actually like seeing other people’s signatures but if you decide to ban them then no one will think less of you and I bet you will still get the same number of useless comments

      Road to Mega Millions

  2. Enkay Blog says:

    I think its not needed but it is useful. For bloggers, their name is linked so thats why its not necessary. On that note…

    – Enkay Blog

    1. Why is it useful? For example, this comment has two links to the same site for you. How is that useful at all? If I want to go to your website I’ll click on your name. Your signature just takes up more space and adds no value.

      1. Egonitron says:

        I agree, I’m sure it provides a little bit more traffic for the commenter, but in return it irritates me. It’s a waste of otherwise valuable space.

      2. Tyler Cruz says:

        Can you please suck a fat one? 😯

        1. Cody says:

          Maybe you could teach him how.

          1. Tyler Cruz says:

            I never tried it but your mom knows how to do it

        2. Glen Allsopp says:

          Whats wrong with you today Tyler? πŸ˜•

        3. Lewis Empire says:

          I don’t even need to visit your site. Based on your comments I can guess what I’ll find there.

    2. Tyler Cruz says:

      You should become a comedian

      1. Enkay Blog says:

        Take it easy guys.. i never put a signature on my comments. (you can see my other comments as proof). I did it in relation to the topic, thats why in the earlier comment I said “On that note…”

        1. There is no reason to defend yourself! I will never understand how people get their panties in a bunch over little issues like this. If you like to post a signature that isn’t total crap/spam, go for it. If you don’t, then say what you want to say, and move on. I doubt that there is any correlation between comment quality and whether a signature is present or not.


  3. ForumeR says:

    It’s up to that commentator i think, because as we know human got different taste πŸ™‚ But it’s not important to do, so better not to put signature πŸ˜€

  4. Erik Karey says:

    I just don’t see a reason for it. Our name (or keywords) are listed along with a direct link to our site already. The comment signature just takes up more space and can be spammy. I say Nay!

    1. Something that’s more spammy is the last thing this site needs, especially in the comments section. There are already a BUNCH of people just posting one liners that hardly make sense to drive their comment count up.

      I agree, I vote Nay!

      1. Tyler Cruz says:

        Dam turn your computer I saw your post 20 times saying Nay

    2. Mybloggo says:

      YA i agree with Erik……

  5. HMTKSteve says:

    I vote nay. The only link they need is the one attached to their name.

    1. Marc says:

      I vote nay, same reason.

    2. Well, dropping a link to a post or something to make your point is totally different. I wouldn’t say that only the name link should be allowed. I just think the signature and link at the end should be outlawed.

  6. Dave says:

    I say no sig in comment link. It’s already linked in their name, and that’s nice enough.

  7. Manthem says:

    There’s no real reason for it, other than to spam a link. If the viewer wants to follow a link, the name is all they need.

    1. I don’t think it’s spam. I don’t do it all of the time, but I am willing to when I feel a blog’s audience is very well targeted. For example, I don’t do it on here, as my blog doesn’t yet have any SEO/making money stuff.


  8. Hawaii SEO says:

    I hate it! Please don’t do it. ❗

    1. ForumeR says:

      Patient my fren hehe

      So far majority say Nay!!! So i vote Nay too!! πŸ™‚ and i confirm Nay will win!!

  9. Rhys says:

    I think they are terrible things, and should be banned.

    Rhys – The Gospel According To Rhys

    (irony definitely intended)

    1. Rhys says:

      (By the way, as not everybody has a dry cool British wit like myself, I vote no)

  10. Jon Lee says:

    I don’t think it matters, commentators aren’t gaining anything from it since URLs are nofollow anyway.

    On another note, when’s the draw for the LCD monitor? It’s August 1st!

    1. First of all, not all search engines obey the no follow tag.

      Second of all, there’s definitely a traffic benefit to having the link. If you’re the only one putting a signature and an extra link it could draw attention to your site. However, it won’t take long before everyone’s doing it to the extreme and that’s what becomes obnoxious.

    2. ForumeR says:

      The best answer it is!!!! πŸ˜‰

    3. Tyler Cruz says:

      Yea John where my LCD 😐

    4. yah i think it doesn’t matter whether they should leave a signature or not. up to them since it brings no harm… Probably don’t make your signature so long… It will look like a spam!

  11. James Pegram says:

    I hate them. The link in the name should be sufficient enough, if a second link needs to be dropped then it should be relevant to the post topic. Personally I hate them on the forums too but that’s just me.

    1. On forums I don’t mind them if they are kept small and under control. It’s a pain in the butt to have to click around to find someone’s website on a forum (have to go through their profile page etc) but on blogs you don’t have that issue.

  12. Nathan says:


    -Nathan Maxson

  13. bob cobb says:

    Nay, no need for them in my opinion.

  14. Guillermo says:

    Yes! And it’s simple… “Because I can”!

    Los Ziegler…

    1. Not for long, hopefully πŸ™„

  15. Nay nay, it will look like a cheap forum, not a blog comment.

    1. ForumeR says:

      Why did you said so?? Cheap forum?? I think popular forum always allow signature πŸ™‚

      1. Agreed. The fact of the matter is, comments are beneficial to the person who author’s the site itself, so who cares what people do to promote their blog in comments, provided they don’t completely spam, and are contributing to the discussion. The following does piss me off:

        Great Post!

        John Doe, the Affiliate Ho
        Agloco Yet?
        Make Money With Text-Link-Ads!

        That shit needs to be stopped, but normal, here’s my name, here’s my URL stuff is fine, IMO.


  16. Dave says:

    Nay. A like on your name or keyworded names, is plenty.

  17. The Wolf says:

    YAY, the Wolf approves.

  18. Jack says:

    It annoy’s me, and it makes me want to visit the link less.

    ➑ NAY.

    1. I have the same feeling. Links in comment sigs generally won’t get a click from me.

    2. ForumeR says:

      Hmmm you’re right. usually i felt like dat so, but sometimes i felt like wanna click too, so maybe dat time the commentator is so lucky πŸ™‚

  19. simon says:

    NO Comment Signatures, please.

  20. Chuck Brown says:

    Well…it’s a good thing my opinion is the only one that matters in this case (other than John’s, of course), because y’all are completely wrong. :mrgreen:

    And actually the fault lies in the design of WordPress. First, they put in the link tied to the name…and then they turn off the link love.

    I would love to see WordPress offer bloggers more choice in this matter. Turn them on, turn them off, allow the link AND A SITE TITLE or not, etc. Then it would truly be up to the blogger’s discretion. But here’s why just saying “I don’t like it” doesn’t cut the mustard, people…

    Because the whole point of these damn things is supposed to be COMMUNITY…and you’re missing the entire point when people who are struggling to be notice have to call themselves Cheap Viagra, Casino Info…or, BLOGGING EXPERIMENT. You don’t get a vote, my friend.

    Let’s make this about community…and let’s be honest about the reason that most people contribute to blogs…yes, they enjoy the content of the posts and have something to throw in…but they’re also trying to get their stuff noticed online.

    Hopefully, someone will build a plugin that does away with the linked name and gives us a linked title instead (separate from the name). And then the blogger can choose for him/herself whether it should be allowed on their blog at all.

    shoots, scores, nuthin’ but net, heads for the locker room…

    1. Tyler Cruz says:

      Thanks for the bedtime story

      1. Yeah, who would want to read a well thought out response when they could read your useless drivel? πŸ™„

        1. Tyler Cruz says:

          Be a man and say that on my blog

          1. Oh lord πŸ™„ Here’s a free tip for ya, don’t require registration to comment.

    2. Matthew says:

      SelfMadeMinds has done this… I reckon John should as Al for the code.

    3. Chuck, I don’t know about you but most of the time in real life I go by a nickname. Blogging Experiment isn’t some keyword I’m targeting, it’s the name of my site. Plus, it’s something memorable rather than my name (Ben Cook) which is fairly unremarkable and a name I share with who knows how many other people. I guess I don’t really see that in the same light as someone trying to get a juicy keyword in their nofollowed anchor text (either in their name or their signature or both).

  21. Matt Propst says:

    If i’ve got the URL in the name, no sig is needed. One or the other will suffice. I think both would be overkill.

  22. I don’t like signatures on blogs.

  23. I automatically discount comments that have signatures, plus they clutter a site up.

    Just comment and be done.

    1. Why is this? This is similar to when Digg-Nazis bury a story because a blogger writes up a killer entry to accomodate a big news story, because it’s ‘blogspam’. If it were up to me, go ahead and ban the idiots that contribute nothing, and let the guys who drive discussions do what they want, within reason, of course.


  24. RobMalon says:

    In a case where we are linked in our name anyways, I dont see why they are needed. Links in comments should only be posted if they’re relevent. I can see a site disabling them if it becomes a problem, but I dont think its a problem for this site John, you shouldnt have to disable them unless people are spamming you with it and really not providing any quality with their comments.

  25. It detracts from scrolling through comments. If I’m a familiar webizen I know that I can just click your name to get to your website.

    1. But what if you’re not? I would guess that ~30-40% of the visitors to this blog have no idea that you can click a name to go to someone’s website. If a link after a good comment gets them to my site, there’s no reason to not do it, IMO.


  26. I agree that signatures look more like forums than blog comments.

    I signature with a funny tagline I think it’s OK, but text only, no links: the URI is enough (a link that belongs to the comment itself should be OK, though).

    I wouldn’t use it anyway: there’s no way to remember the signature and you have to copy and paste in on every blog comment.

    1. Matthew says:

      Nay is what a horse would say… how does a cow say no? noooooooooo!

    2. Lewis Empire says:

      That’s an UDDERLY short response. Any mootivation for your nay?

  27. aaabyty says:

    I vote nay. Self-promotion is nice, but the purpose of the comments is different…

    1. Lewis Empire says:

      Like not advertising. There’s a point where a guerrilla marketing tactic just gets lame.

  28. Kevin says:

    it doesnt me too much but I certainly dont think theres any need for it as the link is already there

    1. Tyler Cruz says:

      I agree superman

  29. ForumeR says:

    Who wants to put signature?? Just spam at my blog πŸ˜€

    1. Tyler Cruz says:

      One order of spam coming up 😈

      1. Cody says:

        Gawd you’re irritating…does your mother even claim you anymore?

      2. Behold, the reason I asked John for the ability to ignore certain users and their comments… Unfortunately I haven’t found any plugin that makes it happen.

  30. No need for signatures. It gets very repetitive when you make multiple comments.

    1. Yes there would be too many links. Long download of this page for example.

  31. Sometimes I will change my name to the project that I am working on, For example

    and add a sig so people know who I am, but I never link my sig.

    – Steven Smethurst

  32. V. Neely says:

    I don’t care for signatures in comments for two reasons:

    1. It looks too promotional, like you’re trying extra hard to get people to go to your site… and if your comment isn’t much longer than your signature, it looks like that’s the only reason you’re leaving your mark to begin with.

    2. I expect comments to be directly related to the post at hand. Signatures in comments is not the norm, and it trips me up when I see them. I’m expecting to read more about the commenter’s thoughts, and then feel gypped because it turns out to be just a signature.

  33. No Signatures Please! The comments are what is important.

    1. Comments are most important, so why not give readers an added incentive to make quality comments, and do so frequently?


  34. I say nay, there is no useful advantage to the other readers of the post or to the post it self. What would go in sig besides the person’s name, again, the url again, but maybe have the full url for people to see and not just the link.

    For people that are putting their name as a blog for the link and seo of that, might include their name in a sig area, but there is nothing to stop them from doing something like this

    – Sean

    At the end to sign it with their name.

    The only other use would be add useless “buy my __seo type product__ product at my website now, only $xxx.95 until the end of the week” or something unrelated to the post it self.

    Thats my 2 cents.

  35. I’m so used to leaving a signature in all my communication, I do the same in my comments however I always just put my name. It’s never a link!


  36. Sigs are annoying, they clutter things up and are generally unnecessary. Who clicks them anyway? If you want to get exposure, then make a comment that is relevant to one of your own blog posts and link that up, that will get clicked. I will never click a sig, but I will click a link to a relevant post if I like the comment.

    I vote nay


  37. m0n says:

    I think it depends on the context. What is the nature of the dialogue? Who is engaged in the conversation? Where is the comment being posted? Etc., etc. I think impersonal comments such as this generally do not require signatures, while more personal or formal discussions may benefit from them. Ultimately, I would advise against an inflexible mentality that says “always” or “never” – it’s like, come on. Try to go with the flow and be real.

  38. GA says:

    I don’t think its an issue, therefore I say don’t ban.

  39. Yay Yay Yay!
    Come on!
    Repeat after me.
    Yay Yay Yay!
    If you want to see my daily progression:
    Greetings from France John.

  40. Sigs are annoying, they clutter things up and are generally unnecessary. Who clicks them anyway? If you want to get exposure, then make a comment that is relevant to one of your own blog posts and link that up, that will get clicked. I will never click a sig, but I will click a link to a relevant post if I like the comment.

    I vote nay

    Simon :mrgreen:

  41. Simon says:

    Sigs are annoying, they clutter things up and are generally unnecessary. Who clicks them anyway? If you want to get exposure, then make a comment that is relevant to one of your own blog posts and link that up, that will get clicked. I will never click a sig, but I will click a link to a relevant post if I like the comment.

    I vote nay


    P.S. Sorry if you see this comment more than once, I can’t seem to get it posted. 😐

  42. MrGPT says:



    (my comment signature is a joke, but really, nay)

  43. Mybloggo says:

    No idea with this

  44. Mybloggo says:

    After reading the comment….

    I will vote Nay…

  45. Cody says:

    I would say nay…in WordPress your name is your signature. If someone did come up with a signature plugin like Chuck Brown was talking about up there that would be great.

  46. Matthew says:

    I vote to get rid of comment signatures. What I do like is how Al at hacked up the comments to now say “Name from Website” so for me it’s “Matthew from GadgetVenue” with the gadgetvenue being a link.

    1. Ooh.. I like that! Thanks for the tip Matthew, I’m going to have to use that.

  47. I’m all for it. It tells you a lot more than a screen name can

    One Man. One Year. $100,000 online. How’s he doing it?

    1. I clicked to your blog as a result of your signature. I definitely wouldn’t have if you weren’t allowed to post it. By the way, great job so far!


      1. So maybe only signatures should be linked then? Of course it’s not an automated thing like the name is so…

        1. This is possible. It could *very* easily be automated. I think this would also seriously help the community aspect, as people wouldn’t use their name on their comments for SEO purposes. You use your name for your name, without any linking to anything, and have an SEO purpose signature, with one link, one tagline, and appropriate anchor text. That way, we reap the benefits of commenting from an SEO/promotional standpoint, and we know who the hell we’re talking to.


    2. “I’m all for it. It tells you a lot more than a screen name can”.

      Are you serious??? I mean really?? Your screen name is: “ – $100,000 in one year”
      I think that tells me all I need to know!!

      One Man. One Year. One Xbox360. Ambitious AND successful.

    3. Lewis Empire says:

      I think the name you entered ( – $100,000 in one year) attracts my attention way more than the spam at the bottom.

  48. Harry Potter says:

    I never use signature, ΒΏis time for use it?


  49. Chuck Brown says:

    OK…if you all believe what you’re saying about there being no purpose in linking and no ulterior motives in the process of comment posting:

    – stop using names other than your own
    – stop linking to your sites from your names

    Then you have some credibility. Your arguments make no sense if you’re not being honest in the first place about your motivation behind them.

    I agree totally with all the Nays that are offered for the purpose of reducing clutter.

    What I am arguing FOR is something better than what we have now. That may not be a sig line at the end of a comment. But a linked name is lame. Better that we all call each other by our names and allow relationships to develop natually in cases where they do. Don’t you tend to gravitate toward like-minded people? Or…if you prefer to debate, aren’t you drawn to those who make intelligent counterpoints?

    And as to the comment Simon made: “Who clicks them anyway?” Well, I do. Anytime someone says something intriguing in a comment…something that add value and additional information…or maybe cuts totally across the grain, I am curious to know more about them. Maybe I’m alone in that. But I want to know WHO THEY ARE…not that they came up with a creative name to call themselves in the comments. That’s just as lame as comment sigs, if you ask me.

    You can’t solve a problem until you’re honest about the issues behind it.

    1. I for one never said there was no purpose in linking, I said that one link (your name line) provides enough of the linking value. To also have a link as a signature is just redundant and unnecessary. Plus as many have mentioned, it takes up more space.

    2. Simon says:

      Thats fine, I’ll click the persons name also if I like the comment, and I’ll definitely click on a relevant post, but I won’t click on an extra link on the comment, that is clutter. And worse still are guys that leave their name blank but then they put a sig in the comment, WTF, or even worse are a few dudes that leave their name blank but then they put the URL of their site in text which you then have to copy and paste onto a new browser window. Its useless clutter.

      Keep it simple, if there’s a link in your name, you don’t need another one unless its to a relevant post.


    3. Lewis Empire says:

      I have written a number of posts about commenting – both as a strategy and as a value-added contribution to the blog culture. I totally agree with you about visiting other people’s sites when they make intelligent comments.

      One thing I can’t agree with is that you will become successful in anything if you simply allow things to develop naturally. Even the biggest brand names in the world continue to advertise to make sure they attract more customers and keep their current ones. Bloggers are no different. Until the total number of blogs goes down to way less than a billion, we’re stuck competing for people’s time.

      That being said, I’m against the spam tag line. I like the linked name.

  50. Chuck Brown says:

    Ooooh…thanks for that tip, Matthew!

    SelfMadeMinds is doing exactly what I think is the perfect solution to this dilemma.

    That would be worth looking into…how he got that done. It’s probaby rather simple (although I don’t know the first thing about programming or editing code).

  51. KingJacob says:

    I say Nay, if what your post is good they’ll click your name link otherwise your just being pushy.

  52. Nathan Roe says:

    I say yay, make it a little more fun

  53. Cash Quests says:

    You need a poll for this?? I think you knew what the answer would be before you wrote the post…I guess that the poll just stops any backlash when you stop signatures as you can claim it wasn’t your decision! πŸ˜€

    1. That and it generates a lot of discussion and a ton of page views. John’s always been good at getting a conversation/debate/argument going.

      1. Tyler Cruz says:

        Like I said you gotta get laid soon man, turn your computer off and Reeeelax

        1. Is it your intention to come across like an idiot or does it come naturally?

          1. 😈 game on molls!! πŸ˜›

  54. Shaun Carter says:

    Nay vote from me!

  55. Spud Oregon says:

    I vote yay.

    Shouldn’t we be encouraging comments? Just allow a maximum of one link in a comment and let the commentator decide what link they use, if any.

    The problem on this site isn’t the signatures, it’s the meaningless comments from people trying to get on the Top Commentators list. They reply to every comment as if they own the blog!

    If I were you John, I’d scrap the Top Commentators list, and install an ‘incoming links‘ plugin instead. You’d cut out the spammy comments and be flooded with backlinks.

    1. Simon says:

      Thats a pretty good idea, if I were you John, I’d the same thing even though its not beneficial to me as I’d really like to be on that top commentator list :mrgreen:.


  56. wow, so many comments today

    1. ForumeR says:

      This are happens in just an hour ya know πŸ˜€ So yay or nay??

      1. English, mofo. Do you speak it? 😈

        1. great movie! “WHAT does Marcellus Wallace LOOK LIKE?”

  57. Fable says:

    Well, the only ‘signature’ I use is when I add my real name to the bottom of my comments. I used to find this really annoying when people would do it on message boards and other blogs then it just sort of grew on me. πŸ˜‰


  58. Glen Allsopp says:

    Yes, if you moderate them much better than you are now and get a new blog design

    Otherwise, no

  59. Tyler Cruz says:

    John I bought you 3 bottles of beer 😈

  60. Michael Kwan says:

    Definitely nay. It just comes off sounding spammy and it serves no purpose, because the person’s name already links to their site. What’s more, unlike a forum signature, the commentator has to make a distinct effort to include their signature IN EVERY COMMENT. It’s not automatic.

  61. Hello John,
    First i would like to congratulate with you for breaking the milestone on the RSS readers, i knew you were going to break within this month (if you remember I even mentioned that).

    Anyway, back to the topic and this blog post. I could write a 10 lines long comment in regards, but why, when I can answer with a simple answer “NAY” and i mean “NAY DAMN IT NAY”. I personally for those few comments i get, i won’t actually publish the comment if they place a text and play like it is a signature or i will actually remove their signature. Ok you might think, it is their comment so should remain intact, and okey i answer it is my blog and should remain clean.

    Having your website already linked within your name (which in most cases is used with the site name or even keywords for your site) is more than enough, why should someone want to spoil others blog and stuff their comment with signature links here and there, if the blogger wanted his commentators to have a signature he would of hire someone to write a plugin to do that (if there is not one yet out there).

    Heck, anyway i wrote 10 lines (or a little bit more).

  62. Andy says:

    Quite a good idea, but i think you would have to offer member signups.

    1. Click Input says:

      I don’t know if this is still going… but I am voting no. These aren’t forums, it’s a blog!

  63. John, comments really depend on the type of site that you have. Even if it’s a blog associated site. My site for example, I’d prefer to have no comments and all concerns/questions be forwarded to my e-mail. – Your online guide to the hottest deals on the net!

  64. Sorry, I meant *comment signatures. lol πŸ˜†

  65. Churchill says:

    Allow spamming I mean signatures ? No way

    1. John already allows obvious spamming in the comments. That’s probably not the best argument against signatures in this case.

  66. dcr says:

    The comment signatures don’t bother me, as long as the actual comment is longer than the signature!

    But, when you see comments that are very short with a promotional signature, it leaves the impression that the commentator is nothing more than a blog spammer.

    Mind you, long comments are not always necessary. Sometimes I think it’s helpful just to apply with agreement, just to give the blogger some measure of feedback. A “forced” comment isn’t necessarily much better than a short “right on!” comment.

    To those that believe that a signature is necessary to inform people about your blog, leave more substantial comments. I know that I am more likely to check out the blog of someone who posts a reasonable comment than someone that posts:

    You suck!

    Please visit my super duper blog on making more money than you can dream of at dreamonsuperduperblog.dom.

    1. I agree, that’s annoying.

      One Man. One Year. One Xbox360. Ambitious AND successful.

      1. Lewis Empire says:

        I love this comment even more…

    2. Lewis Empire says:

      I love this comment.

  67. JamesT says:

    I’m gonna go with a “NO” to signatures in the comments. The link in our names should be enough. Otherwise I’m afraid it will get too spammy.

  68. Johnny says:

    I agree, not needed when the commentors name is alreay a link to their site.

  69. ian says:

    It is a clear cut simple case, you are allowed your site URL in your comments name, placing it within the text of your comments as well is just blatant spam and should be deleted.

    1. What if you have two websites? That presents another issue. For example, if someone comments on this blog with a specific name for SEO purposes, is there anything wrong with mentioning your personal blog in a signature?

      I can imagine there are many readers on here who use specific keywords in their link’s anchor text in order to increase their rankings for their business’ website. They may want to mention their personal site in their sig, since no one would know about it otherwise. Is that still spam?


  70. I’m also a no – it’s seems excessive when, as you said it your post, the commentators name is already a link.

    1. Generally, especially on, the person’s name or nickname is not in their link.


  71. I don’t think it’s necessary to have that if you can provide the link in the name. It’s overkill..

  72. Chuck Brown says:

    OK, since everyone is having so much fun shouting “Nay, Dammit!”. Tell me…honestly…you don’t find THIS just a bit spammy and cluttery…talking to people named:

    Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style
    SEO Optimization
    a video a day
    Blogging Experiment
    Cash Quests – $100,000 in one year
    Simon’s Money Notes
    Search Engine Marketing
    Free Chinese Daily Horoscopes
    Harry Potter 7
    High Return Investing with Dax
    GET Free Stuff for a Link
    Hawaii SEO

    Planning to name your kids that as well, are ya? πŸ˜†

    C’mon folks. Stop drinking the Koolaid and admit that there must be a better way than having to identify yourselves that way.

    I was half-joking about wanting to include sigs (we all hate clutter)…but only because I didn’t know of a better option (until Matthew shared about the cool solution at SelfMadeMinds).

    It’s time to inject some reality here…and defending the status quo when you call yourself by those kinds of names…sorry, that’s just flat disingenuous. If the point of comments is dialogue and not self-promotion…then turn off the promo machine and become a normal human being again. Or at least, admit that the way things are pretty much sucks for functionality.

    1. Lewis Empire says:

      Good thing I wasn’t on the Top Commentators at the time you read this posting. I suppose my last name could be Empire.

      I don’t know, I’d consider naming one of my children A video a day Lewis. With a first name of ‘A’ they would always get to go first in gym class. If it was a girl I could call her AVA for short.

    2. Angel says:

      Good points, but then we’re getting into a different debate, because blogs like Cash Quests have no focus whatsoever on the blogger, which I think is wrong. I want to know who a blogger is and be able to relate to him or her.

  73. Angel says:

    Comment signatures make a person who comments look desperate and detract from any point the author may be making.

    1. I think those who are not spammers offer intelligent enough commentary to never seem desperate. I would imagine that John prefers good comments with signatures to useless ones without them. Again, I am a big advocate of not commenting unless you have something to add, no matter how comprehensive it may be.

      For example, I like Tyler Cruz’s blog. However, given his mood this evening, he probably got more clicks based on comments that say “Suck a dick!” than the readers that had something useful to say. It’s the nature of the beast.


      1. Angel says:

        I see where you’re coming from, but if anything, a signature turns me off from wanting to click through to a commenter’s blog. The link is already there, but having it emphasized does not have the desired effect (on me, at least).

  74. Webd360 says:

    Comment signatures aren’t needed, especially because the name is linked so I vote nay

  75. chtanxw says:

    I agree to have one not many. The one signature link must relevant to that particular post.

  76. There’s something about comment signatures that screams spam to me. Imagine the quality of comments you’d get if you ran a “dofollow” plugin? I’d love to read some insightful comments from “Forex Trading Online”.

    One Man. One Year. One Xbox360. Ambitious AND successful.

  77. Sha says:

    Well guess what, John can start making extra cash from this too. Those who want their siggy appear should pay some cash. Those who don’t, can just sit quietly okay and comment as much as you like. 😈


    1. How about those that don’t want to see it can pay not to see it?

  78. Lewis Empire says:

    I finally got to the bottom!

    I don’t like the tag line on a post as much as I hate seeing no name/website included.

  79. JC says:

    “One Man. One Year. $100,000 online. Ambitious AND successful.

    i want to kick this guys ass, for more then a month now been seeing this shit from him.

  80. Jay Tillery says:

    I get job offers for writing solid comments on web development/design blogs. Then they hit my website and portfolio and “BANG” the sell is complete, because the like the comment and love what they see on my portfolio. So, I say “YAY” on comments.

  81. the problem is not the signature. if someone is writing a comment just to get his link out (aka SPAM) that’s the problem. if someone is writing a “good” comment i don’t mind the signature. someone writing just a meaningless one-liner is always worse

  82. You guys might get a kick out of this article I wrote, entitled “Top 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Have Become Whores”. It’s about the comment issue. It’s on Digg, too, if anyone is interested.


  83. Ryan Bourne says:

    Like, trafficbandit, I don’t mind comment signature granted that the poster is not just posting useless spam. I like seeing how other people promote there sites as well through the language they use. Allowing something simple like a comment signature to a valuable contributor could possibly result in them asking you to do a guest writing on the blog which in turn would be a chance to publicize your blog.

  84. No signatures in the comments- let’s keep it “real”, as they say.. or… what?

  85. John Bennett says:

    I say no to comment signatures for blogs. If they want to view your site they can. They don’t need to be able to do it twice, with the second way in their face.

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