Commercial Break Time

I like to this time to thank all our advertisers and blog sponsors. They help keep the lights on and pay the bills around here. OK, there aren’t many bills but they are helping to build up a big pool of cash for me to donate and put into my daughter’s trust fund!

When an advertiser buys ad space, I want them to feel like they got more than their money’s worth. They put their money on the line so they should get a return on investment, plus something extra. Dealing with advertisers is the same as dealing with readers – it is a relationship that goes both ways. You have to under promise and over perform. With that in mind, I like to acknowledge all the advertisers who made a direct advertising purchase this month.

Our Banner Advertiser

LearnVisualStudio.NET Video Tutorials actually purchased the top 468 ad spot through AdVolcano than directly though my advertising page.

Bob Tabor created LearnVisualStudio.NET back in 2002 when some colleagues asked him for help learning how to harness the power of Visual Basic.NET, C# and ASP.NET. So he made a few dozen video tutorials and gave them away. The tutorials instantly gained attention as a great way to learn the new .NET technologies before they were even officially released by Microsoft.

The 500+ video tutorials can be subscribed to and downloaded for less than $6 a month. Subscriptions entitle you to a members-only area where you can find the download locations for all the video tutorial files. Lifetime subscriptions also receive access to the exclusive member forums.

Our Text Link Advertisers

A text link on this blog cost $200 per month from Text Links Ads. You can get a $100 coupon here. However, it won’t do you any good right now because I am sold out.

Our ReviewMe Advertisers

ReviewMe is running a 50% coupon this month and quite a few advertisers took advantage of it. A big thanks for all those who ordered a ReviewMe review.

Other Sponsors

Thanks goes out to Text Link Ads and AdVolcano for not only selling advertising for me, but for also buying advertising on this blog via Google SiteMatch. Both are great ad networks and I recommend all bloggers sign up for them. I also wish to thank sending me that box of pens to give away.

Unlike Google ads, I can encourage all readers to visit our direct advertising sponsors. These are the people and companies that support this blog and they deserve your support because of it.

Thank you.