Comparing Video Sharing Sites

I’ve been using video more and more in my blog posts. I’m not the only one doing this either. Many bloggers are adding videos to better communicate with their readership. While most everyone uploads to YouTube, it may not be the best choice if video quality is one of your main concerns.

To compare the video quality of the various video sharing sites, I uploaded the same video to YouTube, AOL Video, Google Video, Viddler, Vimeo and Yahoo Video. You can see the results below. Well, you can see the results from every site except for Yahoo – they’re still processing as I write this post. YouTube offers two quality settings so I’ve shown both. For reference, I’ve also embedded the original video file.

The video sharing site with the best quality is Vimeo and this is why I’ve been using it. Vimeo is also the only site that allows HD video. The downside to the Vimeo is the 500MB per week upload limit. They’re also very picky about their TOS. Shoemoney had his Shoemoney Tools video removed because it was considered too commercial.

While Vimeo has the best quality, it lacks the viewership of YouTube. The best solution would be to use a video distribution service like Tube Mogul. All I had to do was upload my video to Tube Mogul and it sent it all the video sharing sites on my list.

AOL Video

Google VideoYouTube Normal Quality

YouTube High Quality



Original Video File

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64 thoughts on “Comparing Video Sharing Sites”

  1. I prefer YouTube or Vimeo.

    You can’t beat the original file though.

    1. YouTube HD I should say.

    2. Daniel Kemp says:

      YouTube is cool, but I am trying Viddler cause it looks nicer. If Vimeo offered HD embedding on blog web sites for free then I would use them.

    3. jesse grant says:

      Tube Mogul is a very powerful tool , i use it to upload to 13 sites at once , unforunately they have some sites with certain restrictions in place against marketing 🙁 , but i advice everyone use tubemogul , great blog john

  2. Tushar Dhoot says:

    Great post, too bad I made some videos last week and had to go around to about 8 different sites because they either processed to slowly or had crappy quality. This is great for anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet.

  3. make150aday says:

    I prefer and have made around $1000 so far.
    John you might wanna try revver and make some money with the number of viewers you have.
    You can upload your videos on other sites such as vimeo but upload also on revver and embed that revver video on your blog…

    Hope that works for you–if it is working for some top revver earners such as frenchmaidtv, happyslip, etc

    They also have same videos on other video sites but also using revver to earn some..

    1. I like Still trying to crack $100 mark. Viddler also has a monetization model but not sure if they implemented it yet. I’m still in the application process.

  4. I had not heard of tube mogul thanks for the info.

  5. Daniel Kemp says:

    TubeMogul looks cool, but it’s down for maintenance right now which kind of sucks.

    1. Daniel Kemp says:

      O.K. it looks like TubeMogul is back online.

      1. My VA currently uses TubeMogul for me, but im going to be changing to a paid solution I think

        1. Daniel Kemp says:

          What is a “VA”? And what paid solution do you think you will be swtiching to? Is it cheap?

          1. Gyutae Park says:

            VA = virtual assistant. I think these kinds of services (usually in India) were made popular after Tim Ferris’s book 4 Hour Work Week.

  6. I use Vimeo. I love the quality and the amount of talented producers on the site.

  7. Debo Hobo says:

    Wow major discrepancy in video quality, I prefer the second to last one best-Vimeo.

    Cute townhouses by the way….

  8. whateverebay says:

    Vimeo or Viddler ….very nice street. 🙂

  9. Rich says:

    Top 3 are def Viddler, Youtube HQ, and Vimeo.
    Google needs to step it up.
    This was such a great idea for a blog post.

  10. kahthan says:

    yeah good idea for a post, so looking at it i’d say youtube hq, vimeo and viddler would be my top 3..

  11. Mat Packer says:

    Vimeo always looks the best embedded on a page, however their full screen is crap.

    Have you trip, I’m in the process of testing it at the moment actually. Uploading the same video there as I have on Vimeo to see what’s better fullscreen. I need good resolution at fullscreen as I’m doing a lot of tutorials on my blog now.

  12. Jason says:

    Anyone know of a wordpress plugin that could be used to easily insert video advertisements at the end of all the “viral videos” posted on your site? So that you could add that to your options of private advertising available?

    In other words, not an advertisement directly in the video itself, but an automatic advertisement that starts playing immediately after the video is done.

    If there’s not one yet, I’m sure it would be in high demand.

  13. Kok Choon says:

    Clearly, Vimeo and Viddler has the same quality of “youtube high quality”, but Vimeo seems to be streaming smoothly while Viddler takes a bit of time.

    For embeded video, I prefer Vimeo, but youtube seems to have the most traffic!

  14. Matt says:

    I’d say Youtube HQ then it’s a toss up between vimeo and viddler, probably in that order.


  15. From shown above, vimeo is no. 1 then are viddler and you tube Hi quality are tied. not sure whom would i choose.

  16. John Creek says:

    i like viddler!!!

  17. Mubin says:

    Have you tried megavideo yet?

  18. John, please release mobile version of your site.Some pages are not opening in mobile THANKS

    1. Daniel Kemp says:

      Dude, how do you make a blog a mobile version? What types of links don’t open on mobile?

  19. Raj S says:

    I remember filing a legal fight during the launch of . I really love the technology behind it.

  20. I like viddler , good stuff John

  21. Greg Ellison says:

    I like Vimeo quality the best but it doesn’t compare to the original video. I think you want to push it out to all services so everyone can see it. Thanks for Tubemogul I just signed up.

    1. Yes I have been using TubeMogul for months now and I have to say it is amazing. One upload hits 15 sites. You can place what ever you want on your site but you need to get the video out there to be seen forsure.

    2. Does anyone know if TubeMogul degrades the quality when submitting to other sites? Or do they send the raw file?

  22. Video’s are great John but limiting your views by only hitting certian sites is a bad move. Using tubemogul, like I said above hits all the big sites in one upload. If you havn’t looked into them you should.

    I remember watching a video from “One Mans Blog” a few months ago where he said he will only ever upload to viddler and forget the rest. He also claimed in that video to be an exspert in driving traffic to a blog. If your making videos and only uploading to one site your not an exspert of anything, just another fly by night guy who claims to be.

    1. Mogul might be something to look at…and I’m one to say that it is important to diversify as much as you “capitally” can. However, there is something to say about niches here. First rule of marketing is to be the first to markets. Quality won’t be the issue but inplied if you’re the first. Most people are used to Youtube even if the quality is bad b/c they don’t expect it really to be good. they just want to beable to see what is going on. If they wanted HD they would buy a TV with it.

      Now if you can get it out to many different places with not additional cost then by all means. But what is important is that people can see what is going on. People can not typically see YouTube at work but they certainly see it on vidder. Although people will go to YOuTube to see videos you can use whatever one you want for your blog. The only thing would be quality vs. upload time. If you have HD then it may take too long and thus people will leave.
      The best may not always be the best way to get people to your site. One thing you are right is that if you are an expert then you are going to know more than one way b/c typically there are many options to what you want to do. In addition, an expert with give you some alternatives and the pros and cons to each.

  23. ahmike says:

    I love youtube ^^

  24. Holy hell! That’s alot of video files.

  25. david says:

    me too. youtube is the best

  26. I’m feeling vimeo too.

  27. Eric Tan says:

    Thank you for doing the research John… I was wondering about this…

  28. I’ve uploaded to viddler, youtube, revver, metacafe, break, flixya and a couple others. One thing to look out for is consolidation in the video arena in the next couple of years. If youtube does not have certain technologies, they can buy out other sites that do.

  29. says:

    Thanks for this great info , I think you tube HD is pretty good.

  30. I like that YouTube has the “watch in high quality” option.

  31. Rahul says:

    Wow I didn’t know there were this many video sharing sites. But whatever the list might be youtube is the best. I like youtube more than other.

  32. Kevin Hunt says:

    Been using Viddler a lot more lately… like the quality and the ability to have a logo on the screen. After all, it’s your video, not YouTube’s or Vimeo’s right?

  33. make150aday says:

    I m surprised that no one except one mentioned revver..may be you are not interested in making money or you might not be producing lots of videos…

    Revver however is having some delays lately but I have been satisfied so far….

    ANyways choice is yours…
    As far as the quality I like vimeo and revver is also not that bad…

    1. All you need is a simple flip video camcorder, upload to your computer using the built-in usb key, then upload to 10-15 video sites via tubemogul (which includes revver.)
      You might also want to look into

      1. I haven’t done much lately on it, but check out

  34. Andrei Buiu says:

    The best in my opinion is Vimeo.

  35. Mike Huang says:

    Since video blogging has been just so huge these past couple of months, I was planning to open up . It was planned to be a site where bloggers could upload their VLOG videos and share it strictly to the blogosphere. All other video sharing sites currently share through every niche, so I thought it would be a great plan. However, I have had no time to work on it.

    John, I wonder if you want to buy from me as it’ll be a huge asset to your blogging empire if you get it up and running 🙂 . I’m not charging hundreds for it, so hit me up.


    p.s. – it’s me mike, the old owner of bloggin-ads

    1. make150aday says:

      Hey Mike,
      Good one.
      Actually I m making one soon.
      Its in the process.

      I also currently run one but for different market. (Mine is built from scratch (not from clipshare, etc)

      One thing though–Hosting kills if you have higher traffic…Video sites takes lots of resources such as bandwidth.
      So have to carefully decide on the hosting that you go for..definitely have to go for dedicated.

      I was billed almost $2000 last month..coz I exceeded their bandwidth…so always a good idea to monitor your bandwdth and also choose the right plan before you proceed.

      I will update once I get this thing ready…


      1. Mike Huang says:

        I’ve tested the site for about a month and I’m on a dedicated server, so it wasn’t too bad. However, video sites DO require a whole lot of resources. I currently run arcade sites for a change and they don’t eat up any resources even after sending out over 1gb of flash games.


        1. make150aday says:

          Hi Mike.
          1 gig is not that big.
          I m talking about 1terabyte or 1000 gigs minimum.
          For example…
          If you have about 500-600 unique visitors a day on a video site and if majority of your videos are uploaded by users (not embedded from other sites), you would need at least 1000 gigabytes.

          I was in similar situation when one of my video site had about 500-600 Unique/day and I had lower level dedicated server plan.

          But after a month or so–my bandwith went to 3000gigabytes. And I was wondering how can that happen with that number of visitors (unless the same visitor plays the video several times).
          I found out that there were some users who were using my site to upload their videos and then embed on their own high traffic sites. SO whenever his user plays that video on his site then that will eat up my bandwidth. His site has about 8000 visitors/day.

          So I went over 2000gigs and bandwidth are expensive.
          Had I taken their higher plan then I wouldn’t had to pay overage fee..but who knew..It was my mistake also not checking the bandwith regularly. I had the impression that the hosting people would let me know.

          So for now I have disabled all those videos that those users were using on their sites –and the bandwidth have gone way down.

          Anyways..Now I have controlled and looking for an upgrade and also looking into some dedicated hosting that has unmetered bandwidth and have found one.
          –Anyways–just shraing with you all.

  36. Zak Show says:

    I prefer Vimeo and Youtube !

  37. web hustler says:

    what is the video hosting site that pays you for your video impressions?

  38. Deeda says:

    Youtube is number one for me, brightcove is also worth checking out.

  39. RantBlogger says:

    Nice way to compare them.


  40. I think sending it to the Tube Mogel or the likes is the best option. That ways you video goes everywhere is so much less time consuming for you.

  41. I think Vimeo is the best for high quality Videos and if you want to share professional stuff. If you just want to browse some funny clips or want to have the biggest possible crowd then youtube is right for you.

  42. 100kjob says:

    Very interesting. Youtube HQ is not much different in quality compared with Vimeo, but download speed is slower.

  43. It is hard to beat a straight side-by-side comparison of various products. This is the prime way to pick apart differences which are advantageous or disadvantageous. These videos are all lined up at matching sizes, which makes the analysis even more readily performable.

  44. Keral Patel says:

    For me my ISP sucks 😀 so no comments on what videos load faster or slower.

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