Computex 2007 – It’s Magic

In addition to those air hammers, Thermaltake gave us some branded playing cards. These cards came in handy during the wait for the Intel press conference at the Taipei 101. I used the cards to show off a couple of magic tricks.

The first video shows Jason of Techware Labs trying to find the Ace of Space in the deck. I would riffle through the deck and Jason would yell stop at the point where he thinks the Ace of Space is.

The second video is call the Compatibility Test. Two decks are used for this trick. The object is for each person to select a card from their own deck and compare it to the card selected by the person in the other deck. The closer the cards are to each other, the more compatible the two people are. Normally, I only do this trick with a girl, but Jason wanted to see how it was done, so everyone pretended he was female. You would not believe how many girls I picked up with this trick.

Enjoy the videos. They were filmed by David Lin.

Find The Ace of Spade

The Compatibility Test

20 thoughts on “Computex 2007 – It’s Magic”

  1. Wicked!!!!!!! 😎

    Everyone loves to pick up chicks John. How are you going to crate everything back with you?

  2. SeanS says:

    i know how you did the first one!
    but ill shut up 😎

    1. Yea, you shut up… I can Google, you know. 😆

      How to Do Ace of Spade Trick:

      Here’s a 10 yr old explaining the “Compatibility Trick”

      1. Brilliances says:

        nice. thx for saving me the google

  3. Brandon says:

    Jason seemed uncomfortable with this. Obviously, he his insecure with his sexuality! You have nothing to hide with the internet, Jason 😉

    1. Jack Book says:

      haha.. evil.
      btw john, i don’t know, but somehow your smile remind me to christian ronaldo. yes that MU guy 🙂

      is that Sarah? the lady next to you John? wow, finally i see her. reading your blog every day no.. every hour.. no.. every time, make this like my new home actually 🙂 that’s make me so curious about Mrs. John Chow.

      1. Andy Dang says:

        haha, I’ve been wondering about that too. Just goes to show how knowsy people are.

  4. Those are really neat card tricks, John. The way you fanned that deck out — you totally look like a pro.

  5. Nicholas says:

    That is some cool card tricks. John Chow: Dot com Card Trick Mogul…

  6. justin says:

    Man, what can’t he do?!

  7. adrian says:

    how can you do that?

  8. Haha I just watched the tutorial for the compatibility test — very clever indeed. I’ve never been good with card tricks, but this one I can definitely do.

  9. shaun says:

    Cool tricks, wana teach us how 😉 .

  10. John’s going to be the next David Blaine.

    1. Ever heard of Mondo Magic? John’s new magic show is called Mogul Magic!

  11. Ed Lau says:

    You’re pretty compatible with that guy there.

    …but I’m not sure if you noticed but he’s a man.

    Just thought you might want to know.

    1. Give him a break, the guy hasn’t played that trick on another woman since he got married! (Or have you, John? LOL)

  12. Ashxx says:

    hahahhaa john your so ffunnny. Just remind me never, ever to play texas holdem with you.

  13. A man of many talents.

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