Computex 2007 – Lost In The Translation

Here are some some funny English signs we came across while touring Computex and Taipei. We’ll forgive them because English is not the main language of the country, but it’s still funny.


The the choice of enthusiasts worldwild. I’m sure enthusiasts really do go wild for the product.


We’re still trying to find their blog.


You can find the Mega Bank at the Mega Holdings Building. I guess that’s what you call the building if you can’t use the name Trump.


This company makes some fine chit. I’m sure they make the best fine chit in Taipei, maybe even the world.


We’re not exactly sure how Yoyo translate to Young & Open but the female clothing store did have a lot of young girls inside. However, we are not sure how open they were.


Inside the Young & Open store, you can find this really sheet T-shirt!


Please don’t ask us where we saw this sign.

42 thoughts on “Computex 2007 – Lost In The Translation”

  1. WTF did that last one come from lol.

    1. John Chow says:

      I said not to ask us where we saw it! 😳

      1. Holy “chit”! Seriously gave me a good chuckle. You almost have to read them twice. Well maybe I’m the only one.


      2. Mason says:

        Does it say “no fucking” under that sign? 😆

      3. Jack Books says:

        John, get back to the computex. you’ve walked the way too far :mrgreen:

  2. SEO Blog says:

    I like the last one lol

    1. I wasn’t expecting to see that last one — good eye though, John LOL!

  3. Alex says:

    The last one is the best 😉

  4. Joel Badinas says:


    I think I don’t like the last one. Too censored for a sign. (^_^)

  5. Jeff Kee says:

    The last one rules. No sucky fucky!!!

  6. the no f***ing sign has to be on a t-shirt

    1. The bells on the top part is a bit odd though. Maybe they ring when…never mind. 😈

      1. lmao! 😆 I suppose you’re right.

  7. Casey says:

    There’s a lot of nice chit in that clothing store. Haha.

  8. shaun says:

    Yeh the last one was definatly the best 😎

  9. Marc says:

    haha funny last one

  10. Very weird place! the last one has to be the best!

  11. I love the last one.

  12. Famefire says:

    Why don’t you buy a T-Shirt a your travel sign from Taipei.

  13. Marc says:

    I normally never comment here, but that post was hi-larious!!

  14. Yeah, that post had some fine chit in it!

    I don’t understand the Fine Chit company, do the buy find chit or sell fine chit? If the buy it, are they looking for vendors? I have some fine chit for them. 😆

    ➡ Don

  15. _ says:

    manufactory…now thats a creative way to combine two words

  16. I think the last sign is from a t-shirt

    1. Mason says:

      yea.. reminds me of those subway tshirts in london.

  17. Milton says:

    Haha, fine chit. I will definitely look for them for all my metal manufacturing needs.

  18. I love the last one… I need the last one if it is a T-Shirt 😀

  19. Wallace says:

    😀 the last one is a great logo for porn sign! 😀

  20. rahul says:

    I liked the last 1 , John, may be another competition winner for “backlink” can get that “no f**k” t-shirt as prize ,wht say ?

  21. Matthias says:

    Great pictures! :mrgreen: Your comments make them even funnier…

  22. Almost everyone thinks that last picture is awesome. My favorite word of the day: Worldwild — definitely somewhere I want to live in.

  23. You need to tell us where that last one was… and it better not be the men’s bathroom!

  24. Mike Zak says:

    Engrish is one of my favorites.

  25. says:

    LOL the last one was jokes 😆

  26. Mason says:

    I like the fine chit one. those signs reminds me of the ones the chinese are removing to prepare for the 2008 olympics. One of the signs removed was for handicapped bathrooms that read “deformed people restroom” or something. 😯

  27. justinf says:

    Ah! the fine art of Engrish sign writing.
    love it. 😆 😆

    lots more examples on flickr:

  28. Ashxx says:

    Fine Chit… I need to start getting my chit from there!

  29. Sam says:

    There is actually an entire website devoted to the art of Engrish…

  30. chrisboo says:

    The last sign must have been inside a public bathroom, lol!

    1. If that sign were in a public place in America I’m sure people would find a reason to sue over it.

  31. Charles Lau says:

    Haha there is really such a sign!

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