Computex 2007 – The Booth Babes

You asked for it, you got it. I’ve uploaded all the Computex booth babes pics to the TTZ Gallery. I’ve posted seven Computex articles on The TechZone and so far the article that got the most traffic was the booth babes. Imagine that!

I guess it’s true that beautiful women really are traffic magnets. The cool thing is they’re traffic magnets to both guys and girls. Guys like looking at hot girls and girls like looking at hot girls as well. If that were not the case, then women’s magazine would be filled with photos of guys.

Anyways, if you’re in a mode for hot babes wearing shiny plastic, then head over the TTZ gallery and check them out. Here’s a few previews to wet your appetite.

Computex babe

Computex babe

Computex babes

Computex babes

Computex babes

Computex babes

32 thoughts on “Computex 2007 – The Booth Babes”

  1. Casey says:

    I really want one of those inflatable hammers…

  2. Wallace says:

    :mrgreen: Wonderful! :mrgreen:
    the ”keyboard girl” is my choice.

    1. I agree, she’s the prettiest

      1. shaun says:

        Haha I 3rd that. Shes a babe lol 😛

        1. Me too.. I like the first one. 😳

  3. Robert says:

    CommunicAsia 2007 is next week in Singapore. That show is full of booth babes also. Fortunately, I will be there.

  4. Mason says:

    haha nice. too bad my aprents walked by when I had the page up. i should really close my door when looking at your blog 😛

  5. Kumiko says:

    Looks like XFX Gaming, Gigabyte, Kingston Technology and MSI just got more advertising bang for their buck!

    1. Hiring gorgeous women to take care of promotions is definitely paying off.

  6. John, aren’t you overdoing the booth babes a bit? BTW, I can sell bubble hammers ! drop me a line if you wish! They’re all for sale! 😈

  7. Nomar says:

    Not really hot 🙁

    1. Wallace says:

      most of the girls are pretty,
      are you drunk? 🙄

  8. shman says:

    Kingston rox 🙂

  9. The girls from XFX look kinda young — or is that the strategy?

    1. John Chow says:

      They’re legal. They have a good gig too. They travel with Fatal1ty to every show.

      1. blogcrowds says:

        They travel with Fatal1ty to every single show, and that’s considered legal John?

        1. John Chow says:

          They’re legal because they are over 18.

          1. blogcrowds says:

            Well, I don’t think even Bill Gates or Clinton is allowed to have a harem travel with tem to every single show.

          2. John Chow says:

            That’s what they paid to do. They’re also pretty good gamers.

  10. Blog Money says:

    “Investorblogger” ya you might be right. Lately we are seeing more babes in John’s blog. What do you have to say about that John?

    Computex 2007 = Babex 2007

    Just teasing you.

  11. ouchs says:

    testing out your zoom on yhe last pict john?

    1. John Chow says:

      You have to love the power of 12X zoom!

      1. Mason says:

        did she say anything to you for zooming into her? 😮

  12. Interesting. Looks like they have more babes on your side than mine during exhibits like this!

  13. Ed Lau says:

    That first girl is really pretty. The rest are slightly above average.

  14. I would hate to be the person who has some type of allergy to plastic substances….

    Great work John! Your other site is also on point

  15. Sofcore says:

    Just to repeat what was stated by others above… “Keyboard Babe” is the prettiest.


  16. Simon says:

    The pink girl looks very nice 😛

  17. Andy says:

    To be honest, half of them look like they don’t even want to be there 😉

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