Computex 2007 – Winning Stuff & Breaking Records


After that whacking good time with the air hammers, Thermaltake invited us to their Computex party (they told us to leave the hammers back at the hotel). The Thermaltake party is one of the best parties of Computex. They have good food, live music, open bar, basketball shootouts and some guy going from table to table doing card tricks.

Thermaltake is the only party that I know of where the CEO likes to sing for the crowd. Kenny Lin is one of the coolest CEOs in the world. Asia can be a very class divided society. Bosses are very stuck up and feel they need to separate themselves from the employees. Not Kenny. He likes to party with all his staff and no matter what level they are at the company, they call him Kenny and not Mr. Lin.

They Did It Their Way


Kenny and one of his European distributors singing My Way by Frank Sinatra. I would have sang with them but I don’t know all the words. My Way was followed by a sing along of We Are The Champions.

Some Guys Have All The Luck


Thermaltake had ten iPod Nano to give away. All 220 guests were given a raffle ticket when they came to the party. What were the odds that out of 220 people, we would win two of the ten MP3 players? I guess the statement, the person who least needs it always win it, is true. 😈

275 Points In Two Minutes


There was a basketball shooting game at the party. It’s pretty much the same as the ones you see at an amusement park. The game is a lot of fun and I was able to score a high of 145 points. However, I noticed the high score was a crazy 268 points. No matter how hard I tried, I never came close to beating it. So, I got evil with it. Watch the video to see how I racked up 275 points in two minutes.

44 thoughts on “Computex 2007 – Winning Stuff & Breaking Records”

  1. Alex says:

    John Chow always gets his way.

    1. Robinson Go says:

      LMAO! very brilliant John, you never fail to amuse, seriously!

      too bad in our country the sides are closed. 😕

  2. JOhn chow you are the most evil of them all!cheatin a basketball game

    1. Tom LeDree says:

      haha brilliant tactic! Who’s idea was it?

      You pulled it off nicely 😀

      1. John Chow says:

        I did, of course. 😈

        1. Stephen says:

          Yeah, he gamed the system! It took two attempts. But they didn’t have me the first time swishing! :mrgreen:

          1. Jack Book says:

            evil on all way 😈

  3. Alex says:

    jaja Giveme an ipod :p

    1. Andy Dang says:

      I think he will hold a contest giving away ipod when he comes back

      1. Alex says:

        Yes 😉

        1. That sounds good!

          1. Jack says:

            pardon me.. that sounds evil ? 😈

      2. I could use another iPod, John!

        1. Ankur says:

          I doubt anyone couldent use it! And, i am going to win it 😈 powers will help me! :mrgreen:

  4. Erik karey says:

    Imagine the face of the small child that got that high score. 😥 😥

    1. Andy Dang says:

      how do you know its a small child?

      1. Ankur says:

        John, did your elder brother or someone attend the contest? :mrgreen:

  5. ken says:

    Wow, i can see why you said it’s fun to be there. Did you know that Taiwan also hosting a JCI ASPEC international business conference this couple days beside the tech conference. There will be a lot of foreigner over there now.

  6. Casey says:

    Congrats on the two iPods and the high score! You ARE evil!

    1. Stephen says:

      The other one is mine, and Moto isn’t getting any iPods because his wife Sarah won the other one in his hands. She isn’t sharing 😆

      1. Jack Book says:

        oh.. there the contest is gone 😀

  7. Steven says:

    Congratulations on the two Ipods. What size are they? I am guessing you are going to probably do a promotional give away like the Zune?

    1. Stephen says:

      They are 2 GB. He won’t be enjoying either one because his wife won one and I won the other one. 😆

      1. There is no “i” in TEAM but there certainly is in “WiN” isnt there?

        No matter what you have to come out on top smiling. Keep making them laugh.


  8. Matt Jones says:

    Hehehe… now that was a happy John Chow 😛

  9. Shaun says:

    Haha very nice you always seem to be the lucky one. Maybe you can give those ipods away in one of your contests you always have 😉

  10. Alex Shalman says:

    If theres a system, John Chow will game it! lol

  11. simon says:

    iPod contest will coming soon, right!? :mrgreen:

    1. Too bad Stephen and John’s wife Sarah claimed their prizes. Looks like there won’t be any iPod contests after all. 😥

  12. Brian says:

    Since you asked:

    (10/220) * (9/119) = 0.34% chance (I think…probabilities was a long time ago).

  13. wow! nice nice…so how many free prizes did you get John?

  14. Marc says:

    Well that’s just ridiculous. I’ve never witnessed anyone to be so lucky. Half the time I wonder if John’s just taking pictures of other people’s stuff and saying he won it 😛

    1. Stephen says:

      Hmmm… 😈

    2. Katana says:

      John is so evil so it might be true 👿

  15. John Chow: you are always lucky. You don’t need the ipods so give them to your readers. 😈 I need it too!!

    1. Jack says:

      just wait for the next contest 😈

  16. James says:

    That just looks like a lot of fun.

  17. Entertaining video you got there, John — evil, but extremely entertaining.

  18. Wallace says:

    What a lucky man! 😆

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