Congrats To Ryan on The World’s First Ad Flip

Ryan Stewart of has done it! He has successfully flipped the 300×250 ad spot he purchased from me for $1,000. The new owner is Rich4Life.Us (you can see their ad running right now), Rich4Life did try to buy the ad space directly from me but Ryan and Bidvertiser beat them to it.

Ryan had his ad running for two days before selling it. He walks away with a $400 profit and over 1000 people clicking on the ad to visit his blog. The spike in traffic shot his Alexa to 13,754.

This is the kind of story that gets people excited about the possibilities the Internet offers. Ryan saw an opportunities and seized it. Congrats man! If nobody knew who you were before, they sure do now.

56 thoughts on “Congrats To Ryan on The World’s First Ad Flip”

  1. Jacob says:

    Seems like a good deal for him, that’s for sure. Think your new ad placement for adsense is going to increase or decrease your profits?

    1. My guess is that it’ll stay about the same when you factor in that the adsense drought is almost finished and that john chow is getting more visitors by the day.

      Let’s see if i’m right.

    2. Debo Hobo says:

      That is really creative thinking outside the box!

      The First ever BlogWorldExpo is being held in Las Vegas. All the top bloggers will be there to share more great blogging methods. Ryan and John I hope to see the two of you there as presenters?

      Read about it here:

      1. Ryan Stewart says:

        I’m thinking of going. As a presenter, I kinda doubt it. I am looking forward to making the most of this 15 minutes of internet fame though πŸ™‚

        1. Debo Hobo says:

          This fifteen minutes should last longer than that, your name should be listed as the inventor of that maneuver. “The Ryan Ad Space Shuffle” or something like that.

          What do ya’ll think?

        2. mason says:

          15 minutes? whaaat… I’m sure your fame will hold strong for a few weeks if not months.

  2. Congrats to all 3 sites on the flip. πŸ˜›

    1. Congrats! This is really thinking outside of the box… but now that everyone knows about it, I bet we’ll see this happen more.

      1. That’s just what I was thinking. I wonder how many people are going to be trying the exact same thing? Might be the next big wave to hit the web. Arbitrage ad space!

  3. Ziela Rich says:

    Hey good looking people!
    I am glad to help Ryan and John make some money. I appreciate this opportunity in sharing with you what the Law of Attraction is. I think the money will be well spent. If I could change your life with this website, it has more than covered the investment to bring this to you.

    See you inside! Make sure you guys watch the movie, and leave comments on the blog, and let me know what you all think. Have I done enough to bring this to the world?

    Any advice? Comments. Leave them on the blog:

    IT is very exciting to know that I am part of a great milestone for John Chow Dot Com. John, I wish you all the best. I am sure this sort of ads will do better than Google Adsense.

    Reach For The Riches!
    Zeila Rich

    1. David says:

      That was a really nice introduction movie that I saw from your site. Did you make it? Is so professional that the music, video, and words really stick to my mind.

  4. Michael Kwan says:

    Hey John, I noticed that you replaced your TTZ 500 banner under each post with an Adsense 468. I guess you weren’t quite ready to drop Adsense cold turkey, huh? I’ve seen limited clicks on my TTZ banners too.

  5. Looks like an affiliate marketer got the spot :).

    Anyway, I’m actually a fan of The Law of Attraction stuff. As long as people don’t get upset when they expect a Ferrari to pop up in front of them.

    Anyway, expect an article on the law of attraction soon on my blog.

    John, you seem to have a magical way to keep things exciting.

    1. Zeila Rich says:

      Hi Carl.
      Looking forward to that article.
      If you are interested, you can sign up as an affiliate from my website too! Then, your article about law of attraction would be maximized to its full potential!

      Zeila Rich

  6. Amanda says:

    Congratulations ryan! that is amazing!

    1. Ryan Stewart says:

      Thanks Amanda. I think I’ll treat myself to a massage to offset the stress it caused. πŸ™‚

      1. mason says:

        LOL! I wondered how comfortable you felt when doing this lol. :mrgreen:

  7. Power of Positive Thought says:

    I usually refrain from going negative, but this book is a scam in my opinion. I want to share my views to others and save them time and money.

    I couldn’t even finish the book. Positive thinking can help get you positive results. (a well known concept, and generally something I believe in)

    There, saved you time and money. The rest of the book is just nonsense / junk science. I could go on and on, but it isn’t worth the time.

    On a side note I plan on a small party with my friends to watch the ‘movie’. Should be worth a good laugh.

  8. Stockshaker says:


    You say he only made 400 between flip from 1000 to 1500?

    Did you get a cut of 100 because you were promoting his technique in the last three posts?

    I think the new guy Rich4.. whatever, probably got the better deal because not only did he get the ad spot, but all the publicity that everyone talking about.

    Or did you get the better deal? becuase you got a 1000 plus enough material to cover you for two days? HahHAHAHAHAH.

    Or maybe ryan because he didn’t even have to do anything! You promoted his deal for him!

    I guess, everyone won in the end. And that is probably the best type of business.

    1. John Chow says:

      The ad space was for $1,500 for a month, or $50 a day. Ryan used up two days so he got $1,400 for it.

  9. kind of risky? a thousand is a bit of money to risk in any case… though i suppose he did win in the long run… good job! πŸ˜›

    1. Worst case scenario, he would have gotten a lot of traffic to his own site. 1k is a lot to risk if there’s a chance at not getting anything back but that wasn’t the case here.

    2. Ryan Stewart says:

      Dang right it was risky Nick. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t sweating bullets a bit. But, as they say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

  10. Bob says:

    Really the The World’s First Ad Flip? πŸ’‘

  11. says:

    John, you left $400 on the table… but you gained lots of press for it…

    What filter do you have on to make sure only two spots are shown on the home page instead of having it on every single post? Is it the same filter we have for adsense?

  12. Cash Quests says:

    What a shame it can only happen once. Whatever it sells for in the flip will become the new standard price next time.

    1. Why do you say that? I’m willing to bet it could be done again and in fact, they could probably do it with the very same ad space. Advertising prices change and often people are willing to pay more to unseat someone so it could easily work again.

      1. Cash Quests says:

        Well next time around I’m sure that JC will ask at least $1500 for the ad space as that is the price that people are willing to pay. For it to flip, you’d have to find someone willing to pay more than $1500 and that market is less than those willing to pay more than $1000.

        Every time the price goes up, so does the chance of the flip failing.

  13. Now they just need a new landing page…yikes!

    1. Ziela Rich says:

      Can you please elaborate further?
      How can I improve my landing page?

      Thanks in advance!


      1. Glen Allsopp says:

        Terrible layout, no clear eye flow direction and no real call to action or incentive that stands out on why somebody should give you their email address

        Constructive, not insulting 😎

        1. Zeila Rich says:

          thanks for the constructive criticisms. appreciate it!

          will get the design guys to work on it

          Won’t blame them because it was done up in less than 48 hours.

          Zeila Rich

      2. John Chow says:

        I think this blog post would make a better landing page:

  14. shman says:

    Thats great, I would keep this ad space for me :).

  15. Glen Allsopp says:

    Hats off to him. Worked out better than I would have expected

  16. mason says:

    haha I knew he would be successful. pretty cool seeing it happen.

  17. Shaun Carter says:

    Guess this means the going rate will be more like $1500 per month from here on out…

  18. I had to say it was a great idea, he seized an opportunity as soon as he saw it. Congrats to him!

  19. Not sure if it was the first, but I pretty decent flip none the less.

  20. Mr Beach Bum says:

    If you have the time and know-how, go and register right now and start up a site where publishers can auction off their used adspace for a premium. If anyone does it, you at least owe me a few free ads!

  21. Vladi says:

    World’s first ad flip? Hardly, ad spots have been bought and resold for a decade now, comes to mind with its $600 top link spots. Those get bought and resold frequently.

  22. John Bennett says:

    Why can’t I come up with a quick way to make $400 dollars?

  23. Indiansrock says:

    Congratulations, its amazing!

  24. Way to look ahead and make this happen!

  25. Click Input says:

    I was going to say how well this guy was doing until I saw the $3,500 figure that the purchaser already made.

    That is insane money.

  26. huh i missed this post…

    Well done Ryan, at least people can’t say you did not sweat for the $400 profit πŸ˜›

  27. So easy to earn $400 and get free traffic

  28. Sunnye says:

    Very inspiring for those first time ad buyers. Keep up the good work.

  29. Kevin says:

    Wow, flipping ads… let me get in on this. Haha. Truly amazing.

  30. an awesome way to make a little cash…

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