Contest Updates And Become A Blogger Offer

Congrats goes out to Collin Lahay for winning the grand prize of $2,000 cash in the contest. Collin’s name was drawn during the meetup at Memphis Blue BBQ house. I want to thank everyone for entering and apologies once again for the delay in the draw. Online Radio Station, who sponsored this contest, will be contacting Collin to send him the money.

If you weren’t the lucky winner, don’t feel too bad. I still have $5,000 Twitter contest happening with Clickbooth. Clickbooth only need another 100 followers to hit the next prize tier. Once they do, they will add a Sony PS3 plus Sharp 32” LCD HDTV or a Canon VIXIA HFS100 HD Flash Memory Camcorder to the prize pool. The contest deadline is end of this month so I’m sure we can hit that.

How to Enter:

  • Follow @JohnChow
  • Follow @Clickbooth
  • Send the following Tweet to your followers:

    I’ve just entered to win a $5000 Twitter contest! Just follow @JohnChow and @clickbooth and RT.

Lastly, be sure to check this blog on Monday June 29. Yaro and Gideon of Become a Blogger will opening their Premium program and accepting registrations. I’m going to show you how to not only get it for free, but come out ahead of the game.

26 thoughts on “Contest Updates And Become A Blogger Offer”

  1. Hi, i just entered the contes.. Looking forward to the results 😀

    Michael Grove’s last blog post: Aidonline ødelægger nettet!

  2. Jacob Yap says:

    Congratz to Collin on the winning of $2000 =D

    Jacob Yap’s last blog post: His Music Will Live Forever (Michael Jackson)

  3. Congrats to the winner. Sadly, I never knew of this competition. Maybe I overlooked it 🙁

  4. Collin LaHay says:

    Ahhh, awesome! I figured I would have to enter at least twenty good contests a year to win one or two… looks like one is all it took, cant argue with that kinda luck! =D Thanks John and OnlineRadioStation!!!

    Collin LaHay’s last blog post: Online Radio Stations

    1. gurtey says:

      wow…great luckk..i also need to enter this contest

      gurtey’s last blog post: Contest begins now!

  5. EarningStep says:

    wow.. great . i will sign up… thank john…. i have mail you an great offer john. hope you have time to reply it

    EarningStep’s last blog post: Blogging tips | Get More happier visitor by speed up your blog

  6. Melvin says:

    Collin is already rich so I dont think he really needs that money, Lolz, just joking… Congrats to Collin, now its time for him to win.. I remember him holding a contest where II was the grand winner.. 🙂

    Melvin’s last blog post: Is There Such A Thing As Overrated Blogs?

  7. Ambo says:

    Congratulations to Collin! Hey John i just tweet and joined the $5000 contest. Hope to win!

  8. Paul B says:

    Congrats to Collin1

    By the way wasn’t he one of the contestants at the Top Affiliate Challenge. I can’t remember whose team he was on, some guys are just born lucky I guess.

    Paul B’s last blog post: Are You Still Ignoring Me?

  9. Collin … have your 2000 bucks and enjoy with it. I always prefer cash prizes in this kind of competition and tech related prizes in website contest.

    This make a sense as you will be able to deliver the right prize to right person.

    ZK @ Web Marketing Blog’s last blog post: How to Become A Blogger – A Roadmap

  10. Stoychev says:

    Congrats to winner! I hope will be next one 😉 I’ve just enter this event 🙂

    Stoychev’s last blog post: Почивай в мир Michael!

  11. Jerick Mac says:

    Hello! I just joined this contest! congrats to the winner!

    Jerick Mac’s last blog post: Free PSP Wallpapers and PSP Themes Download Online

  12. Andrew says:

    Congrats Colin its always nicer when its unexpected. Lets see if I can win the twitter contest. 😉

    Andrew’s last blog post: What’s The Hot Topic? – Affiliate Marketing With Your Blog

  13. Saurabh says:

    Congrats Colin…
    I wanted to win it…!!

    But I have my fingers crossed for the twitter contest..!!!

    Saurabh’s last blog post: One of the most important blogging tip…

  14. Melody says:

    Definitely looking forward to the results for the Twitter contest..People follow them already to get that camera on the tier!

    Melody’s last blog post: Recent Videos and Updates for June

  15. aansa says:

    I already entered that contest and looking forward to the result of the contest. I will defenitely mark the calender for 29th to learn how to enter ‘become a blogger’ for free.

    aansa’s last blog post: Secret to post FREE auto ad online at

  16. fas says:

    Congrats to the winner. With so many entries very little chances of winning.

    fas’s last blog post: Creating a Special Niche Business

  17. Asswass says:

    I’m in. I would also give away those $5.000 on a contest on my blog 🙂

    Asswass’s last blog post: Hiburrito’s New Look and Feel

  18. Awesome contest. I have entered.

    Deneil Merritt’s last blog post: Become A Blogger

  19. Jacob Yap says:

    Easy contest. Cool, I’m in too! 🙂

    Jacob Yap’s last blog post: MonsterBuzz Contest – 10 English Movies That I Should Watch

  20. Diabetis says:

    Congrats to Collin!

    Diabetis’s last blog post: A healthy tea for diabetis

  21. Congrats to the winner!

  22. David Dunn says:

    I have just entered the Clickbooth competition – however, I can’t remember the last time I won a competition 🙁

    Maybe now is the time 😉

    David Dunn’s last blog post: Making Money Online

  23. EarningStep says:

    i wonder i can win this twitter competition….. ;}

    EarningStep’s last blog post: Blogsvertise | Advertise on Blogs Ad Service and make money

  24. videostar says:

    I would like to get that camera i really need it.

  25. Just entered.

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

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