Corvette Powered Solstice!

This thing is so cool! When I first saw it, I fell it love with it. While it may look like a normal Pontiac Solstice, it doesn’t perform like one. That’s because inside the little roadster beats the heart of a Corvette. That’s right! All the horsepower of the Corvette slammed into a little Pontiac Solstice.

Hard to believe a big Corvette V8 can fit into a car no bigger than a Mazda Miata. The installation looks like a factory job as well and Mallett Cars, the creator of this monster, backs up their work with a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty.

How fast is this piece of automotive technology? Magazine tests shows the Mallett Solstice can hit 0-60MPH in 4.4 seconds and cover the quarter mile in 12.8 seconds at 113 MPH. It can also do 1.02G on the skidpad. While the performance numbers do look impressive, they can be a lot better. The test Solstice had very low stock transmission gearing. This is needed because a normal Solstice is a four banger. However, with a big V8 under the hood, such short gearing is not needed. It takes two shifts to get to 60MPH. A Corvette Z06 can hit 60MPH without shifting out of first. Mallet does offer a higher ratio gearing option to increase performance. I would take it.

Only 100 Mallett LS2 V8 Solstice will be built, with a base price of $18,000 (not including the car, which sells for $19,000). I am really tempted to buy it! Could you just imagine the look on the Miata driver’s face when you disappear from him? That’ll be something to blog about!

26 thoughts on “Corvette Powered Solstice!”

  1. itapira says:

    Oh my god man they are greats

  2. else says:

    Awesome looking car with a nice, monstrous V8 engine. Could you provide some pictures of the rear? How many horsepowers does that engine have?

  3. lucca says:

    wow this thing is a beast! Only thing is by the time you convert the solstice with a corvette engine- one could purchase a corvette hehe.

    great tuner car though. Is def a huge sleeper


  4. Timo says:

    Oh Man….this Corvette is UGLEY !

  5. Jim Thompson says:

    …and for $37,000 there are a lot of cars that handle better and won’t fall apart like a typical GM car.

  6. Mubin says:

    Well I’ll be damned if I didnt see this on the digg front page!

  7. Matthew McGillivary says:

    yeah that is pretty damn awesome, but i think a V10 Viper engine would be alot faster!!!!!!

  8. smartmlp says:

    “Fall apart like a GM car”? You need to stop hating americans my friend.

  9. The mother land says:

    ha ha you americans are so funny! I have three letters for you T – V – R. They have been sticking massive V8’s in small cars for a LONG time now. And they can still get 20+ MPG! Good try though, those are some nice numbers.

  10. Rick says:

    Jim Thompson you are so full of it. I have owned several GM products that I raced on street and track for years without any problems. My current car is a 2002 Corvette Convertible that runs great, gets 30 mpg on the highway, and turns heads wherever I take it. You can flog the daylights out of it all day at the track and turn the AC on and drive home in comfort. Your statment has no credibility at all. Think before you write, a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

  11. Andrew L says:

    “Could you just imagine the look on the Miata driver’s face when you disappear from him?”

    And this is a rare occurance for you?

  12. Koskun says:

    May also want to note that this was featured in Car & Driver back in their Feb. 2006 Issue.

  13. paul says:

    This is an utterly absurd concept that really doesn’t take into account other factors of performance like suspension, weight distribution, and proper transmission gearing.

    I’ll laugh when it falls apart in 3 years.

  14. AidanPryde says:

    ^Exactly, that much more power on the stock transmission? Sounds like a good way to blow a transmission.

    I’d rather spend that 37 grand plus a few more on an elise.

    Plus that Miata driver is gonna stick even with you if he has a Monster Miata, which have been around longer, and can be much cheaper with similar performance.

  15. seff says:

    Miatas aren’t known for their speed whatsoever. They’re slow cars. Small, super nimble, super fun to drive, but underpowered cars. If this Solstice really appeals to you, then you definitely don’t fit the classification of people who’d enjoy a Miata.

    Without knowing the specs, I can tell this car won’t match up with a Miata in terms of nimbleness or driving characteristics just because to have a ‘Vette engine, the weight balance will be completely screwed up. On the other hand if you want a roadster that’s balls out fast (and screw handling/driving characteristics), then this car is great.

    Though, personally for that money, I’d be looking in at a Z4. Or I’d get a top of the line MX-5 and pocket the 20Gs. 🙂

  16. Taco says:

    Actually Seff the motor is all aluminum and I believe total weight from the conversion is under 300lbs

  17. Taco says:

    217lbs here is a link to the people doing the conversion.

  18. CB says:

    Who cares?
    Still GM, the fastest shrinking car company

  19. Koskun says:

    Paul, if you had bothered to read about the actual upgrades that Mallett had done to the car you would realize that:

    1. Mallett upgraded the suspension, brakes and such to compensate for the power, and a Corvette clutch.

    2. The stock tranny in the Solstice is out of a Chevy Colorado. More than capable to handle the V8.

    This wasn’t a fly-by-night upgrade that Mallett did to this car. It took them 2 months to work everything out.

  20. seff says:


    Actually Seff the motor is all aluminum and I believe total weight from the conversion is under 300lbs

    Does the Solstice have 50/50 weight distribution though? I don’t remember even the original Solstice having that. I could be wrong though. I can’t see how they can put a V8 (even if it is all aluminum) and keep the weight distribution without artificially increasing the weight in the back…

  21. K. Dale Boley says:

    Remember the Fiero? It was a cool looking car with horrible performance. After a few years of production the boys at Pontiac finally got a 6cyl installed and it was actually a bit faster than the Vette from the same year. Once the Vette boys in Kentucky found out that the Vette was no longer the fastest car in the GM stable, they got the car axed. Same thing will happen here, if they ever get this anemic ride some balls, they will crush it. Oh, and let’s not forget the gub’ment do-gooders who see anything fun as a threat.

  22. seff says:

    Oooh, reading a bit on the non modded Solstice apparently it IS 50/50 weight distribution. Interesting. I just know that the Top Gear chaps hated it where as they adore the MX-5. Shrug. I really dunno.

  23. Brian says:

    What a car. If I remember correctly, that is the same engine in the 06 GTO.

  24. art says:


    all i can say is that although GM has had a few problems in the past i think they will surely recover. have you seen the new tahoes/subs and the new trucks are even better. they just need to apply the same thinking that they applied to thier new trucks/SUVs and cadillac. and you cant beat a corvette! thats the best value there is

  25. Antony says:

    My mechanic is actually putting a LT4 with T56 manual 6 speed into my 1999 miata…
    Go see the web site of Rick Design to see the evolution, commin this april!

    Follow the body work too !
    Thx reading my comment

    Antony Gilbert

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