Cow Shows Chow How

Hi gang, its been a while since we’ve set foot on the Big Beef’s pasture, but since we’re here today, we will let you in on a little secret that influences the amount of traffic certain blogs seem to get from the different social bookmarking services out there, all the time.

Hitting the front page on Digg or Reddit is a wet dream for many aspiring money making bloggers and affiliate marketers. The amount of raw traffic that will pass through your blog can be tremendous and the conversion of this traffic into clicks can pay off nicely. We won’t go into the specifics of how to monetize your blog to its fullest potential, Mr Chow would be out of a job if we did, but we will give you a few tips on how to get that potential surge of traffic going with the helps of your friends.

You can pay for traffic.

This is probably the least ethical way of getting featured on that front page. Many a webmaster forums have certain sections where users can ‘Buy and Sell’ their stuff. Don’t think this is just buying and selling websites, articles and reviews; It also includes lots of shady services. We have used these before with varied results as experiments in our early days. Stuff that we never thought was going to work, hit over 1500 Diggs before the site was banned, others reached up to 75 and still did not get popular. Digg for example has several ways to see if you are gaming the system. If you get passed the automated Digg security, you’re not even half way because you have the horde of Digg users to face. A thick skin is advised as front page articles tend to lure out the trolls.

You can ask for traffic.

On those very same forums, not all social bookmarking and voting services have to be paid for. Lots of people simply offer to return the favor. This tends to happen a lot with Stumble upon posts. If you’re lucky, you can find some people that are in urgent need of votes and will give you 4-5 stumbles in exchange for 1 from yourself. Another source to turn to is obviously your friends. We often used to ask people in our IM list to do a quick Digg or Stumble, but at a certain point, that too gets old. So what do you do? You join a secret mailinglist where the only emails that fly back and forth are requests for Stumbles, Diggs, Sphinns, Zoom, Reddits, Delicious, Farks and god know what more. We’re part of one of these little underground communities, and we know that there’s some pretty well-known names in the industry involved in this sort of traffic points trading.

You can earn your traffic.

It might sound silly, but if you really work hard and write the best damn article the world has ever seen on the day you post it, you will earn your traffic. This is probably the only method that will leave you extremely satisfied. After all, you will have proven to yourself and all those Internet users out there that you are capable of achieving things on your own. Not only will it save you a lot of money which you otherwise would have spend on buying votes, you’ll also utilize the time you used to ask your friends for the same votes, to improve your skills as a writer. It might take a while before you hit the jackpot, but it’ll be worth your effort!

Quick tips from our experience.

Seeing that a lot of you will probably choose the quick and dirty (Why else would you read this blog otherwise 😈 ) way, be careful that you will not make the following mistakes:

  • If you’re buying traffic in the forums, don’t ever paste the URL you want the link you want to get Dugg and preferably don’t even participate in the thread. We have seen and experienced at first hand that Digg isn’t stupid and they read the same forums. They spot your URL and you’ll most likely get a free ban for life.
  • If the deal seems to good to be true, it is. Getting 100 Stumbles and reviews for $10 means you will get Stumbled by users with names like; stumblr4hire1 stumblr4hire2, stumbler4hire3 etc etc. We won’t even tell you what kind of crappy comments they leave behind. We’ve got a sneaky suspicion that Stumble Upon isn’t silly either and they will see if you’ve received genuine or artificial votes. They won’t ban you but you just wasted time and money on a useless service.
  • If you’re in a top secret mailing list like ours, keep in mind that it’s always going to be the same people that are adding votes to your stories. The social bookmarking sites will pick up on this too. Even though this is what’s needed to get the ball rolling, it will not promote organic growth of your popularity.

And that’s all we have time for today kids, we’ve still got our own blog to run and if you’re done reading here, feel free to click over to our part of the pasture.

37 thoughts on “Cow Shows Chow How”

    1. Trying to capitalize on Darren’s hard work, are we?

      1. Neil Duckett says:

        With a LONG way to go judging by the number of registered users!

      2. PinoyTech says:

        Lol. Maybe he really likes the name 🙂

  1. Traffic, like vegetables, is best grown organically. Every time I’ve tried to buy traffic for past projects, I’ve always been disappointed. I’ve concluded that it’s almost like karmic law. If you try to circumvent the natural progression of your traffic through false means, you shall pay the price, grasshopper. For instance, with one of my sites I conducted independent taste tests by running Adwords campaigns to supplement my existing traffic. Surely, these highly targeted clicks would perform well. Yet I found that the newly minted traffic did absolutely nothing for my conversion rate. In fact, sometimes it was worse! It was illogical, but a lesson learned.

    1. Traffic, like vegetables, is best grown organically.

      Very well said, doing it organically also helps you measure your qualities, even tho, a small push with some shady tricks some times 😉

    2. I agree…you just have to keep writing and blogging away to build up posts that contain valuable Google friendly keywords

      1. PinoyTech says:

        True true… Let’s hope the Google gods bless us with long tail keywords 😐

  2. Miss Q says:

    I wonder… if you aren’t well known and write a great article, I’m guessing it’s going to take a while before ‘word gets out’ about your genius and votes and pageviews start pouring in. How long does it take for a great article to become known when the author is still a faceless newbie?

  3. Bobby Rio says:

    I’ve always wondered how those buy traffic companies work. There has to be some shady shit going on cause Digg doesn’t make sense sometmes

  4. charles says:

    Nice tips you got there John. I’m sure Mr. Cow enjoys some share of your traffic now. 😈

  5. Jimson Lee says:

    I had a huge spike of traffic on my blog from StumbleUpon that was wriiten by a guest post!

    So much for my ego!

  6. I would had Zoomed this post but you don’t have the plugin 🙁

    BZ solved the problem by allowing you to submit your own post. So not need to ask. You can see an example on my site of the Zoom plugin. And because it’s for blog posts only and manually checked, it’s a very nice service for us bloggers. It send me traffic often plus, I got StumbleUpon a few times. That’s nice! :

    Check it out because everyone need the traffic even the the big, and smaller, beef 😀

  7. flegmatic says:

    hehe, rly nice tips 😉 sucks – stumbles rule

  8. Mike Huang says:

    Great tips, similar to the MILK MAN’s 🙂


  9. Buying traffic isn’t for everywhere right off the bat…you probably need sufficient content before starting an Adword campaign

  10. Has anyone had an experience with buying StumbleUpon traffic? Probably not worth it…they tend not to convert as well..

  11. How to get some traffic? guest post on John Chow dot com! :mrgreen:

    1. or do a blog contest. Better yet, or do a sponsored blog contest on John Chow dot com :mrgreen:

      1. Neil Duckett says:

        I agree with the contest, my traffic is booming with the current contest i’m running, much better bang for your buck than just 1 off $400 review.

  12. Raj says:

    Hey, it’s a long time since you’ve come out with a good, long one like this that I couldn’t stop my urge to go thru the full post and comment here, else it would have been just a first para grazing in the RSS. (Hehehe, I agree, offering RSS subscription increase your page-view numbers)

    In my opinion, traffic from those social bookmarking sites is just like a herd of cattle/sheep grazing through grass tips, moving constantly from one meadow to another in search of tasty grass, but ending up with nothing at last, just good for only dirtying the meadows (increasing the page views).

  13. Israel says:

    nothing new learnt here. cow is losing his touch. sad.

    1. You still have beef with cow? Dude, grow up cus this is very good information for newbies like me!

  14. Ivy says:

    I was reading this article when a sudden thought hit me – wouldn’t it be pure evilness if John Cow was a spoof that John Chow himself created to add some excitement for his readers? :mrgreen:

    Inspiration was from a Wired article I was reading about how this journal blog for this 15 year old girl with thousands of adoring fans was a scam created by a 27 year old guy from Beverly Hills.

    1. Raj says:

      Come on, is run by John Chow and he made it public right at the inception itself.

  15. Mike says:

    the title of this post rules! 🙂

  16. Mike says:

    thanks for the tips!

  17. bmunch says:

    I say use all three methods for generating traffic. You have to taste both sides (the Dark side and the Jedi Way) to write a article like this with authority.

    The problem with the Dark side is everything is so easy and addictive, you might not come back to the light. Thats why I say taste it. Don’t gobble it down.

    Oh dear, I am rambling nonsense…

  18. Isn’t there a blogger called John Cow? I thought the title referred to him before i read the text.

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      John cow is a cow that takes the look for the chow. :mrgreen:

  19. Terrence says:

    I’ve been really dong some thinking about getting traffic to my website, but not sure I would do any of these things. Especially, buying traffic, which I’m sure I could given the nature of my blog.

    in some of the other blogs I have, i’ve seen great growth by providing good content. If people like what they read, they will stick around to read some more.

  20. Poker Sharks says:

    ” A thick skin is advised as front page articles tend to lure out the trolls. ”

    Well when you pay per digg your article probably isnt frongtpage worthy so will get slated. You deserve it.

    Advising people how to get on Digg and Stumble via these means is just wrong. You got banned and you deserved it. All you’re doing here is teaching more people how to get banned.

  21. esvl says:

    About that mailing list! :mrgreen:

  22. Very good post. At least you were honest. I will agree with you that working even our ass out its very difficult to get 1000/day on any site(with some exceptions). Network of webmasters work very well, always.

  23. Steven says:

    It doesn’t matter how good the article is. Its about timing, interest, placement and authority. If you have no friends, nobody will Digg your post anyway. And if you do, they don’t anyway. Some are very selfish. 😥

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