Goes On Flippa Auction Block

My friend Richard Kershaw has decided to put one of his best sites for sale on Flippa. is a CPA network directory that generates residual income by referring affiliates and subaffiliates to affiliate networks like MaxBounty, NeverBlue, PeerFly, etc.

What makes the site attractive is the domain name. The site ranks number 1 for “CPA Networks” and number 2 for “CPA Offers.” Another attractive feature is the site pretty much run itself and all the income is passive. In addition to getting the site and top level domain name, the buyer will also receive these defensive domain registrations:

  • [former URL]
  • [former URL]

I personally feel the site has far more potential than what Richard is using it for. Right now, all the site income is from referring affiliates to networks. Adding a blog about affiliate marketing would surely increase the traffic and SEO rankings. The ultimate would be to develop an affiliate training program and sell it on the site. Richard would love to do all of this, but he doesn’t have the time because he just started a new e-commerce business. Therefore, is up for sale!

The current high bid is $20,000 and there’s three days until the auction close. It’ll be interesting to see what the site ends up going for. Good luck with the sale, Richard.

36 thoughts on “ Goes On Flippa Auction Block”

  1. Boy I am sure many big guns are going to try their hand on it.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Yeah, I agree. This acquisition makes perfect sense for any big player in the space. The bids should go really high.

      1. Lets see where this bid stops … ?

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      Wow that’s one high bid. I’d really want to see where it would stop.

      1. Gift Ideas says:

        very good offer earn with online.

  2. Kirk Taylor says:

    This is a great opportunity for a reader to buy into a business already making money online! Anyone stepping up to the plate?

    1. Do not think that John Chow’s reader will attempt it.

  3. Nice I’m pretty sure a lot of people would like to purchase this domain. Definitely premium domain. Domain is already set up for residual income. Reserve price has be lifted so auction is on the get go. Good luck to Richard.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah an established domain like this will save a lot of time. I think there are many would like to purchase this one. Good luck Rich.

  4. I am one of those people that would love to buy it, but $20,000.00 although a great deal is a little pricey for me right now, but I could easily see how this website could make some good money.

    1. Yes keep it for few months and sale it again … This will be like real estate of internet world.

      1. Yes. Totally agree. Even for the $35k it was sold for, I think it was worth it. Put some effort into building and SEO, and in a few months, it will be worth a lot more.

  5. fazal mayar says:

    20 k is lots of moneyy but this stuff has lots of potential 🙂

    1. True that is a lot to pay.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        A lot to pay, but also so much upside. 🙂

        1. John should also give a try to it …

          John what do you think …. Will you give a try ?

  6. this has lots of potential as fazal mayar said.. anyways.. any rich guy in here please can you donate to my paypal account through my website stated above. please.. please.. click the donation button in my account and donate any amount you want.. please.. im in need.

    1. Your name is suggesting that you are from India and as per latest paypal rule you can accept only $500 in a single payment.

      For $20000 you will need 40 payment at least. Demand for electronic transfer lollzzz

  7. Great domain, worth the risk!

  8. Stocksicity says:

    Wish I could afford that. Good luck to him on getting the most out of the sale! Definitely looks great.

  9. Deals Attack says:

    The domain name CPA Offers speaks for itself. I love the domain name, it sounds great! But since the income is passive, why is he selling? Correct me please and I might be keen.

    1. John Chow says:

      Because it can make so much more than it’s making now with some changes. He doesn’t have time to make those change. The domain name would be great to start your own affiliate network.

    2. He’s streamlining his operations to, focusing on his ecommerce store.

  10. fas says:

    I think the current offer is quite low by what the site looks worth but could just be my personal judgement.

  11. So basically whoever buys this site is only really paying for the domain name and the Google Rankings. I’m going to check to see how much that site is making since its only selling for $20,000 because it should be worth a lot more.

    Most websites sell for 1 or 1.5 times its revenue. I wouldn’t even sell that website if I was him. I think its a keeper.

    1. The money the site has generated will be to his own affiliate links meaning, he’ll keep the existing revenue of the affiliates he has already signed up.

  12. Its a good site man!

    it has as U said, very good potential!

    Hope he gets the big money for it!

  13. Jason says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the big players in the affiliate marketing industry would grab this, for $20k thats a bargain. Anyway let’s wait and see the final bid. Me thinks it will reach over 30k for sure

    1. You were correct, it sold for $35k

  14. Erwin Miradi says:

    That’s one nice domain name. The bid is high too. But I think the price is worth the potency it offers.

  15. John says:

    The site is over priced based on the income and traffic it generates. It’s unwise to pay a premium for potential so I’d say the auction is a success, he’s going to make out like a bandit.

  16. Technary says:

    Its beneficial for any good CPA affiliate to grab it.

    But do`nt you think that $20,000 is high to sell that website?

    1. I don’t think $20k was a high price. The site afterall sold for $35k.

  17. Looks like a good site with potential. Sold for $35k. not bad 😉

  18. Gift Ideas says:

    Nice to know about CPAOffers.

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