CPVDen.com Contextual Marketing Community

Affiliates have always been curious about CPV traffic, but lately I’ve been getting a ton of CPV questions from all sorts of marketers. PPS, CPA affiliates and even merchants are asking questions about CPV/PPV traffic and how to use it properly. The draw is clear – CPV is an attractive traffic source with costs as low as half a penny per impression and you can market just about anything. One of the newest sites to train people in how to succeed with CPV marketing was created by my two friends Lucas and Sean. They opened up CPVDen.com with the sole purpose of showing techniques that no one else has. They also have a laser focus on CPV traffic only, so it’s not one of those “jack of all trades, master of none” type sites for training. I’ve seen a lot of sites popping up recently that try to train affiliate marketers in every type of traffic source. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when I need a plumber, I call a plumber. I don’t go to Walmart and ask the guy working the plumbing section how to fix my leaky faucet. That’s why I really like the style of the site and singular focus on making CPV marketers successful.

Techniques I’ve Never Seen

When I logged in the first time I found myself reading through at least two techniques that I’d never seen before. These two techniques are very attractive and immediately had at least 3 ideas pop into my head about how to make money with them right away. The techniques are laid out very organized with videos, step by step advice, php code, and real life examples that they have run with success in the past.

I can’t reveal the techniques here, but after you login you’re going to have an “a-ha” moment within the first 2 minutes on the site. The forums are very active and I like that. The owners, Sean & Lucas seem to really care and are on top of every question with solid advice quickly. Feel free to private message them as well with questions or requests that are of a more personal nature. They’ll even review your CPV account for you to find any problems and set you straight. That’s a huge benefit.

Special For John Chow dot Com Readers

They were nice enough to give my readers a coupon code to use to get $10 off the first month at their site. So you can get $10 off by entering 93CB83D973 in the coupon code area when signing up. This coupon, however, only works for the first 50 sign ups so hurry and sign up now! Visit CPVDen.com now!