Crowdsource Your Company Logo with Cullogo

Whether you’re looking to make money blogging or you want to start up a new company, it’s important to invest in your branding. More specifically, we can all recognize the power of having a strong and recognizable logo. Unfortunately, hiring a professional ad agency can be out of the budget for most aspiring dot com moguls.

Thanks to the Internet, you can harness the power of crowdsourcing for a more affordable solution. For instance, you can point your browsers over to Cullogo. Why have just one designer coming up with ideas when you have a whole community at your disposal? Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at what Cullogo has to offer and how it differentiates itself from its competitors.

The Big Deal with Cullogo Logo Design

Now, I can’t ascertain for sure how Faisal Anwar came up with the name for his website, but I’m guessing that Cullogo is supposed to be pronounced like “Cool Logo.” That is what you want, right?

Crowd-Source Your Company Logo with Cullogo?

For the time being, Cullogo is only offering two options. You can run a logo creation contest or you can launch a contest to get a new business card design. In the future, Faisal hopes to expand into website design, Twitter profile pages, and other similar possibilities.

In short, you run these design contests, take a look at the submissions from the Cullogo user community, and then you choose the winner who can then receive your prize money. The minimum prize is $100, which is said to be lower than some other websites.

Write a Brief, Launch a Contest

After you register for an account, you can launch as many contests as you like. You can use this same account when you wear your “designer” cap to submit your creations for the contests of other users.

Crowd-Source Your Company Logo with Cullogo?

For each design contest, like the one to create the new Cullogo logo, you fill out the form for the design brief. This design brief outlines any information you want to relay to designers, the name of your brand, a little about your company, the target audience, and any other requirements you may have.

How Much Does It Cost Again?

As mentioned above, the minimum prize that you have to offer with any of your design competitions is $100. Normally, there is a $25 listing fee, as well as a 10% prize handling fee. However, to celebrate the launch of Cullogo, the listing fee is being waived for the first five advertisers who launch a contest on Cullogo. You’re still on the hook for the prize handling fee though.

Crowd-Source Your Company Logo with Cullogo?

To give your contest a little more promotion and exposure on Cullogo, you can select some optional upgrades too. Having your contest listing show in bold costs $8, a “highlighted” listing costs $6, and a red flashing light next to your listing costs $10.

Here Come the Grammar Police

If John Chow is any indication, you don’t need to have perfect grammar to be a successful entrepreneur. At the same time, it is important to have good grammar if only for the sake of respect, especially if you’re not already a well-known name.

Crowd-Source Your Company Logo with Cullogo?

Cullogo seems to suffer in this respect, because the site is riddled with grammatical errors on nearly every page.

This takes away from its professional feel and makes it seem like a very amateur-ish attempt. From the Launch a Contest page, I’m left wondering how “Receive couples of options from designes” managed to make it to the live site.

Get a New Logo on the Cheap?

By and large, Cullogo looks like it can offer a perfectly valuable service. Instead of paying thousands of companies to an overpriced agency, you can harness the power of the masses to get a new logo for your company.

Does Cullogo really do much to separate itself from other larger communities that seemingly do the same thing? Yes and no. The $100 starting price is affordable, but the $25 listing fee and 10% prize handling fee start to sound like the nickel and dime fees that cell phone providers charge. At least the listing fee is waived for the first five contests.

The real value of Cullogo won’t be revealed until we see the kinds of designs that its community can produce. Until then, and until Faisal fixes some of his grammar issues, I’ll reserve judgment.


46 thoughts on “Crowdsource Your Company Logo with Cullogo”

  1. Looks like a decent service. But why would people choose them over say

    1. Ricky says:

      So 99design.. you are right… no hate but they need to add more ….

      1. Looks like there were very inspired by 99designs as well… Hell, even some of the text is taken word-for-word from our website.

        The project pages look almost identical as well. Compare:


        Ugh – nice try though.

        1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

          Yea, something similar to your page, Matt you design your page yourself or you hire someone to design? Perhaps you 2 hire the same web designer?

          1. EarningStep says:

            nice logo… it look pro enough… lee might want to use your service…right lee ?

          2. Benjamin Cip says:

            I like the logo design..

        2. ya i feel this thing…they are inspired by 99

          in fact they took you as competitor and try to follow you.

          1. fas says:

            You wont call that inspiration, its straight copying.

  2. Kalvster says:

    I still prefer doing it myself. 😀

    1. A.P.Scanner says:

      For some of us who have the aptitude to do graphic designs, we naturally would rather do it ourselves. The one suggested here however has more to do with marketing and promotion than aesthetics, I suppose. A contest would draw attention and of course, traffic. Besides, you’ll be surprised when you find there are people out there who are actually as good in design as you are or even better. 🙂

      1. Thats totally depends on many factors –

        Suppose if you pay $100 for design and in such period you can earn $200 from other source than outsourcing is good as this can earn you $100.

        If you love your own design only than you will never be able to outsource.

        You do not have the habit of outsource.

  3. Not that impressed with the site. They should have gotten things more settled and setup before they paid a bunch of money for a review.

    1. They definitely launched too soon, but hopefully they heed advice and sort out language issues and the like. Thye concept is good, buit they need to promote heavily, and at least trhey seem to realise this, hence our discussion…..

      1. Yes I have to admit we rushed a bit on this project. We will be having a massive redesigning of the website and correcting all the grammar mistakes. Its been a rough journey for us. Thank you for your valuable comments!

  4. Jr180180 says:

    I agree with Kalvster. I personally would rather make the logo myself. However, for the sake of a professional business, I’m glad John posted this. I’ve recently heard of another service similar to this on The site mentioned there is called, “LogoMyWay.” I’m not too sure how that company is though. I think the minimum prize is for LogoMyWay $200. The service mentioned here seems like a neat idea.
    John is right though, those fees do seem like they’re “nickel and diming” you.
    Thanks for the info John

  5. I could always use graphic design help. Even with all the tools I have, I usually don’t want to do my own design work because (1) I’m not great at it and (2) I’ll rather use my time creating content or promoting.

    1. You think like a businessman Mr Gabe.

      You should invest your time on those things in which you are good so that you can improve yourself and earn more as well.

    2. Agreed. I can do the basic, simple stuff, but when “wow” type stuff is required I tend to farm the work out to a specialist designer. Here it is a matter of identifying people that you can work with over the years. Putting work out for tender, so to speak, seems like a bit of a risky approach, but if no likee no payee, then I think there is value here.

  6. Stacey says:

    I personally like they have amazing designers

  7. In my dictionary for now, the good service is free service. But, yeah, i will check cullogo because i do not fanatic for free service tough.

    1. But Dana I think if you want to build your brand than you should hire professional so that you can have unique design which can be easily recognised.

      I am also going to have my own designed website and it will be soon launched.

  8. “Instead of paying thousands of companies to an overpriced agency, …” I guess you meant thousands of dollars? 😉 I had a short look at the web site and must say I am not impressed at all, better options, imho, are ($19 for a custom logo) or run a contest / project at (they charge a 15% project fee that includes all) SY

    1. All people does not have same choice but I really like the collection of … all are looking highly professional …

      Definitely would love to give a try …

  9. Sometimes when I mention a business, you may not
    think of their logo first, But what if i show you a picture of the logo. 9 times out of 10, you
    will be able to identify the business it is associated with. Of course this only applies with
    businesses you have had contact with. Obviously if I show you the logo of some business
    you have never heard of, You won’t have a clue what the business is.

  10. A brand or its denoting visual, also called the logo should convey the core essence or the message that the business stands for and it should be used consistently throughout all activities of the business. In addition to the logo itself come the layout, fonts used and even the color scheme used. A professional Cullogo Logo designer can be of great help here.

  11. Well if you are looking for professional look design than I think you should hire professional who have in depth knowledge.

    Hiring newbie to create your brand is not at all good idea.

  12. Tim says:

    I’m a photographer, but if I can add my experience, if a designer is insane enough to work for crowd sourcing services like this, they don’t deserve to be called a professional.

    It needn’t cost a fortune to go to a designer (it needn’t be a large agency) and get a good design made up that speaks about your business and your values.

    On the other hand, if your business is about being cheap and exploitative then maybe these services will be perfect for you. Just don’t go into it believing that you’re doing anyone any designers any favours and you will get exactly what you pay for.

    1. Tim, everyone has their own point of view and its not wrong.

      On the other hand, having such a service where people compete have its advantage. Even if they lose, they can keep the designs as their portfolio, opposing to only working for one person, their portfolio grow slower. So in a way, thats the advantage of this kind of website.

  13. topen says:

    this is same concept as logomyway….i think…

  14. Hey John,

    Cullogo seems to be a wonderful solution for the Logo creation hassels that people face in the designing field.

    I am sure that it will be of great help for the designers and hiring companies.

    Thanks for introducing Cullogo.

    1. I just saw one more website (through SW comment) and I think that will be nice as well, have a look –

  15. Hey Guys,

    Thank you for all your valuable comments. I will surely work on the mistakes and hope you give a chance to strive!

    1. Faisal

      First impression is last impression. Before launching through such a big platform you should do your home work perfectly.

      Now this one will give negative effect instead of positive one.

      But however a nice try … thumbs up for you.

      Just one question – are you also a designer ?

  16. A.P. Scanner is right, it’s fun to have a competition of some sort to check out some of best the graphic design industry has to offer.

    1. Yes very much true … in this way you will be able to taste different skills and can pick any one easily.

      Very less time invested and quality work.

  17. videostar says:

    Cullogo is a nice sourse of ideas which can be new and fresh for most of us.And a competition is also a great thought.That is good motivation and a nice chance to get a prize.

    1. But I think few comments and reviews are pulling him down. Plus I think he have not done his home work perfectly.

  18. Mortgage Guy says:

    I need our logo designed and fast.. Is cullogo good enough and why $100 ?

    1. You can also try this one …

      I am sure you will love this one

    2. Why not $100? Really, it’s not that much.

    3. its not a fixed $100, you can increase the price if you want more serious designers to take part.

  19. If they do good logos, $100 really isn’t that much.

    1. Well why should you pay extra money if you can get similar quality in $19.00

      Do you have any point to pay extra $81 ??

      1. Maybe they want to see more variation on what designer think/ interpret about their organization? Everyone have their own interpretation on something and the best person to portray it are designers.

        I agree that has its strength as being an inexpensive service.

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