Cut Refined Sugar and Gluten from Your Diet

Cut Sugar and Gluten from Your Diet

Regular readers of John Chow dot Com will know that there is more to the dot com lifestyle than making money online. That certainly plays a major role, but it’s also important to have a supportive significant other and a loving family. You should also pay a little more attention to your health.

Over the course of this review, we’ll learn a thing or two from a blog called Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free. You can probably guess the main focus of that site.

Fabulous Healthy Food?

The blogger behind Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free is Amy Green. Almost six years ago, she decided to remove all refined sugars and glutens from her diet. The net result is a 60+ pound weight loss that she has managed to maintain to this day.

It is far too easy to indulge in fast food, oversized portions, and unhealthy ingredients. By reading along at Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free, you may find a way to prepare healthier food at home that is both nutritious and delicious.

The Healthy Recipe for Success

With a new post going up just about every day, Amy Green has managed to maintain quite the healthy publishing schedule. There, you’ll find a wide range of healthy recipes that you can try at home. These are free of refined sugars and gluten.

Cut Sugar and Gluten from Your Diet

One of the more recent recipes is perfect for these colder months. Roasted winter vegetables are both hearty and healthy. In the post, you get a picture of the final product, a brief discussion from Amy’s point of view, and the complete recipe itself.

The recipe is adapted from Everyday Food, but Amy has made it her own. She describes the ingredients you need, how to prepare them, and what you need to do if you want ot make them ahead of time. You’re also granted quick access to a print friendly version of the recipe.

More Food for You to Enjoy

At the end of each recipe, you are also offered three related recipes. In this instance, we look at how to peel a butternut squash, how to oven roast a squash, and how to make an apple and walnut stuffed acorn squash.

Cut Sugar and Gluten from Your Diet

You could say that this is the same as the “related posts” plug-in that many bloggers use, but the LinkWithin feature adds in a thumbnail preview too. I am personally not a fan of its use within the main index; I’d prefer if the “related posts” were only shown within the individual articles.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll find a recipe for a foie gras burger on Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free, but there is no shortage of nice treats. Sip on some chocolate coffee martinis, munch on some fresh cookies, and even feed Fido with pumpkin dog biscuits. The variety is certainly impressive.

Regarding the Site Design

The soft pastel color scheme used by Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free is pleasing to the eye, but it clearly has a more feminine slant to it. This is understandable, given that the main blogger is female and the primary audience is likely female as well.

Cut Sugar and Gluten from Your Diet

The three-column template seems to work quite well too. I like the placement of the icons in the top right, giving readers fast access to the Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and email subscription features offered by the blog.

It’s good to see the brief “About Amy” blurb near the top too, but there are at least two things that I would like to see changed. First, it may be useful to have a link to the main about page beneath the brief bio. Second, it is a little confusing to see a second about page for the site. Rewording the first “about” to be a “bio” instead may make more sense.

Third, Amy currently lists her Gmail account as her point of contact on the site. It is much better to use an email address that uses her own domain. Better still, she should institute a simple contact form so that her email address can be better protected.

A Delicious Treat for Health-Conscious Foodies

Overall, I’d say that Amy had done a good job with Simply Sugar and Gluten Free. The domain is certainly longer than I would have liked, but the content is reasonably powerful and the range of recipes will certainly be useful to people who want to eat this kind of food. If you want some good eats while staying healthy, Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free is worth adding to your reading list.


33 thoughts on “Cut Refined Sugar and Gluten from Your Diet”

  1. Man, I sure could go for that 60+ lb. weight loss myself! That would be awesome. And since I do my own shopping now, perhaps I should give some of this stuff a try.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. SuikerWijzer says:

      Although its completely in Dutch, you could check our website about quitting refined sugar as well. I pointed this link directly to the recipes category. Not all of it is gluten free, but I lost 30 lb from quitting refined sugar alone. I hope our articles translate well with an online translator, otherwise use our contact form if you have questions 🙂

      1. Refined white sugar serves zero nutritional purpose, and is the most widely abused drug in the world today, tying down millions with obesity and related ailments, as well as Type II Diabetes. Eliminating refined sugar is a very critical first step towards attaining better health.

        1. Wess Stewart says:

          I usually abuse coffee more than sugar. Although, judging by the name of my blog, you can see that I did at one point…

  2. Rob says:

    Considering what gluten is made of, there is reason alone to get off that.

    1. Huh? What do you mean by that? Gluten is just wheat protein.

  3. Jack says:

    Gluten-free food products are not only made for dieting. My friend eats gluten-free cookies, noodles, and bread because he’s allergic to WHEAT. I sure hope he doesn’t read the Foodie category of my blog.

  4. Danger Brown says:

    My wife is pregnant with our 5th child and has gestational diabetes. It’s been an eye opener to learn about refined sugar and it’s ill effects. Recently, I even heard a reference to refined sugar as “the white satan”.

    1. A good alternative to sugar is stevia which is 200-500 times sweeter. You of course use smaller amounts when sweetening food. Xylitol is another sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar, but doesn’t have the negative side effects.

      As a side note, sugar is bad for you, even if its unrefined, organic brown sugar. Sugar feeds the yeast in your body, depletes calcium from bones, and inhibits the transportation of vitamin C (which weakens the immune system).

    2. Benjamin Cip says:

      Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean your 5th child have diabetes, but you should take care of what she/he will eat in the future because it doesn’t prevent her/him from becomming diabetic, especially if your wife has a gestational diabetes, just like my mother.

  5. When I stopped eating gluten and casein foods, I lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks. This was without dieting, exercising, and I ate the same amount of food as I usually do.

  6. BarryJ says:

    hey good post and i also like your page layout too. Bookmarked your site and will stop by again

  7. Benjamin Cip says:

    Avoiding to eat Junk Food as much as possible is best for diet. Also, eating between meals is bad for the health…

    I know junk food like MacDo’s food is vey tasty but it’s not healthy…

    1. Eating between meals isn’t all that bad for you if you eat the right things. Many people eat 5 meals a day to balance out their food intake and get more energy throughout the day.

  8. chester says:

    Dump the sugar. That’ll definitely get you losing calories for sure.

  9. George says:

    Sounds good. Now is a good time to set a goal to become healthier for 2010!

  10. Joe Chapuis says:

    If you’re interested in learning more about why you should consider restricting gluten and refined sugar, be sure to check out Dr. Mark Hyman’s book, Ultra Mind Solution. Quite revealing.

    Here’s a good article he did for HuffPo which first introduced me to his work:


  11. Amy has one of the nicest looking and best written food blog around from th elooks of things. Well done Amy!

  12. Kevin Pasco says:


    I love food and I love John Chow dot Com although I don’t want to see them both (too much).

    I come to JCdC for marketing advice, not how to eat healthy!

  13. Kajanova says:

    Don’t you try to take my sugar filled cookies away from me! NO! *shoves chocolate chips cookies down throat*

  14. Shakeology says:

    Even if you have all the money in the world you can not by health. Exercise is the fountain of youth. Get fit and get nutrition.

  15. Never mind the weight loss, think about how much more strength and concentration ability you’d have without sugar and refined flour in your diet?

    And we all know that concentration and energy are things that every blogger needs…

  16. Bibokz says:

    As a blogger, you really need this. Many bloggers died in heart attack due to lack of exercise and unhealthy diet.

  17. MichaelR says:

    I think I’m hungry now. Oh well maybe I’ll just order pizza.

  18. fas says:

    SOunds like a sugar free thing, many available around.

  19. this site surely make a big hit because losing your weight is really important these days. yeah — it is because there are so much junk food in the market so we need guidance (diet?) .

  20. Thats an array of some really nice meals John.

  21. EarningStep says:

    great john , ooooh my … now you are sharing about food tips…

  22. I know I could sure stand to lose a few pounds. I’ll see if my wife will make a few of these for me. Lord knows when I get into the kitchen, it’s a mess.

  23. bread box says:

    Great to see such as success story from that blog. All this is particularly important to pay attention to around the over-indulgence that is most people’s holidays!

  24. Thanks for this great review Michael! I have the blog bookmarked for further reference as I have a good friend who has severe food allergies (gluten included) and I am always looking for ideas what to cook when she and her husband visit us 😉 SY

  25. Rob says:

    I came out of a yearly physical with my doctor telling my my triglycerides and “good” cholesterol were borderline being a problem. After taking his suggestions and doing a little research of my own i seriously started to limit my sugar intake. I quit all soda, desserts and everything else i could think of loaded with sugar as well as started to limit my carb intake. It wasnt easy, however i started to watch the weight fall off of me. A pound a week was easy, and since i have to add aerobic exercise to the mix to help my good cholesterol i expect that to increase. I have also noticed i make it through the day without that sugar crash around 3pm now. sorry for the long post, however i feel that it is worthy information to share with everyone. Try it, its easy and it works. Good Luck, happy holidays everyone!

  26. I’m guessing this is in your local market and nowhere close to me..

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